Gridley Star
January 31, 1907
Here at last. Will be found at all First Class Cigar Dealers Monday. Patilla with her imported Sumatra wrapper with her American Havana filler in the Finest 5c cigar on the market. It is not as mild a cigar as the ZaZa and our other brands but it will satisfy the most expert smoker. Instead of using bands on our cigars, we put better tobacco in our cigars. Bands are expensive and no benefit to the smoker. I defy all 5c cigars in the United States, in regard to quality and workmanship. At the present prices of fine tobacco, our margins on cigars are so small that no other factory could exist on the profit we make, the only reason we can exist is because we pay no rent, buy for cash, sell for cash, and have no losses and have had 25 years experience in the business.
E. E. Teeple of Gridley will be my exclusive agent for all my brands of cigars.
Burlington, Kansas

Roy C. , son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. S. Reed, was born at Mamton, Colorado Sept. 20, 1905, died near Gridley Kansas January 23, 1907. Aged 1 year 4 months and 3 days. His illness was of brief duration of only two days, in which time everything possible was done to restore him to health but of to no avail and his beautiful little spirit took its flight to the Great Shepherd who said of such is a Kingdom of Heaven.
The funeral service was conducted by Rev. J. H. Oliver at the cemetery on last Thursday at 3 p. m. January 24, 1907. The afflicted family have the heartfelt sympathy of all.
"Beautiful little treasures,
They were my heart's delight,
Hands like the springtime blossoms,
Dantiest pink and white,
Chubby, warm, and dimpled
Oh, could I feel them now
Softly my cheek caressing,
Patting my aching brow,
One day the laughing sunbeam,
Singing the morning gold,
Saw their fair playmates lying.
Snowy, still and cold,
Oh, they hae found the sunshine,
Dear, blessed baby's hands!
I, though its dark, catch glimpses,
Knowing God understands,
Dear little hands! Precious hands!
Beautiful baby hands!
I shall clasp them to my heart again,
These beautiful baby hands."

Card of Thanks.
We desire to extend our thanks to the many neighbors and friends who assisted us by word and deed during trying hours incident to the death and burial of our beloved wife and mother. May you be spared from need of similar help and sympathy.

The fourth quarterly services of the Gridley M. E. church will be held at Gridley, Saturday at 3 and 7 p.m. February 9, and Sunday morning at 11 a.m. February 10. At the afternoon service the quarterly conference will be held and it is necessary that all official members be present in order for an intiligent transaction of all business, reports are expected from all departments of the church and all Secretaries will please see that such reports are at hand. The Saturday night service will be evangelistic, also the Sunday morning service with the additional, the Sacrament of our Lord's supper. Presiding Elder W. H. Mulvaney will be present at all these services, please remember the dates February 9, 10.
The pastor has appointed Mrs. W. T. Hessler on the board of stewards.
J. H. Oliver, Pastor

Mrs. A. W. Lewis and son Roy were in Gridley over Sunday visiting with their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lewis. They returned home Monday.
Not_e MaClasky and Crane add on first page.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Bartlett of LeRoy, a son.
Mr. Finley has iimproved his backyard by building a new walk.
G. L. Bungardner has been conducting meetings south of LeRoy.
Mr. Griffith, who has rented the Tilford building is now moving in.
Dr. Stockton has been very busy for the last few days waiting on the sick.
Redfern and Richardson shipped a few cars of stock to Kansas City, Monday.
We are having a little more winterish weather. It seems nice to see it snow.
Fred Workman was in Gridley last week and a few days this week, selling pianos.
There was a large crowd on the streets of Gridley Saturday, if the roads were rough.
Mr. Griffith went to Chicago Thursday of last week to visit relatives and friends.
Miss Kaufman who is employed at Burlington, came to Gridley Saturday to visit with her folks.
Mr. Allen Fleaharty of Gridley returned home yesterday from Kansas City, where he was on business.
Rev. Oliver, drove to Burlington Friday on business, and he found some rough roads before returning.
Mr. Osborn returned home Saturday from Topeka, Burlingame and Carbindale, where he was on a business trip.
Mr. Elrol_son, shot himself in the hand with a 22 rifle, and lodged through under the skin. Dr. Stockton, dressed his wound.
When you have any job work or sale bills to be printed, bring them to The Star office. Where they will be out when promised.
Al Finch has repaired his building, where The Star office was. Mr. Osborn has rented it, and will occupy it in the near future.
Jesse Schafer, had quite a scare in their home Sunday, their house caught fire from a defective flu there was not much damage done.
Mr. E. F. Scovill the new druggist has rent Al Finch residence and will occupy it in the near future, and Mr. Finch will move on his farm.
Burlington Republican--LeRoy people are happy over the fact that a new gas field has been tapped and that the town now has plenty of gas.
Please remember that The Star will be published on Thursday here after instead of Friday. And all notices and items must be in by Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Seeley returned home last Thursday week, after a few days visit with their daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lewis of Gridley.
Mr. Moore went to Neosho Falls where he will set up a jewelry shop.

