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BAXTER,  Chuck Baxter   4/23/99
I am looking for the birth date, place of birth, parents and any info for Joseph Abraham Baxter. He died Sept 25, 1964, in Clay Center, KS. He was 99 years old at time of death. Thank you for your help.

STERLING  J.Bradford Griffith  4/23/99
I am interested in information about my great grandfather, James S. Sterling, who was allegedly Sheriff of Clay County in the 1890's.

Charles Curtis  Terry Curtis4/23/99
Do you have any information on Charles Curtis?  His son, my grandfather Walter Orin Curtis, was born on May 3, 1888 in Morganville, Clay County, Kansas.  I believe Charles died in Idana, Ks but I don't know the date. His wife's name was Mary Curtis. I believe Charles also had another son by the name of George.  If you have any infomation on Charles, I would appreciate it.  Thanks.

FILKIN, MIMMS, MOORE Randy Filkin  4/23/99
Looking for any information on: Orin FILKIN Sex: M Marriage(s): Spouse: Laura MIMMS
 Marriage: 2 Sep 1880 Randolph, Clay County, Missouri  Orin and Laura were very likely parents of Elizabeth Florence 'Lizzie' Filkin who married Charles Hickman Moore 1906 in Johnson Co., KS near Olathe.Charles & Lizzie were parents of Lloyd Orin Moore and Florence Evelyn
Moore. Randy Filkin Internet Express 1.800.592.1240

CONFER, CLARK  Gary W. Beahan   4/23/99
I recently ran across a reference to a Julia (CONFER) CLARK who was living in Clay Center prior to WWII.  She was a sister to James B. CONFER.  Would there be any funeral home records or cemetery records to place her in Clay Center. Thanks for any help.
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Swenson Pat Smith 3/31/99
Descendants of Jonas Victor Swenson, b. 1835 Ostergotland, immigrated to Riley Co, then Clay abt.1870.  Several sons: Alfred, Charles W., Henry F., Gust, Peter, Otto, Theodore.  At one point (bef. 1915) , most of the brothers were in business together in Swenson Bros. store in Clay Center.

Carlson Pat Smith 3/31/99
Descendants of Carl Gustav Carlson, b. 1837, Ostergotland, Sweden, immigrated to Riley Co, then Clay abt. 1869-70.  Several children: Carl, Mary (Bergsten), Hilda (Broberg), Hilda (Broberg), George, Jennie (C.W. Swenson), John. My grandparents:  C.W.  and Jennie Carlson, who left Clay Center for Omaha bet. 1910 and 1915. Thanks so much. Pat Smith Brooklyn, NY

MELICK  Gene Watson 3/14/99
I am seeking to contact the children or grandchildren of a women named MELICK, I do not know her first name. She lived in Clay Center in the 1920"s. I believe her to be the dau of Zelotes Bingham PARTRIDGE, who was the police chief here 1899-1901. I am seeking to locate a photo of Chief Partridge for a Police Department History I am writing. I have Chief Paretridges Civil War record and parents I will share with anyone interested.

SMITH, DEMARTEAU, KNOCK, FROST  Angela Chancellor   3/14/99
Researching family of Sarah Mulvina (HODGE) SMITH - sons Pleasant Albert and James Harrison SMITH.  Sarah md. Alva D. DEMARTEAU 25Dec1935 in Clay Center. Believe they divorced c. 1947.  Sarah had come to Clay Center in the 1930's.  Lived at 722 Sherman St.  Before marrying Mr. DEMARTEAU, Sarah md. Daniel Anderson KNOCK in Wichita.  They divorce, perhaps in Clay Center.?  Sarah's son James Harrison SMITH md. first Ola FROST but don't know where.  James died 13Oct1919; his son James Harrison Jr. was b.4Feb1920.  This James Harrison Jr. md. Betty Irene GROVER 21Feb1941 in Clay Center.  James Jr. md. 2nd Alena ? .

