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Gary Kimball Sat Oct 11 16:26:42 1997
I am interested in geneaology information on Auchard and Foster families from Clay Center (and Sylvan Grove) area of Clay County, Kansas. I have the following leads: Virgil Marion Auchard, M.D. Born 30 Aug 1889 near Wallace Kansas. Benjamin Foster living in or near Sylvan Grove about 1910. Thanks for your help.

Victoria Taylor Wed Oct 8 09:39:05 1997
I am looking for my great-great grandmother Annie Hillam born in Clay County Kansas in the 1800's Her daughter was born there as well her name was Pearl Mabel Wickizer(1890), father was Charles Wickizer born in Pittsbugh, PA. Pearl Mabel married Albert Cordes (Cowboy Luke). They lived in Meade, Kansas and later moved to California. Any info please feel free to contact me.

LINDA JEAN POTTER Fri Oct 3 15:01:01 1997
My maternal grandmother is BLANCHE BILLINGS OLMSTEAD, BORN DEC 9, 1887, MORGANVILLE, CLAY COUNTY, KS. Her parents were JOEL H. OLMSTEAD who was born in New York and BETSY SHELDON who was born in Illinois. BLANCHE BILLINGS OLMSTEAD married ELMER C. BROWN. BLANCE BILLINGS OLMSTEAD gave birth to two children, one of which was my mother, VEAUNITA BROWN. BLANCE died Sept 7, 1911 at Mullinville, ks and is believed buried at Mullinsville. I would like any help and information regarding BLANCHE, HER PARENTS AND SIBLINGS, where BLANCHE is buried. I hope that I can locate a picture of
my grandmother and her parents. Any info would be appreciated.

Nedra Ransom Fri Oct 3 14:13:30 1997
Look in Clay Co. for any information on Barmettlor, Joe or Albert Elmer. I believe they were there prior to and inc. 1880

Sue Green Thu Sep 25 16:00:07 1997
KREECK, Lewis, George or others, especially descendents. They moved to Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County, KS from Clay Center area about 1908 I think. Really would appreciated anyone knowing anything about the family to contact me. Thank you.

Virginia Collins Sat Sep 20 19:33:31 1997
Searching for STOKES and FINNEY in the Clay Co., KS area. D.J. Stokes and Mary his wife, had at least 2 children thought to have been born in that county, Ellen and Jim. Jim supposedly died by 1860. Ellen married Theron Plum Finney in Clay Center in 1875, had 9 children there. Both Ellen and Theron died in Leonardville, KS. Any information would be appreciated.

Lynn Kutch Thu Sep 18 14:24:42 1997
I am looking for info on any decendants of William Ebenezer Scott b.April22 ,1860 in Pa. He moved to Kansas when he was 10. He married a Clara Elizabeth Foote of Oak Hill in1881.

Leslie Granat Mon Sep 15 14:25:39 1997
TURNER, WELLBORN, TAYLOR Looking for death and descendant information for Jonah W. TURNER m. Julia WELLBORN abt 1879 in Clay Co. KS. I believe he died before 1910. I believe they had two children, Julia E. Turner and Francis W. Turner. Also looking for death and decendant info for Henry H. TAYLOR m. Margerey A. TURNER. They resided in Clay Co. after 1880. They had 3 children, Walter W., Vernie F. and Lillie E.

Walt Gray Mon Sep 15 15:19:31 1997
I am looking for information regarding my great grandfather William Isham Gray, believed to have died June 5, 1895 in Kansas City, Clay county Kansas. Date of birth is suspected to be September 12, 1865, place unknown. He had two sons, Frank Isham born March 25,1893 probably in St. Louis, and his brother Ralph. Thanks for your help.

Marilyn Harvey Sat Aug 30 08:46:07 1997
Looking for Ackerman, Scheideman, Pomeranz, and Sebring. Lewis Ackerman married Florence Grabouski in Germany, and settled in Clay County in the late 1890's. The Pomeranz and Sebrings married into the Ackerman lineage. Konrad Scheideman married Helena Ackerman, daughter of Lewis and Florence. Konrad Scheideman was from Russia. Any help would be appreciated.

Jennifer Wallace Sat Aug 30 18:30:30 1997
I am researching my family tree for a school project. My grandmother was Edith McGee Wallace, her parents were James S. McGee and Ruth R. Rowland McGee from Clay Center, Clay County, Kansas. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Dale Lawhon Sun Aug 24 17:32:06 1997
Need information on the Mary E. Lawhon family that came to Eurika Kansas in 1885. Her son, my grandfather, Samuel E Lawhon went to Baker U. starting in 1904, and was married in Broughton, Clay CO. to Pearl E Hemphill.

