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Suzanne Mitchell January 13, 2003
I have been told by my deceased aunt (Mina Mitchell YEAGER) that records burned in Ashland, Kansas, Clark County and so there was nothing for my mother, Viola Corinne MITCHELL born Jan 30 or Jan 31, 1908. Her parents (my grandparents) were Cora Belle (MAYSE) MITCHELL and S. P. (John) MITCHELL.
My Uncle was the editor of the Clark County News (H.C. MAYSE). I would have to look that name up to make sure of the name. Uncle Bob MAYSE was an attorney in Ashland, Ks. Thank you for any help you can give me.



Carol Ann Steele Kates March 10, 2003
I am doing research for a book I am writing on the STEELE family.  My grandfather was Seth STEELE.  I believe he lived on a farm outside of Ashland.  He was married to Olive McNARY.  They had six children.  My father was Merrill Seth STEELE, born December 13, 1910, in Clark County.  I am looking for information on my family and also life in the area at that time with emphasis on farming and oil boom. Thank you so much.


Georgia Harris April 21, 2003
Am looking for information about these families in the Ashland, Clark County, Kansas area, particularly information about David STANCIL, born 1847 and died in Ashland in 1927.  Thanks for your time!!  


averyds September 30, 2003
Looking for information on James W. Young , parents were Bernard & (Lusetta?) Young.  Brothers Paul & (Winford?).  Paul and his family were listed in the 1930 Federal Census as living in Englewood Ks.  He was born around 1913 in Colorado.


Misty & Paul Lewis October 1, 2003
I am looking for Herman Frederick (SEIGER, SEGER, SEAGER, SEEGER) He died fighting a prairie fire in or around 1887 but we are not sure where they buried him. He was from Ashland, Ks. My grandmother thought he was buried in Englewood but could not find him.


Averyds October 7, 2003
Looking for relatives of James W. Young who is listed as living in Englewood in the 1930 Federal Census.  His Father & Mother were Bernard & Lusetta Young.  He was 16 years old at that time.  James was born in Colorado.

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