Mr. McQueary drove fat cattle to Yates Center Monday, and shipped them to Kansas City.
Miss Henrietta Miller was the guest of Etta Wilson, Sunday.
Misses Lula Jones and Estia Beavers were in Yates Center from Thursday to Saturday of last week.
Miss Flossy Wright visited Mrs. Mable Wolfe Sunday.
Mr. William Brush went to Yates Center Saturday.
Misses Lula, Myrtle and Goldie Jones called on Mrs. Pearl Burns Sunday afternoon.
Some of the young people of Keck went to Cope, Sunday night to hear the Salvation Army.
N. E. Beavers and Henry Nowfield hauled wood Monday.
Sunday School at Keck next Sunday at 2:30 and preaching just after by Rev. Oliver. Everyone are cordially invited to attend.
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Reed, six miles south of Gridley, last Sunday afternoon January 27, 1907, at 3 o'clock accured the ceremony that united in marriage their daughter Miss Mattie and Mr. E. Givens of Westville I. T.
The bride is one of the best young people, a member of the M. E. church of which she is a devoted member.
The groom is a young man of good qualities, besides being a successful contractor he is a devoted member of the Baptist church.
This happy couple left Monday morning for their future home at Westville where they go at once to housekeeping. The best wishes of all go with them.

The M. E. parsonage, Gridley, Kansas was the scene of an important event in the lives of two of our best young folks, and an event that made the happy couple, one. The wedding ceremoney accured on last Monday evening January 28, 1907 at 7 o'clock. Rev. J. H. Oliver pastor of the M. E. Church officiating. The contracting parties were Miss Minnie Volland daughter of Mrs. John Lytle and Mr. John C. Helm, son of Mr. and Mrs. John G. Helm all of whome resides south of Gridley and well to do. Mr. and Mrs. Helm went out to housekeeping on a farm four miles south of town where they will be a home to their many friends. Congratulations and success to this excellent young couple on their life's voyage.

When you want a sale cried and want the stock sold for what its worth see MaClasky and Crane.

Wood for Sale Cheap
People wanting to buy wood will be down from 1st of February 2 miles southeast of Gridley.
J. W. Prokop.

MaClasky and Crane are the Auctioneers you are looking for. Phone 36.
There are going to be a spelling and cyphring match between Gridley and Cola Hill Friday night.
Mrs. Frank L. Holt of Osawatomie was down from Thursday till Monday visiting her brother, Wills Varvel.
T. H. Wills of Iowa is visiting his cousin, Mrs. Joe McNish.
Miss Jennie Allen of Crandall attended the supper at Fair Hope, Friday.
Maude Heritage of near LeRoy visited at home Sunday.
Mrs. James McLean called on Mrs. Randolph, Monday.
Decatine Lingenfelter and family visited at Beny Heritage's, Sunday.
Goldie Bradford and Rosie and Annie Fenel were called at Mrs. Linharts, Sunday.
J. R. Reed and wife visited his father Jasper Reed of Gravel Hill, Sunday.
Mrs. Ida Levering contemplates buying the old Varvel farm.
Louis Dewitt had a bad runaway Saturday, cut up the horses and broke the buggy.
Newton Erret made a trip to the county seat, Friday.
Rudoff Luthi and Miss Susie Pinon are visiting with C. A. Luthi, of Emporia.
O. R. Weed has been around to see his neighbors and solicit subscribions for his paper. The Old Paths.
Chris Bahr marketed hogs Monday.
Mr. Warrensburry of Madison, was buying horses in this part of the country last week.
The scribe does not know much aside from his own business, therefore his items are few.

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