Gary Lundquist Thu Aug 21 23:17:07 1997
Looking for info on Fred Frauenfelder. Farmed near Broughton and later Clay Center

R.N. Dempster Mon Aug 11 23:31:20 1997
Seeking information on William H. Knowlton and his descendents. William H. Knowlton moved to Clay Center, Clay County, KS in 1882, and died there 30 April 1914. He married Clara Scott in Nashville, Mo. on 28 March 1887. Children: Aurelia, born 18 Nov. 1901; Jess H. Knowlton, DOB unknown.

Sarah Rose Sat Jul 514:14:14 1997
bessie susie sherer born 1882, in clay county. Would like to learn herparents names, and other information available. She is my maternal greatgrand mother. Her name is the only information I have.bessie

Sarah Rose Sun Jul 614:38:39 1997
Looking for information pertaining to the Sherer / or Sherar family of myGreat Grand mother; Bessie Susie Sherer. Her parents are unknown,although it is possible her grand father was Robert Sherar, or she may berelated to Caleb Sherer. She was born about 1882. I'm not certain of the county. Please send ANY information at all, as I have none otherthan that she married Albert David Phillips also of Iowa, and had a sonnamed Charles Albert Phillips. They apparently moved to NE after their son was born. PLEASE
help if you can, as I am at a dead end here. Thankyou very much. The county of her birth is unknown.

Marilyn Harvey Mon Jul 711:11:55 1997
Roy Cowing b. 1/1/1910 d. 11/42. He married Gertrude Pomeranz, They livedin Clay Center, Clay Co., KS, and Roy died in a car-train accident.There is a listing of 8 Cowings listed in Clay Center, KS. There is aCenith, Edna, Edward, G.A., Inez, John, Leroy, & Roy. Would like tofind out any information on the Cowing surname. Any information would beappreciated.

Marilyn Harvey Mon Jul 711:26:57 1997
Looking for these surnames, SCHEIDEMAN, POMERANZ, NORRIS, ACKERMAN,SEBRING, & COWING. All surnames lived in Clay County at some time.Any information would be appreciated.

G. C. Vaughan Fri Jul4 15:38:11 1997
Searching for information on the Charles Servey/Servy/Servis family. Thefamily emigrated from Belgium in the 1870s. It is believed that the family homesteaded in Clay County, KS. Charles' daughter Rosa Servymarried Francisco "Frank" Shenold/Schenold/Schinold, a German emigrant,in 1881 at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in ClayCounty,KS. Charles and Sarah Servey's names appear on the marriagecertificate. It is not known if Sarah was Rosa's mother or sister.Frank Shenold worked for the railroad and the family lived in a covered wagon moving each time the railroad advanced. Mariam Elsia "Mary", Ignotium "Notsee" and Jacobum "Jim" Shenold were baptized at St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church. It is know that the family lived Oakhill,and Clay Center, ClayCounty, KS. Also in Miltonvale, Cloud County, KS. The family was back inClay Center in 1891 and by 1898 the family had moved to OK. Ottawa Countywas listed as the place of residence for Frank Shenold on the marriagecertificate. We have found information on both of the families with thethree different spellings. This is all that is known about the ServeyFamily. I would intrested in hearing from anyone with knowledge of either family. Thanking you in advance and best wishes for blue skies and sunny days always.

