Waverly Gazette
January 10, 1908
J. M. Osborn west to Quenemo Thursday to attend the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers State Bank there.
Albert Jewett Arrested.
Albert Jewett was arrested Monday night by Deputy Sherrif Painter on the charge of burglarizing the store of the Nelson House Furnishing Co. It is charged he was with Lee Carlson and assisted in that robbery. Albert pleads not guilty and intends to fight the case. It is with great regret we see these young men charged with crime.
John P. Scotten, who has been sick for several months past and an invalid for several years, died at his home in Waverly Monday, Jan. 6, 1908, aged 61 years, 3 months, 2 days. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. S. Carr, assisted by Rev. Henry Martin, of Princeton, his former pastor, at the Baptist church Tuesday, in the presence of a very large number of friends of the family, the A. O. U. W. having charge of the services at the house and the cemetery.
John P. Scotten was born Oct. 4, 1845, in Morgan county, Indiana. Jan. 26, 1873, he was united in marriage with Lizzie B. Thomas, who died Feb. 9, 1884. To this union were born six children: Nora Allel, (deceased,) Mary R. Scotten of Lawrence, Kansas, Myrtle W. Helsel of California, Nathan E. Scotten of Waverly, Pearl Larue of Colorado, Earl Scotten (deceased.)
He was again married Feb. 4, 1887 to Miss Irene Cole, who lived only until the next June, 1888.
In June 1892 he was again married to Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson, a widow with one child, Mrs. Maimie Fiehler, of LeLoupe, Kans. To this union one child was born, Elsie V. Scotten.
He united with the Baptist church in April, 1877, and lived a faithful Christian life to the end.
Mr. Scotten was a good citizen and a true friend. As a husband and father he always commanded the love and respect of his family. He will be greatly missed in the community and deeply grieved over by his family.

Irma Wilson died at the home of Geo. and Mrs. McDuffie Monday morning, Jan. 6, after a short illness from typhoid fever. She was 12 years, 11 months and 3 days of age.
The funeral services were conducted at the M. E. church Wednesday at 2 o'clock, in the presence of a large number of friends. The remains were interred in the Waverly cemetery.
Irma was a daughter of Frank C. Wilson, and has made her home with Mr. and Mrs. McDuffie for several years. She was a bright, lovable girl, liked by all who knew her. Her death is a sad blow to the father and brothers.
Mr. Wilson did not reach here until after he death. Every effort was made to locate him Saturday, Sunday and Monday, but he was out on the road attending to his duties as salesman for an implement house, and no message caught him until Monday night.

Hall McCoy Logsdon was born March 20, 1846, in Marshall, county West Va. died Dec. 27, 1907 at Sunrise, Wyoming.
He received injuries while riding home from his work at the mines. He was operated on for perotenitis but died shortly afterwards.
Funeral services and burial occurred at Gurnesy, Wyo. by the I. O. O. F. lodge of which he was a member.
He was the second son of Capt. and Mrs. Logsdon of Waverly, Kansas. He leaves a wife to mourn the loss of a beloved husband and a loving father.
"Not now, but in the coming years
It may be in the better lands.
We'll read the meaing of our tears
And there will understand."

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