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Hello!  My name is Jim English and I am the host for Clark County. If you have some information to share, please email me.

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The KSGenWeb Project

In March and April, 1996, a group of genealogists organized the Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database. The idea was to provide a single entry point for all counties in Kentucky, where collected databases would be stored. In addition, the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index.

At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web pages, This project has been expanded from Kentucky to all areas of the United States. Construction of web pages for Kansas began in June 1996.

If you would like to host a Kansas county, contact Tom & Carolyn Ward. If the county in which you are interested does not have a page and you wish to participate, or are just curious, contact Tom & Carolyn Ward.

Tom & Carolyn Ward
Columbus, KS

Clark County Coordinator
Jim English
Mission, KS





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