Leslie Granat Fri Jun 2715:12:02 1997
I am searching for information on the TURNER and TAYLOR families:Jonah W. TURNER m. Julia WELLBORN in 1879 in Clay Co., KS. They had two children:Julia Elizabeth TURNER, b. Aug. 1881 in Clay Co. andFrancis W. TURNER, b. July, 1883 in Clay Co.Margery A. TURNER (sister of Jonah Turner) m. Henry H. TAYLOR. Theylived in Clay Co., Kansas after 1869. They had 3 children:Walter W. TAYLOR, b. 1866Vernie F. TAYLOR, b. 1868Lillie E. TAYLOR, b. 1873Clarence B. TURNER (nephew of Jonah Turner), b. 4/16/1891, d. Oct. 1963in Clay Co., KSAny further information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Lawhon Sat Jun 21 00:39:501997
Help! I am looking for information on the Lawhon family that lived in Clay Center at the turn of the century. The mother's name was Elizabethlawhon, she and her husband had four children, three boys and one girl.One of the son's name was Washington Lawhon, another was Samuel ErnestLawhon. Samuel was born in Indiana in 1876 and married Pearl hemphill,daughter of William Alonzo Hemphill, on July 16, 1906. Both theHemphills and Lawhons were members of the 1st Methodist Church in ClayCenter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Irene Hendley Mon Jun 1620:34:00 1997
ANDREWS, Orville and daughter Susan Elizabeth, born about 1884. Ibelieve that Orville was once sherrif of Junction City in Geary Countyand may have lived in Wakefield in Clay County.Susan married Charles HENDLEY in 1903 in Colorado Springs,CO. Doesanyone know of the Andrews family?Irene Hendley,

Tori Howe Sun Jun 15 19:38:291997
WOOD/WOODS, Elizabeth Marie born appr. 1846 in Dakota Territory, nowKansas, married HILLS, Elijah Farncis. Elizabeth is 1/2 Souix. I am trying to find out birth information and the name of her parents. Theirchildren: Clara May,b. 8/2/1866, Frank Marion,b. 2/11/1868, Alice Effie,b. 4/21/1870 Clay Center, Clay County, Ella Estella, b. 2/22/1872, Ida Gertrude,b. 4/14/1874 Cherrydale, Montgomery Co., Clarence,
b. 4/21/1876, Adrian Bloomer ,b. 8/26/1879, and Viola,b. 1/7/1882,Cherryville, Kansas. I am also interested in any information on Elijah HILL.

Kathy Sat Jun 14 07:04:251997
EGGLESTONLooking for Sylvanus EGGLESTON, born circa 1819 & lived in Wakefield,Clay county in 1891. Sylvanus lived in Bradford county, PA around 1840and has a sister, Elizabeth who married John Farley. He may be thefather of Richard, born 1853 in

BESACK Mon Jun 9 19:13:011997
Looking for additional info on ggggrandfather and gggrandfather, J.B.(Justice) BESACK and W.H. (William) BESACK.Both resided in Clay county. W.H. BESACK established the "Greenleaf Journal" in 1881, and sold it to H.A. MOORE and J.A. BLISS.Another source lists J.B. BESACK as editor/owner of "The Republican", purchased from Mr. EMMONS in 1876. Family paperssuggestboth William and Justice spent time in Washington, and Clay Center, KS.Would like to know name of spouse of Justice BESACK,dates, etc. William H. BESACK married Edith NEFF in Washington, KS. Ibelieve they resided for a time in Clay Center. Would alsolove to find information on these related names: NEFF, WILD, SPRINGER,BESACK, WILLIAMS, OWEN, HOOVER, LIGHTNER, LEVAUGH.

Anne Chesney Sat Jun 707:08:59 1997
Looking for a Jim Farley, he was from Philadelphia,PA before he went to Hutchinson,KS and got married to HannahJane Rukes, they had six children: Anna, Jim, Eda,Helen, Margaret, Joe. Hannah Jane (Rukes) Farley wasfrom Brazil, ID--and as far as I know had one brother Babel Rukes, I knew him as Uncle Babel. I would like to find outHannah and Babel's parents and grandparents names .And Jim Farley's parents and grandparent's names Thank You

Robert E. Brandenburg FriJun 6 22:09:22 1997
Clay County for Gustaf Brandenburgborn 1850 in Posen, Prussia; Robert M.Masterson born 9/4/1850 in Cambridge City, IN and died 6/24/1932 in ClayCenter.

Mary Kane Durley Wed Jun 419:32:26 1997
4 June 1997- Searching for any information on Mary Wells whodied 11 April 1911 and is buried in the Waverly Kansas cemetery inCoffey County. She was living with her son Charles Carrow inWaverly Kansas at the time. Any further data on Mary Wells Iwould be grateful to receive. She had other children but Ionly know of Peter Carrow, Charles Carrow and Lewis Carrow. Mr.William Wells was her second marriage.

