Decatur County Kansas
Marriage Record


All marriage records are on file at the Decatur County Clerk of the District Court. You can write for copies at 120 E  Hall, Oberlin, KS 67749.  

There are questionable dates and names so be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Thanks to Luanne Henthorn for transcribing these.

Bride List M-O



Bride's Last Name Bride's First Name Groom's Last Name Groom's First Name Marriage Date Place
Machart Blanche Petrasek Anton Apr. 2, 1907 Oberlin
Mackey Daisy L. Freeman Clifford G. Feb. 26, 1899 Allison
Mackey Robertia L. Groom Edward E. Oct. 21, 1903 Oberlin
Macy Bertha G. Boyer John F. Feb. 18, 1903 Oberlin
Macy Martha Awtry Charles Sept. 18, 1895  
Maggard Anna C. Logan Clyde  Apr. 12, 1905 Oberlin
Maggard Anna I. Dean John E. July 31, 1892 Decatur Co.
Maggard Elbertia Ewing Delancy E. Oct. 30, 1895 Oberlin
Maggard Sarah F. Moore James C. Dec. 16,1895 Decatur Co.
Magnusen Annie Peterson John C. Aug. 1, 1899 Oberlin
Magnuson Alida Anderson Nils D. Jan. 14, 1895 Oberlin
Mahanna Bell Saum Truman J. Dec. 21, 1899 Oberlin
Mangold Dora A. Kincaid Charley E. Sept. 7, 1900 Oberlin
Mangumson Matilda  Baughman Daniel Feb. 20, 1892 Decatur Co.
Maniece Louisa A. Hill Melvin A. Apr. 25, 1900 Decatur Co.
Manso P. H. Wenger C. E. April 26, 1892 Bird City
Mapes Carrie Phipps Franklin P. March 1, 1893 Allison
Marcellus Media Jeffrey A. J. Oct. 1, 1884 Decatur Co.
Marcuson Hilda M. Linn Aaron Aug. 3, 1910 Dresden
Marek Katie Melvin J. M. Nov. 24, 1884 Oberlin
Maris Mollie D. Kent Ruffus A. June 10, 1887 Oberlin
Marks Lucy B. Brooks Charles Oct. 8, 1893 Oberlin
Marks Mary Blanche Hopwood John S. Nov. 12, 1910 Oberlin
Marks Minnie Clark Elmer D. May 10, 1894 Oberlin
Marks Lottie T. Vawter George B. Feb. 18, 1890 Oberlin
Marquart Caroline G. Hayes Willie Lucy Sept. 25, 1906 Oberlin
Marquart Irena S. Barnell Frank July 20, 1898 Oberlin
Marquart Sarah Willcoxen George J. Nov. 27, 1887 Jennings
Marrow Mary Austin F. M. Sept. 20, 1883  
Marrow Olive M. Relph John Apr. 2, 1904 Oberlin
Martens Mary McAfee W. S. May 24, 1899 Oberlin
Martens Mary McAfee W. S. May 24, 1899 Oberlin
Martin Belle E. Pasley Ray C. Oct. 1, 1906 Oberlin
Martin Faye Symonds William R. Apr. 29, 1903 Oberlin
Martin Nora Springer Abner Apr. 3, 1912 Oberlin
Martin Katie E. Stolzfus Christian E. Nov. 18, 1890 Decatur Co.
Mascheck Mary A. Kasper Joseph July 18, 1900 Oberlin
Mathews Mollie  Morganson Andrew A. April 22, 1894 Oberlin
Matson Esta E. Wolverton Frank M. Sept. 15, 1899 Oberlin
Matthews Mabel Cotton Lacy Dec. 4, 1904 Oberlin
Matthewson Salina Ginther Albert Nov. 18, 1909 Oberlin
Mavity Luize E. Vernon Robert H. April 14, 1892 Oberlin
May Anna Dora M. S. Jording George H. V. Feb. 25, 1897 Traer
May Mabel B. Mahin Roy H. Sept. 4, 1906 Dresden
May Martha E. Meyer Alfred H. Nov. 3, 1901 Oberlin
May Mary A. R. Demmer Mathias Dec. 26, 1902 Logan Twp.
