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Kelly Hull, June 2001

Thank you Kelly Hull for all the work you have done for genealogy resources, researching ancestors and posting obituaries! 


After twenty-five years of genealogical researching, I still find myself clipping 'good' obituaries (i.e. too good to pass up even if they are not a surname I'm researching!). My clippings from Coffey County newspapers now inhabits it's own 4-drawer file cabinet, and it's only 5 years old!
This project started as a way to share the jewels of my clippings cabinet. It has mushroomed from transcribing a few obituaries and getting them onto the internet into this ever expanding menace. Currently, the project includes obituaries and/or death notes and newspaper articles from newspapers over 75 years of age, 'obitnotes' for younger newspapers, and an index to keep all of the names straight.

If an obituary is submitted to this site, from any Coffey County, Kansas newspaper, no matter the age, I can now post it on this web site. I have permission from the newspaper(s) owners to do so.


My original installment had 892 entries, a large portion of which is from 'recent' obituaries. This is only a tiny portion of what is available. The Coffey County Historical Museum has a large collection of county newspapers on microfilm. Some of the Coffey County Library branches have newspapers on microfilm. (The Lebo branch has the Lebo Enterprise 1931-1985(?) in original form as well as the Coffey County Republican for the last few years.)
I see future growth from
Please contact me: Kelly Hull, 2735 Emmer Rd. NW, Lebo, Kansas 66856 or at for further information or with a submission.


Coffey County, Kansas is fortunate in that there is a large number of newspapers that were microfilmed by the Kansas State Historical Society. For a listing of what KSHS has on film, please use the following link. Remember to type in Coffey in the blank for county name.

Statistics as of August 22, 2002
Year SpanNumber
of entries
Year SpanNumber
of entries
Year SpanNumber
of entries
1880-1884 8 1885-188987 1890-1894130
1895-189986 1900-1904109 1905-190968
1910-191450 1915-191988 1920-192438
1925-1929115 1930-1934269 1935-1939266
1940-194429 1945-194960 1950-1954361
1955-19591 1960-196998 1970-19794
1980-19894 1990-19943 1995-199827
1999314 2000310 2001326
2002201 2003190
TOTAL: 3321