COWELL, Amber Cory     3/14/99
I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather, Frank H. COWELL. The obitary I have on him states that he was born in Idona, KS.  I can't find that anywhere on my atlas or internet searches.  It also stated that he was a member of the Clay City (I believe Clay Center) Masonic Lodge.  Many thanks for anything you can share.

HEER  Jennifer Heer  3/11/99
I am looking for info on Henry or John Henry Heer, my ggg-uncle. He was b. about 1825 and served in the Mexican War. He left probably before 1850, from Jo Daviess cty, IL (doesn't show up on the census), for Cloud cty or Clay cty to farm. He was born in Baden Germany and came to the US in 1840 with his family. I am just looking for any one who may be related to him, there are more family members in IL and MN.

SHAW, BROWN  Scott Shaw  3/11/99
John Shaw and Robert Brown both died in Clay Co. in the apx. 1880. They were listed on the census of 1880 but died shortly after. Does anyone know what cemetery they are buried in? Also if the graves are marked. Their wives moved to Phillips co in 1886. Any other information would be appreciated.

SMITH  C D Clark   3/11/99
I would like to list the surname Smith on your page. My great great Grandparents Lyman and Sarah Smith migrated to Clay CO in 1870 and are buried in Schabel Cemetery there. They followed their sons Horace, Seth Arthur and Malon there.I think Arthur lived in Blue Rapids.Ella the daughter of Lyman and Sarah married Henry Fuhr of Grove Hill, IA about 1880 and moved there. She was my great grandmother. I would welcome information on any of the members of the Smith family that settled there.Thanks CDC

ALQUIST Family  3/11/99
I am looking for the earliest Alquist's in the Clay county area.  I know my great-grandparents were there, but before that I don't recall the names.

TINNEY, BOYLE, NASH  William E. Tinney ( Skip )    2/13/99
 My Grandfather, Andrew Tinney was born in Clay County on June 30, 1878. He was born to Truelove Lyman Tinney from Ireland, and Mary Ann Boyle from Scotland. Truelove and Mary Ann were married in Canada, moved to New York and then came to Clay county. It is possible that James Tinney ( Andrew's brother ) was born there. James was killed at the age of 16 in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. My Grandfather, Andrew married Edith Estella Nash. She was born June 2, 1878 in Mccanicsberg, Ohio. I am not sure if she met and married Andrew in Clay County or in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. I hope that I this might be of help to someone in the future and I would also appreciate any information someone might have concerning these individuals. Thank You,

LIND, OKERSTROM Cheryl    2/7/99
Seeking any information on JOHN LIND & wife, CAROLINE OKERSTROM b. 1862 Sweden. John was a Baptist minister and had a dau Emma C. LIND. b. 1888 in Clay Center.  Moved around 1905 to OR.

Stoneback  Robert E. Houck  2/7/99
On Apr.2,1878 John & Sara Stoneback left for Mulberry Creek Clay Co Kansas, They purchased a 140 farm for $900. A couple weeks later their brothers Samuel & Jacob Stoneback left also with about thirty people, loaded two box cars with belongings attached to mail train and headed to the same location. The two brothers purchased each a 160 acre farm within sight of John and Sarah.  We have since been unable to find out what ever happened to those people. Did they Marry, have children?  They all had worked at Hopewell Furnace Birdsboro, Pa., prior to leaving, WEB page < HOFU SUPERINTENDENT@NPS.GOV  > which is now National Park. PAGE, ROSS, CASEY, COBLE  Ed Page 2/7/99 I am trying to find the parents of David ROSS.  David and his wife Charity lived in Clay Center from abt 1870 to 1886. I hired a guy to help me once he found a lot of info for me but not the parents of David ROSS.  He thinks that David ROSS' father was also David  J ROSS. David John ROSS also lived in clay Center and was instrumental in starting the Rep. Presbyterian Church.

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