May Minnie T. Brown William T. Sept. 14, 1891 Oberlin
Mayfield Mattie E. Scott Arthur C. Feb. 27, 1908 Oberlin
Mazanek Eva Loub Frank Apr. 10, 1900 Jennings
McBride Lillie Crabill M. E. Feb. 26, 1894 Oberlin
McCain Ida M. Germain Edward L. June 24, 1906 Oberlin
McCalla Bertha J. Cevely Harry F. Oct. 24, 1909 Oberlin
McCalla Florence N. McKee Artie S. Dec. 28, 1898 Oberlin
McCalla Lucy Belle Sedustine Fred Aug. 27, 1905 Oberlin
McCalla Mary M. Barnes Norman E. Jan. 20, 1908 Oberlin
McCarl Florence I. Gill Nicholas Dec. 24, 1906 Oberlin
McCartney Rosetta  Guinn L. D. Feb. 27, 1894 Traer
McCarty Florence E. Hunt Ward C. Jan. 11, 1899 Oberlin
McCauley Bertha M. Fortney Harry A. Aug. 9, 1904 Oberlin
McCauley L. M. Bebb J. E. July 23, 1884 Oberlin
McClain Eva Jackson J. E. Elmer Apr. 23, 1902 Oberlin
McClain May Patten Floyd R. Dec. 1, 1901 Oberlin
McClaury Bertha A. Pratt Fred C. June 14, 1893 Oberlin
McClaury Louise A. Rice James H. Nov. 14, 1886  
McClaury Orline Wood Henry July 22, 1902 Oberlin
McConchil Mamie E. McCartney Carlisle R. Sept. 11, 1901 Oberlin
McCoy Cora A. Phillips Mylan S. Feb. 14, 1904 Oberlin
McCoy Etta E. Ellis William E. Feb. 20, 1907 Oberlin
McCoy Jessie  Warren Franklin C. Oct. 18, 1899 Oberlin
McCoy Leona B. Wade Orville H. Mar. 1, 1911 Oberlin
McCoy Lina McBride Clyde W. Feb. 2, 1895 Lincoln Twp.
McCrae Mary J. Lee Odie C. Dec. 28, 1898 Oberlin
McCray Matilda M. Hanchett Earl M. Dec. 25, 1906 McCray's
McCray Myrtle Huber Wayne L. Dec. 25, 1907 Oberlin
McCray Serena Pope Floid March 14, 1885 Decatur Co.
McCuan Fanny Wyatt George Oct. 8, 1892 Oberlin
McCuan Norma Adams George Apr. 14, 1912 Oberlin
McCue Katie Eckhart Louis F. Nov. 22, 1899 Norcatur
McCune Ida B. Johnson Frank Feb. 28, 1887 Decatur Co.
McCune Sattie Krack Lennis Feb. 22, 1893  
McDowall Delila S. Bryan John V. Aug. 28, 1902 Shibboleth
McDowall Mattie Welch Thomas Nov. 1, 1894  
McDowell Gertrude A. Simpson Henry A. Nov. 26, 1885 Decatur Co.
McDowell Gertrude A. Simpsons Henry A. Nov. 26, 1885 Decatur Co.
McDowell Nellie Phelps W. C. Aug. 17, 1897 Oberlin
McFoos Elsie Pointer Fred S. Nov. 23, 1898 Oberlin
McGinnis Salista E. Roberts Wm. H. May 11, 1889 Decatur Co.
McGonigal Mary C. Griggs Charles F. Dec. 24, 1894 Oberlin
McGwoan Delia Robinson Samuel G. Nov. 29, 1886 Oberlin
McIlvanie Annie Barker Lawrence J. Mar. 3, 1901 Oberlin
McIntyre Katie S. Otis William H. Dec. 17, 1895 Oberlin
McIntyre Mary A. Taylor Samuel D. April 30, 1895 Dresden
McKane Maggie C. Redd James A. Sept. 6, 1880  
McKaque Mary E. Beal Daniel A. Jan. 29, 1883 Decatur Co.
McKay Josie E. Miller Willis G. July 04, 1911 Oberlin
McKee Delilah J. Goodenberger William J. Mar. 4, 1903 Cedar Bluffs
McKee Susie Olmstead Charles D. Mar. 9, 1902 Cedar Bluffs
McKibben Lille M. Dibble Frank B. Dec. 22, 1900 Oberlin
McKigham Mary Johnson John W. Dec. 28, 1886 Oberlin
McKinney Florence E. Streer James A. March 8, 1899 Oberlin
McKinzie Mary B. Brown John W. Dec. 30, 1885 Decatur Co.
