Waverly Gazette
January 24, 1908
Prof. Wyant was a Topeka visitor last week.
Attend the M. O. Martin sale Monday, Jan. 27.
Fred Fockele was in Topeka Monday attending to business matters.
When you want the latest in post cards see the line at Peterson's.
Fresh yeast and fresh bread at Mrs. J. Q. Carmain's. Phone 97.
W. F. Swift, of Ottawa, was here Tuesday attending to business matters.
Grover Cox is home from Kansas City this week visiting relatives and friends.
G. W. Shaver was up from Burlington Tuesday looking after business matters.
Fred Palmer and wife are here this week visiting friends and looking after business.
John Claypool, was down from Williamsburg Wednesday attending to business matters.
24 shotes and some good brood sows will be sold at Martin's sale, Monday, January 27.
P. H. McGrath, of Gardner, was here this week and shipped hay to the Kansas City market.
Rev. E. W. Spencer has been helping Rev. Gerkins of Halls Summit in protracted meetings which are being held there.
Red cedars, 12 to 18 in., 10c. Now is your chance to grow and wind break. Order early, as the supply will not last long. A complete line of nursery stock. The Waverly Nurseries.
Mrs. H. Davison went to Baldwin Monday to visit her son, Thos. and wife. Mrs. Thos. Davison has been quite ill, but has recovered. On her return home Mrs. Davison met her sister, Mrs. H. N. Hutchinson, at Ottawa, who returned home with her and is now visiting here.
Miss Floy McHenry, who is attending school at Baker University, was quite sick the first of the week with what was said to be appendicitis. Her father went to Baldwin Monday morning on account of her illness and to ascertain its extent. At last report she was very much improved and getting along nicely.
The Maud Muller Co., an aggregation said to be from Osage City, endeavored to present a play at the Auditorium Wednesday evening. The show was very poor from start to finish and those who missed it should congratulate themselves. The Waverly band furnished some good music for the show and this feature was the only commendable one of the evening, their music being well rendered and appreciated.
Grange Elect Officers.
On January 18, 1908, the Coffey county Ponoma Grange elected the following officers to serve for two ensuing years:
Master, Jesse Speilman; Overseer, H. M. Irey; Lecturer, Mrs. Gasche; Stewart, J. V. Saueressig; Assistant, T. G. Whaley; Chaplin, Mrs. Amelia Saueressig; Secretary, W. A. Keys; Gatekeeper, A. M. Bunge; Ceres, Miss Cora Whaley; Pomona, Rosa Sutton; Flora, Jennie Whaley; Lady Assistant-Stewart, Mrs. A. M. Bunge.
The next meeting will be held in Halls Summit the second Saturday in February and will begin at 10:30 A.M. Installation of officers in the forenoon.
Questions for discussion at the next meeting. Afternoon: "The Farmers Share in making and keeping up Good Roads." "The Taxation Question:" "Alfalfa for Worn Out Land," "Planting and Caring for Forest Trees," Reading and Recreation for the Young Folks on the Farm."
All members of the Grange are cordially invited to be present and take part in the discussion of these important questions. The afternoon meeting will be conducted in the fourth degree, thus enabling all members of the Grange to help with this discussion.
E. Gasche, Lecturer.

BORN--To G. W. and Mrs. Forsythe, a son, Monday, Jan. 20.
Some fine, young black horses will be sold at the M. O. Martin sale, Monday, Jan. 27.
Mrs. T. T. Kelly has been teaching in the High school this week, taking the place of Miss Bennett, who was ill.
A. J. Green, of Van Meter, Iowa, who came home to attend the funeral of his father, I. S. Green, returned to his home in Iowa Thursday. He has a good position there with the Platte Pressed Brick Co., as chief burner and is doing well.

Rhode Island Reds.
A few cockrels for sale. Pure bred. Eggs in season for hatching. Prices reasonable. Phone Shilo 13.
Mrs. S. Whitcher.
Now is the time to buy some good shotes. See those at Orsborn's sale, Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Marion H. Green has been appointed as administrator of the estate of I. S. Green, deceased.

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