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Jill Swartz January 03, 1999
William DARBY B 1760 Philadelphia PA D April 30 1846 Jackson County OH married Sept 12 1781 Philadelphia PA Signet Rushton B abt 1760 Philadelphia PA D bef 1810 NC.  Their children were: Samuel DARBY born 1782 died 1856 married Charity REDYARD born 1787 died 1885 married Sept 5 1805. John DARBY born 1784 died 1857 wife Nancy WILKINSON born 1793 died 1845 Tacy Ann DARBY married to Joseph MCVEY. Charity Barbary DARBY married 1st husband was HATCHER 2nd husband MILLER. Children of Samuel DARBY Isaiah DARBY married Sarah RATCLIFF married 1830 William DARBY married Sarah CHENOWATH Tacy DARBY married Thomas GRAVES. Set of twins Britain DARBY and Sithey DARBY John DARBY Lydia DARBY Stephen DARBY Samuel DARBY Charity DARBY Mathew DARBY Aseneth DARBY Lovina LOVE Samantha DARBY Children of Sithey DARBY FRY Samuel FRY Katherine FRY Hidlebaugh Elihu FRY Charity FRY Cozad Britain FRY Lucretia FRY Wyatt Vinton FRY Children of Lucreetia FRY WYATT Addie WYATT Demmitt Fannie WYATT WYATT Edward Forrest WYATT Charity Pearl WYATT Hutchinson Mabel WYATT McGinnis Perry Curtis WYATT Viola WYATT Wyant Alta WYATT Jewel Children of Fannie WYATT WYATT Leanard Arthur WYATT Belma Castilla WYATT Douglas Luccretia Lorraine WYATT Woten Ralph Denzil WYATT Melvin Curtis WYATT James Kermit WYATT William Milton WYATT Delphine WYATT Harden Cleo Adelaide WYATT Nordman Helen May WYATT Brown Children of Helen May WYATT BROWN Russell Curtis BROWN Cathleen BROWN Samuel Milton BROWN Children of Velama DOUGLAS were Jack DOUGLAS married Eulela SNODGRASS. Their children are Mike Alan Brad and Jill SWARTZ married to Rick SWARTZ. Our children are Jamie Keli and Rici.  Here is the information I have.  Any of you that can put dates, places of birth or any information with any of this or before William DARBY, please contact me, Thanks


BOBBI BROWN January 06, 1999
I'm looking for anything on William David BROWN born in Clark Co. on 09/23/1866 married Grace Blanche WHITAKER . He died on August 13, 1930.


Leon Miller January 26, 1999
Mr. & Mrs. M. L. COGGINS of Ashland, Clark County, Kansas attended the funeral of Mr. Peter N. Henningsen of Kiowa, Barber County, Kansas in September 1948. I am doing family research on the family of Peter N. & Mary (Miller) Henningsen. Would appreciate any help in getting some information on this family. Children of Peter & Mary: Theodore (Teddy); Margrete (Gertrude/Gertie); Charles (Charlie) and Mary Henningsen. Have information to discuss, compare and or exchange.


Dan Powers February 13, 1999
Looking for information on Mike SUGHRUE, married to Anna Walters. Died Jan.2,1901


John Webster June 7, 1999
Seeking info on LINK and DAUTEL surnames of Ashland, Clark County, Kansas.


Ardie Grimes September 6, 1999
I have GRIMES family in Ashland ca 1898 - 1915. Richard and wife Kate, children Richard, William and Harold. Richard's (Sr.) brothers were William Bradford GRIMES and Bradford Robbins GRIMES, also known in the Ashland area.  I would like to hear from anyone connected to these families. Thanks

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