McLain Mabel M. Wilson Earl C. Dec. 24, 1911 Oberlin
McLain Sara C. Shaw Ed B. April 26, 1896 Oberlin
McLain Vera Voorhees Fred J. Sept. 25, 1910 Oberlin
McLaughlin Lois Boggs E. N. Oct. 15, 1911 Jennings
McMannis Jennie White Lennis E. July 1, 1894 Lyle
McMenus Sadie Daugherty L. A. Aug. 1, 1901  
McTharp Mary Montgomery W. H. March 22, 1885 Oberlin
McTharp Mary Montgomery W. H. March 22, 1885 Oberlin
McVoy Mary A. Jones William M. Nov. 22, 1892 Oberlin
McVoy Mary A. Jones William M. Nov. 22, 1892 Oberlin
Meek Mary L. Lang William H. Feb. 18, 1900 Norcatur
Meek Nellie E. Vinson Glenn April 23, 1893  
Meenen Estella  Meenen Mike J. Dec. 24, 1903 Oberlin
Mefford Emma S. Rush William P. Feb. 26, 1889 Oberlin
Meitel Katie Kaus Frank Nov. 8, 1904 Dresden
Meitl Louise Schorer George Aug. 3, 1909 Dresden
Meitl Mary Reichart F. J. May 26, 1909 Dresden
Melvin Catharine A. Plott Milton MS May 1, 1890 Decatur Co.
Mendenhall Allie M. Keller Charles F. Jr. Sept. 8, 1890 Decatur Co.
Menderhall Allie M. Keller Charles F. Jr. Sept. 3, 1890 Decatur Co.
Merrill Hattie E. Pierce Albert T. Oct. 24, 1893 Oberlin
Metcalf Evie Frasier W. A. June 5, 1880 Grant Twp.
Metcalf Lula O. Hitchcock Randolp G. July 23, 1910 Norton
Metcalf Maud A. Munger Leroy S. June 14, 1908 Oberlin
Meyers Nora Welch William Nov. 7, 1885 Oberlin
Milam Annie O. Fletcher Francis F. June 18, 1893 Norcatur
Milburn Henrietta McCarty Melvin A. April 9, 1896  
Miller Alli Keiser W. E. Dec. 1, 1889 Decatur Co.
Miller Amanda M. Rushton George Wm. Sept. 20, 1891 Oberlin
Miller Anna Witham Wallace A. Nov. 13, 1895 Oberlin
Miller Betta Norres Bruce W. Jan. 28, 1903 Oberlin
Miller Cappy Cody G. E. Feb. 3, 1887 Decatur Co.
Miller Clara Caster Vincent R. June 28, 1894  
Miller Cora A. Johnson Warren F. Dec. 25, 1895 Decatur Co.
Miller Della E. Taylor E. T. Dec. 25, 1891 Oberlin
Miller Dora L. Cornwell Willie A. Oct. 19, 1903 Oberlin
Miller Dottie G. Smith Lang Aug. 6, 1899 Oberlin
Miller Ella B. Wilson Fred E. June 15, 1884 Decatur Co.
Miller Ella E. Ater Charles A. July 6, 1897 Oberlin
Miller Emma R. Hawkins Leroy June 13, 1897 Jennings
Miller Emma V. Huddle Ralph March 27, 1890 Decatur Co.