Holly Webber Wed May21 22:58:25 1997
Clay County Query. Green Community for family of John D. Ertz and NoraErtz. William Oliver Erts, Joseph Wallace Ertz (Dick) and C. Robert Ertz were orphaned and worked on farms until they were old enough to be ontheir own after their father died in 1897. They had 5 sisters,Christiana Alice, Frances, and Susan, (they couldn't remember the other 2names) who were put in foster homes. Would appreciate any informationon this family

Shari Reiff Mon Apr 21 00:27:27 1997
Clay CountyJohn Ellzey, September 1863 Cynthia Ellen Ellzey, Feburary 1878

Lois Weaver WedApr 16 08:18:53 1997
NELSON, HJELM, CHRISTENSON HAMMEL. These families lived in Morganvilleand Clay Center area. Seeking descendants of KNUD NELSON, JONAS HJELM, ARTHUR HAMMEL and PETER CHRISTENSON.

Sydney Young Tue Apr 8 09:49:11 1997
I am looking for information on Henry Polin (b. in OH d. 6/5/1886 in Clay County, KS). He married Amanda Davis (b. 1839 in IL. - d. 1890 in MO)They had Lucy Francis Polin, b. 5/23/1858 in Neb. - d. 1839 in OK. Lucymarried Gearge Adams MCCALL (b. 1853 OH - D. 1910 OK). This is all Iknow about the POLINS and would love to learn more.

Larry Wilson Mon Mar 3119:13:03 1997
I am looking for any info on Mary Elizabeth Corn, b April27, 1889 in Clay County Kansas d Mar. 12, 1941 in PortAngeles Wa. She married William Edwin McMillen in MiltonvaleCloud County, Kansas Aug 21, 1912. I am mainly interestedon info about the Corn family, so anything on Marys ansestorswould be welcome.She was my Grandmother on my mothers side.

Michael MacAfee Sun Mar16 14:16:58 1997
I am searching for any information regarding my grandmother Jessie May Grant dob unknown, who graduated from Clay Center High School Clay County Kansas, class of 1899. I would also like information regarding her parents Issiac Newton Grant and Marion Aronola Schillingsof Green, Kansas. Any assistance in this is greatly appreciated.

Peggy Hinshaw Sat Feb 11 7:46:49 1997
Seeking information on Sarah Jane GILBERT (my GG Grandmother), b.22 Sep 1850 in Little River, IL, dau of David GILBERT andRebecca Jane TAYLOR Gilbert. Sarah first m. John W. Simpsonand had 2 ch: Nancy Jane Simpson and James Thomas Simpson. Shem. 3 Aug 1870 in Clay Co, KS, Rev. John WORLEY (my GG Grandfather),b. 9 Feb 1835 in Putnam Co, IN. Five of their children were born in Clay Co: Michael Andrew, (my G Grandfather),b. 29 May1871; William Felix, b. 18 Aug 1873; Elizabeth Ellen, b. 18 Feb1876; Susan Rebecca, b. 27 Apr 1878; and Sarah Martha, b. 27 May1880. They had four more children: John Gilbert, Henry Gustus, David Alonzo and Benjamin Valentine. I have quite a lot of infoon the Worley's (of course, not ever enough), but very little on the Gilberts and none on the Taylor's. Any info on the GILBERTSand TAYLORS would be greatly appreciated. I would also share information on the WORLEY'S.

swenson Fri Jan 3120:06:07 1997
looking for family members of Hans and Eric Swenson , Morganville area and Clay Centerlooking for Dexter family members, founded Clay Center,that can help trace English roots of Aaron, John and Alonzo Dexter also looking for family members of Shara (Sara) family,Republic or Jewel County

Karen SunFeb 16 18:27:491997
I'm searching my CAIN relatives. Charles Ray CAIN b. Oct 30 1887married May 8 1916 in Clay Center, Clay Co. KS to Martha Margaret DAWSON. His parents: Samuel G CAIN b.Aug 24 1852 in Illinois Married to EllenKing on January 20 1880. He died Nov 25, 1936 in Clay Co, KS.His parents Lewis Cain and Sarah H KENNAN.

Peggy Hinshaw Fri Feb 1420:44:22 1997
My GG Grandmother was born Sarah Jane GILBERT, 22 Sep 1850 inClay Co, KS, to David GILBERT and Rebecca Jane (Janie) TAYLOR GILBERT. She first married John W. SIMPSON. Secondly, she married Rev. John WORLEY, my GG Grandfather, of Clay Co, KS, abt1870. John & Sarah had 9 children: Michael Andrew (my G Grand-father), b. 29 May 1871 in Clay Co, KS; William Felix, b. 18 Aug1873 in Clay Co; Elizabeth Ellen, b. 18 Feb 1876; Susan Rebecca,b. 27 Apr 1878; Sarah Martha, b. 27 May 1880; John Gilbert, b.6 Aug 1882; Henry Gustus, b. 4 Mar 1884; David Alonzo, b. 21Jun 1887 and Benjamin Valentine, b. 3 Nov 1889. If anyone
hasinformation on Sarah Gilberts parents or families, I love to hear from you.

