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Kansas Freed From Quarantine.
Washington, D. C., July 28.--The entire State of Kansas is now freed from quarantine for the foot and mouth disease, the order taking effect on July 26. The same order frees the States of Connecticut and West Virginia, and limits the quarantined areas in Kentucky, Maryland and Virginia to stock yards at Louisville, Baltimore and Richmond. Five counties are freed in New York, four in Pennsylvania and one in Illinois.

There is now very little territory still under quarantine for this disease in the United States. Four counties in Illinois, three in New York, and two in Pennsylvania constitute practically all that remains, with the exception of stock yeards and isolated premises. In Kansas the quarantine was confined at its worst to four counties.

Call for you tax receipt.

Advertise it in the For Sale column.

Mrs. H Rokes came down from Monday on business.

Mrs. Ida Harris spent the latter part of last week with relatives at Neosho Falls.

Elder S. G. Clay of Iola will preach morning and evening next Sunday at the Christian church.
Paul McNabb of Harris, Kansas, spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. C. L. Davis and family. Paul is publisher of the Harris Commercial.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Havens and little son of Neodesha have been visiting at the home of his parents and other relatives and friends the past week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Howe of Stillwater, Oklahoma, are here visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. John R. Lee.

Dr. Wells will preach at the Presbyterian church both morning and evening next Sunday at the usual hours.

The drill on Sheaf well No. 4 was stopped several days this week on account of a break in some of the machinery.

Examination for High school credits will be held in the County Superintendent's office Friday and Saturday, August 6 and 7.

Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Hall have been enjoying a visit from their son Charles Hall of Kansas City. He returned home the first of the week.

Our old friend, M. H. Redfearn, in company with A. A. Griffiths and M. B. Crow of Gridley drove over on business Wednesday morning.
C. C. Kersey of Quenemo, Kansas was in LeRoy a few days this week on business and pleasure.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hiatt and children of Aliceville were quests at C. H. Moore home over Sunday.

F. J. Yokley, of Missouri Christian College, Camden Point, Missouri, will preach at the Crandall Christian Church next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock.

R. D. Jennings returned Monday afternoon from a four weeks stay in a Kansas City hospital. Dr. Kesner went up Sunday and accompanied him home.

Ralph W. Newton left Monday night on a visit to California. He has been in the employ of the Sabine Oil & Marketing co. as a driller at this place.

The city is putting in a good bunch of hitching posts near the City Park. As soon as they are in and the apporaches graveled so that they will be easy of access even in muddy weather, the posts will be removed from Main street.

P. C. Jones left for Washington Tuesday of last week so quietly that the REPORTER fore didn't discover it it until after the paper was printed. He will be gone several weeks visiting his sister, Mrs. M. O. Martin.

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