Miller Gertie  Way Delbert G. Mar. 24, 1909 Oberlin
Miller Hattie B. Grubaugh Michael July 29, 1894 Traer
Miller Jessie R. Morton Homer E. Mar. 9, 1910 Oberlin
Miller Laura Douglas Hopson O. Jan. 10, 1883  
Miller Laura Trantman J. D. March 21, 1886 Oberlin
Miller Laura E. Beal Albert H. Feb. 14, 1884 Valona
Miller Leora Idella Borin Curtis J. June 8, 1893 Oberlin
Miller Mable Spear J. F. Mar. 29, 1908 Oberlin
Miller Maria Cook Wm. F. June 21, 1896 Oberlin
Miller Mary Parsons John July 29, 1908 Oberlin
Miller Mary A. Motsinger Michael H. May 11, 1886  
Miller Minnie Carpenter Charles March 30, 1887 Oberlin
Miller Ora Claar Arthur  Oct. 28, 1896 Oberlin
Miller Ruhama Joslyn Jay I. Sept. 6, 1910 Oberlin
Miller Selmar Tauber Fredick May 14, 1901 Miller Home
Milligan Verna M. Marks Newton Dec. 28, 1900 Oberlin
Mines Ella A. Waldo Clifton April 14, 1895 Oberlin
Minton Pearl M. Hammell Cyrus B. Sept. 21, 1903 Oberlin
Mitchell Dora C. Swastwood Jacob S. July 3, 1898 Traer
Mitchell Edith Howell Pascal July 08, 1908 Dresden
Mitchell Ivy E. Bryan Ernest T. Feb. 2, 1904 Oberlin
Mitchell Jennie B. Woodruff Wm. H. Jan. 5, 1887 Oberlin
Moheing Katie Kaus John Nov. 26, 1901 Dresden
Moler Laura Cathcart Leon C. Nov. 22, 1911 Oberlin
Moler Venie Hessenflow Willard Aug. 6, 1910 Oberlin
Montgomery Letticia A. Counter H. E. Oct. 2, 1887 Oberlin
Montie Mertie E. Steel Art S. Oct. 18, 1892 Decatur Co.
Moon Maud E. McNichols Wilber Aug. 21, 1908 Oberlin
Moore Ida F. Castor John L. Aug. 18, 1900 Oberlin
Moore Nellie M. Mines Chris P. April 3, 1898 Oberlin
Moore Sarah Frances Ward Charlie C. May 17, 1899  
Moorse Chloe E. Vale Howard L. March 22, 1896 Oberlin
Morgan Jessie Matheson Duncan Nov.11, 1885 Decatur Co.
Morley Fannie A. Fulcomer Gilbert E. Sept. 1, 1887 Decatur Co.
Morris Addie J. Allen Guy C. May 10, 1908 Oberlin
Morris Elnora Willard Geo. W. Oct. 3, 1887 Oberlin
Morris May E. Redtfeldt Julius A. May 26, 1897 Oberlin
Morris Nancy E. Weaver Samuel K. July 27, 1898 Oberlin
Morron Adelie E. Decker S. D. Nov. 29, 1885 Decatur Co.
Morrow Melissa Green C. R. Nov. 29, 1885 Decatur Co.
Morton Eva V. Field George W. Feb. 21, 1888 Oberlin
Morton Gertie E. Gloss Charles E. Dec. 27, 1910 Oberlin
Morton Grase E. Ropert George V. June 19, 1912 Oberlin
Morton Jennie Johnson Robert M. Feb. 10, 1887 Oberlin
Morton M. E. Cole Wm. Kenton Oct. 14, 1883 Decatur Co.
Morton Nettie Crannel Willard O. Feb. 21, 1887 Oberlin
Morton Sarah A. Charles Oscar J. Dec. 18, 1907 Dresden
Moser Mrs. Catherine Peers John Jan. 26, 1886  
Moses Ruby M. Stickle Arthur W. Oct. 18, 1910 Oberlin
Moss Lizzie Ervin Emmit Oct. 5, 1910 Oberlin
Moss Myrtle A. Hainline Jacob O. May 09, 1906 Harlan Twp.
Mott Ann Hand George H. Aug. 21, 1884 Decatur Co.
Mott Jane Dowdall Hugh H. Feb. 23, 1893 Oberlin
Mott Maggie Snow William L. Nov. 1, 1899 Oberlin
Mount Lena L. Jordan Ray I. Feb. 14, 1906 Oberlin
Moyer Ida B. Barratt / Barrett Carey May 1890 Decatur Co.
Munson Addie A. Pattee J. Walton Oct. 27, 1908 Jennings
Munson Edith L. Nelson August G. Oct. 2, 1904 Jennings
Murphy Ella Gillespie Hugh F. June 25, 1887 New  Almelo
Myers Mary E. Lawhead Josephus Feb. 14, 1894 Oberlin
Myers Matie M. Caster Wesley A. Dec. 20, 1905 Oberlin
Namara Jennie M. Conger Isaac G. June 10, 1885 Decatur Co.
Nauer Clara P. Yarnall Joseph J. Nov. 3, 1890 Decatur Co.
Nauer Emma Hickert Henry Oct. 20, 1890 New Almelo
Nauer Mary Hahn N. A. Jan. 21, 1890 Decatur Co.