Carolyn Caplinger TueMar 4 19:54:55 1997
Searching for information on the mother of Mary E DUNN PETTET. Mary was born 20 Oct 1843 and died 1 Apr 1886. Her father's name was William DUNN, born 12 Sept 1813 and died 23 Nov 1872. I believe Mary's siblings'names were Sarah, Ben, and Tillie. Mary was married to Albert Arthur PETTET 8 Apr 1866 in Hocking, OH. They lived in or near Wakefield inClay County. I have information on a spouse of William DUNN, but it isnot possible that she can be Mary's mother because she was only ten yearsold when Mary was born. But her name was Delilah. She was born March26, 1833 and died May 24, 1920. Also, I believe all of the above were buried somewhere in Clay County, KS, possibly in Wakefield. I havepictures of the tombstones of William and Delilah Dunn that were taken by my mother while somewhere in KS, but she did not note on the pictures orin her notes where these pictures were taken at  (unfortunately she passedaway before I took over the genealogy search). I would assume since ClayCounty has been coming up so often in my search with these particularancestors, that the pictures were taken in Wakefield or at least Clay County. Since Mary's  father, stepmother, and husband were all probablyburied in Clay County, I would assume that Mary's mother may also be buried there. Could someone check cemetary records for cemetaries in Clay County, particularly in Wakefield and tell me if there are any other DUNN's listed besides the ones I listed above?

Dorothy Bechard Fri Feb 2815:47:53 1997
Would appreciate any information on the "Etienne (Stephen)Bechard" family in or around Aurora, Cloud County, Ks. Etienne  emigrated from Bourbannais, Kankakee, Illinois about 1876 to Kansas.Etienne (Stephen) married Adeline Bessette 1882 Cloud Co. Children:Esther, Evalina (Sister Pius), Joseph, William, Peter, Michael, Jeremiah,Lena, Matilda, Felix, Isadore, Edward, Ella, and Melvina. I am alsointerested to know if Etienne's parents Moise Bechard & Esther Derome went to Kansas or remained in Illinois. It is known that Moise &Esther with their family emigrated from Quebec, Canada in 1867 to Illinois.

Houston Devins Thu Feb27 17:10:06 1997
Clay County - Searching for information regarding Robert or John Ackerly/Ackley...born 1814, New York...Died 1/2/1899 Clay Center,KS....Also searching for Catherine Van Steenburg who died 8/10/1898 ClayCenter, KS....Snail Mail - Houston Devnins, 1000 Boyd Avenue, Newton, KS 67114

Diane Goldhammer Thu Feb13 18:25:00 1997
*NEW EMAIL ADDRESS* All queries posted before 2-13-97 by me are linkedto a cancelled service. Send

Sandra Lassen Sun Jan 1210:33:13 1997
Seeking info on my NEWTON and PRIEST families in Clay Center, Clay Co.,KS for three generations. Frank Leslie Newton, born 24 Oct. 1862, IA, shot to death across from Clay Co.courthouse on 17 May 1927. His wife was Deborarh Elisa Westerman, born 1870, IL; died 1953. Their son Jason Westerman Newton was born in a sod house in Sherman KS on 10 July 1894.Family moved to Clay Co. soon after. Jason married his childhood sweetheart, Ida Priest, born Clay Center, KS 1 July 1894. Jason and Ida attended schools in Clay Center and eloped to Cloud Co., KS 5 Nov. 1915.They were married more than 50 yrs. and were my grandparents. Ida was the daughter of George Edward Priest, called ìDocî Priest, popular phramacist in Clay Center; Idaís mother was Susan Strong Priest, who led the Episcopal Church choir and gave concerts in the part. Idaís brothers were morticians in Clay Center and later moved to California. Other family connections include Susanís mother, Caroline Lamoreux, who withher third husband, James A. Henry, ran the Henry Hse. Hotel, downtown Clay Center. Write or email Sandy Newton Lassen, 1499 Lakeside Drive,West Jefferson, NC 28694

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