Our Soldier Dead.
Burlington Independent
June 12, 1903

As a matter of record and for future reference we below publish the names of deceased soldiers of the War of the Rebellion who are buried in our Burlington cemeteries. This list will be added to as the "old boys" pass away, and will be published the week before Decoration Day of each year. If any names of deceased soldiers are omitted their friends will confer a favor by reporting such names to this office. We want the roll complete:
Chaplain Hiram K. Stimson, 12th New York Cavalry.
George Neas, 3d Tennessee Infantry.
O. T. Williams, company C, 10th Kansas infantry.
Samuel B. Phillips, company B, 85th Indiana Infantry.
Abraham Kightlinger, company K, 4th Ohio Infantry.
Courtney Puffer, company I, 74th New Jersey Infantry.
Dr. Shaffer, Surgeon, regiment unknown.
John B. Phillips, company K, 36 Iowa Infantry.
Robert G. David, company B, 5th Missouri Cavalry.
Edward Decrow, company K, 147th Illinois Infantry.
James McKinley, company I, 14th Kansas Cavalry.
Jonathan A. Cooper, company D, 27th Indiana Infantry.
Robert Turbin, colored, U. S. regulars.
S. S. Wingett, company D, 7th Ohio Infantry.
John Earhart, company D, 1st Michigan Infantry.
Mr. Ackerman, a Mexican war soldier.
Robert Cooper, company E, 63d U. S. Colored Infantry.
John L. Harding, company B, 12th Kansas Infantry.
H. M. Wingar, regiment unknown.
Richard Cole, company A, 107th Indiana Infantry.
Andrew Crouch, company I, 15th Iowa Infantry.
James P. Stutes, company G, 146th Illinois Infantry.
Oliver G. Woodford, company C, 40th U. S. Volunteers, Spanish-American war.
E. C. Estin, a surgeon of Pennsylvania volunteers, regiment unknown.

MT. HOPE:Lieutenant W. A. Allison, 61st Pennsylvania Infantry.
Robert Venard, an Illinois soldier, company and regiment unknown.
Wm. Gibson, company E, 5th Kansas Cavalry.
Jacob Messick, 17th Kansas Cavalry.
James Stanfield, company B, 12th Kansas Infantry.
J. C. Daniels, an Ohio soldier, company and regiment unknown.
Theodore Denecke, company B, 12th Ks.
J. N. Alexander, 8th Indiana Infantry.
John Fisher, 67th Indiana Infantry.
Jay Vince, bugler, company E, 5th Kansas Cavalry.
Frank Woolsey, company #, 5th Kansas Cavalry.
Joseph Daugherty, company E, 5th Kansas Cavalry.
A. B. Staley, 9th Kansas Infantry.
J. N. Clark, 4th New Hampshire Infantry.
N. R. Taylor, 4th Tennessee Cavalry.
Aaron Baer, 47th Indiana Infantry.
Col. John Whistler, a soldier of the Black Hawk war.
Lieutenant W. L. McConnell, 69th Indiana Infantry.
James Harrison, company and regiment unknown.
James McCreary, company B, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry.
R. E. Johnson, company F, 1st Kansas Infantry.
J. F. Schroeder, company B, 1st Kentucky Cavalry.
Marzena Woods, 13th Michigan Infantry.
Wm. C. Johnson, company K, 2nd Kansas Cavalry.
Perry Carter, U. S. Colored regulars.
Arthur Latham, company C, 114th Ohio Infantry.
H. A. Gregg, company K, 15th Kansas Cavalry.
Nathaniel Blake, company A, 21st Ohio Infantry.
H. R. Porter, company F, 15th Kansas Cavalry.
Wm. H. Bear, company B, 13th Missouri Cavalry.
Andrew Franklin, a soldier of the war of 1812 and the Mexican war, also a teamster during the war of the Rebellion.
Sameul B. Hickox, 2nd Kansas Battery.
John Harlan, company A, 51st Indiana Infantry.
Enos Buckner, company I, 79th Illinois.
John Seiferlein, company F, 7th Kansas Cavalry.
John L. Tayor, company H, 7th Missouri Cavalry.
James H. Watrous, company L, 5th Kansas Cavalry.

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