Navity Mildred B. Babb Henry Jan. 3, 1906 Oberlin
Nazier Cora A. Van Epps E. W. Dec. 21, 1893 Oberlin
Neff Emma Swartwood James Aug. 26, 1907 Oberlin
Neff Ethel E. Rathbun Edward B. Dec. 6, 1904 Oberlin
Neff Vada Venrick Clifford Feb. 25, 1901 Oberlin
Neifert Dora Boeger C. J. Aug. 18, 1903 Oberlin
Neiman Elizabeth A. Dempewolf John L. April 19, 1898 Dresden
Nellans Claar B. Carper William Apr. 28, 1901 Jennings
Nelson Anna B. Carlson Carl E. Jan. 1, 1896 Lund
Nelson Augusta Marcuson Theodore March 15, 1886 Decatur Co.
Nelson Elizabeth B. Seege James R. May 03, 1911 Dresden
Nelson Sadie E. Stevens William H. Nov. 22, 1905 Norcatur
Nelson Sarah P. Nelson John A. Apr. 24, 1907 Lund
Nelson Sigrid Henningson Axel Hajalimer Dec. 20, 1899 Oberlin
Nen Ida M. Shirley Willis S. Aug. 25, 1895 Norcatur
Nerberg Evelyn E. Stevens Evan R. June 28, 1911 Oberlin
Nettleton Hannah T. Hendershot James B. June 25, 1882 Decatur Co.
Nettleton Mary J. Orr Charles W. Feb. 14, 1889 Kanona
New Cora E. Shick Preston J. Dec. 19, 1906 Oberlin
New Minnie B. Deeter Warren K. Oct. 1, 1905 Norcatur
Newcomb Estella Brotherton Edward  Oct. 18, 1885 Oberlin
Newton Jane Harkins Thomas C. Aug. 17, 1903 Oberlin
Newton Jane  Haskins Thomas C. Feb. 2, 1901 Oberlin
Nglund Hannah Johnson Aaron April 15, 1888 Oberlin
Nicholai Gertrude A. Martin Curtis J. June 28, 1898 Oberlin
Nicholson Christine Shimmick Charles Aug. 17, 1905 Oberlin
Nicodeums Alma E. Dayton Newton F. Apr. 6, 1905 Oberlin
Nieman Mary Dempewolf Xavier Oct. 22,1895 Dresden
Nilsson Elna Davis Fred T. June 20, 1899 Oberlin
Nitcher Maud G. Hoffman Frank Jan. 28, 1912 Oberlin
Nitsch Mary Cordes August W. Apr. 26, 1906 Oberlin
Nitsch Susana Helmkamp Fred Feb. 1, 1894 Oberlin
Noble Clara M. Irish Perry S. June 28, 1880  
Nooner Minnie Butler Lawrence W. Dec. 20, 1905 Oberlin
Noren Gustafva Swanson Swan March 11, 1897 Lund
Noris Thrusey Leichliter John March 27, 1888 Oberlin
Norman Abbie M. Carper James V. Dec. 21, 1889 Decatur Co.
Norman Emma Conley J. H. Sept. 29, 1889 Oberlin
Norman Fannie McCuan S. A. Aug. 23, 1885 Stephens
Norman Iska B. Martin Thomas A. Oct. 3, 1905 Oberlin
Norman Rosa May Meeks Charley  March 20, 1890 Decatur Co.
Nulk Mary Wintjen Herman W. Jan. 16, 1896 Oberlin
Oberg May E. Siders William S. Dec. 21, 1905 Selden
Oberg Minnie C. Giders Walter E. Dec. 23, 1903 Lund
Oeoback Maud E. Latimer Dick Sept. 6, 1903 Grant Twp.
Olberg Louisa Olson Ole April 18, 1889  
Oliver Mary B. Gatlin Isaac July 16, 1886  
Olson Augusta C. Sall John A. Aug. 28, 1888 Oberlin
Omera Nellie Lynd James G. June 26, 1888  
Ormsby Minnie Douglas Frank A. Sept. 7, 1884  
Otis Mary Ida Amlin J. A. Dec. 9, 1885 Decatur Co.
O'Toole Mary Corcoran Clyde C. Nov. 4, 1907 Oberlin
Ott Flora B. Boyles George L. Nov. 5, 1890  
Oxar Emma G. Morgan Joseph S. Apr. 25, 1900 Decatur Co.



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