Marriage Records 


NOT all marriages indexed were recorded in this file. 

There are questionable dates and names so be sure to check for alternative spellings.

Thanks to Luanne Henthorn for transcribing these.

Bride's Last Name Bride's First Name Maiden Name if Widow Groom's Name Place of Residence Age Place of Birth Parents Name Place of Marriage Date of Marriage
Abbott Ida   Henry Anders Decatur Co., Kans. 16 Kansas Silas & Mary J. (Web) Abbott Bride's Res. 1-16-1890
Adams Rebecca     Samuel Rowley Traer, Kans. 19 Indiana James & Rosan (Stafford) Adams Traer, KS 9-3-1890
Ahlman Sophia   Louis Jackson Enne P.O., Kans. 31 Sweden A. E. & M. (Nelson) Ahlman Oberlin, Kans. 5-14-1888
Ahlman Josephine C.   Asele Anderson Enne P.O., Kans. 24 Sweden Andrew & Ingar (Gisturs ?) Ahlman Res. Of Rev. Graves 5-2-1889
Albright Unreadable   Isaiah Holmes Oberlin, Kans. 25 Linn Co., IA F. W. & Cinthia (Wright) Albright Res. Of Judge Strong 4-28-1886
Allen Clara   Leslie Brink Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Jay Co., IN Henry & Angeline (Sherman) Allen Oberlin, Kans. 4-10-1886
Ankenman Anna Regina   David Crabill Norcatur, Kans. 17 Missouri John & Eva (Lang) Ankenman Oberlin, Kans. 9-28-1892
Anthony Anna M.   Joseph Krider Oberlin, Kans. 21 Iowa Henry M. & Martha (Kruskshank) Anthony Oberlin, Kans. 12-16-1886
Anthony Belle   Elam Huber Oberlin, Kans. 21 Unknown Henry M. & Martha (Kruskshank) Anthony Jennings Twp., KS 7-12-1893
Archer Susie   Newton Jones Decatur Co., Kans. 34 Missouri Harrison & Anna (Slake) Archer Res. Of Frank Jones 5-27-1892
Askley Delia Mulleny Robert Elrod Oberlin, Kans. 35 Michigan Thomas & Delia (Flison) Mulleny Oberlin, Kans. 3-10-1891
Atkinson Elmira F.   O. A. Kreighbauer Shibboleth, Kans. 18 Iowa Morris & Unknown (Farrel) Atkinson Res. Of Rev. J. D. Baker 5-4-1887
Bailey Sadie Ann   Chas. Pratt Prairie Dog Twp., Kans. 18 Missouri John &  Melia (Rider) Bailey Res. Of J. R. Conquest 5-13-1888
Baker Mary Nettie   Mathew M. Koll Shibboleth, Kans. 19 Ohio Joseph D. & Unknown (Sugdeon) Baker Bride's Res. 1-1-1889
Baker Phyhera May   William Sutton Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Ohio Joseph B. & Abagail (Gudgum) Baker Res. Of J. R. Conquest 9-3-1890
Barker   Sarah Elizabeth   John Tole Unknown 18 Ilinois George W. & Jane (Whites) Barker Decatur Co., Kans. 10-2-1892
Barker ? Julia  Carper Asa Norman Pleasant Valley, Kans. 23 Virginia William & Rebecca (Tiller) Carper Illinois House in Oberlin, KS 4-5-1890
Barrett Unreadable   Wm. F. Morris Oberlin, Kans. 24 Indiana Thomas & Sou. W. (Collins) Barrett Oberlin, Kans. 5-6-1886
Barton Emma O. Phipps Wm. T. Palmer Lyle, Kans. 28 Ilinois William & Emma (Webster) Phipps Oberlin, Kans. 11-19-1892
Baumgarten Anna May   David Heilshom Oberlin, Kans. 20 Unknown Henry J. & Laura F. (Muller) Baumgarten Oberlin, Kans. 2-8-1892
Bayly Sophia C.   John Taylor Jennings, Kans. 18 Nebraska Richard & H. E. (Storritt ?) Baily Jennings Twp., KS 6-4-1889
Beacon Mattie   Parsons Thomas Kennedy Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 50 Caledonia, Ohio Nathan & Mary (Passell ?) Parsons Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 9-17-1887
Beal Maggie   Wm. Reeder Olive Twp., Kans. 22 Wisconsin Geo. R. & Elma (Nickerson) Beal Oberlin, Kans. 1-16-1887
Beal Rohema   Charles J. Miller Oberlin, Kans. 25 Canada George R. & Eliza (Dickinson) Beal Bride's Res. 3-22-1887
Bebb Ellen   Jno. Branstool Oberlin, Kans. 23 Ohio Thos. D. & Sarah ( Talkintine) Bebb Oberlin, Kans. 1-3-1892
Beceiver Josa   Frank Frizek Kans. 23 Austria Frank & Mary (Huba????) Beceiver Oberlin, Kans. 2-24-1887
Beck Mary   Wm. Underwood Decatur Co., Kans. 21 Missouri Wm. Harrison & Susan Ann (Hill) Beck Bride's Res. 2-6-1889
Beers Sarah E.   Allyan Bayly Jennings, Kans. 16 Kansas S. Alonzo & Susan (Letterman) Beers Jennings Twp., KS 9-24-1889
Beers Emma   Jno. A. Casper Unknown 16 Unknown Unknown Jennings Twp., KS 12-25-1892
Begeman Unreadable   George Grasser Decatur Co., Kans. 21 Germany John & Hattie (Dekeman) Begeman Oberlin, Kans. 12-10-1885
Bell Unreadable   Homer W. Ashcroft Shibboleth, Kans. 23 Williamson Co., IL Aaron & Nancy (Springs) Bell Res. Of Judge Strong 12-6-1885
Bell Frances   Randolph Wilcoxson Shibboleth, Kans. 16 Mitchell Co., KS Aaron & Nancy (Springs) Bell Res. Of Judge Strong 1-31-1886
Bell Jemima   C. J. Raymond Lyle, Kans. 19 Indiana J. A. & Sarel (?) C. (McFarland) Bell Oberlin, Kans. 12-17-1887
Berry Flora   C. E. Craig Oberlin, Kans. 19 Iowa Charles & Caroline (Newberry) Berry Oberlin, Kans. 8-22-1888
Beverage Cora   U. O. Heckel Oberlin, Kans. 19 Princeton, MO Aaron & Alice (Nillen) Beverage Res. Of Andrew Gihart 4-3-1887
Birky Barbara   Joseph Letwiller Decatur Co., Kans. 21 Ilinois Joseph & Mary (Unknown) Birky Res. Of Joseph Bishop 10-9-1888
Bishop Aletha N.   Philip A. Wallick Decatur Co., Kans. 25 Iowa David & Ursula (Whited) Bishop Parsonage in Oberlin, KS 11-18-1886
Bishop Lula H.   John Riley Oberlin, Kans. 19 Iowa Wm. H. & Maggie (Elias) Bishop Bride's Res. 1-22-1888
Bledsoe Sarah J.   Lewis Wilson Guildford, MO 28 Indiana David & Mary J. ( Miller) Bledsoe M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 12-16-1886
Bloom Huldah   Samuel Rogers Decatur Co., Kans. 20 Sweden Peter & Helen (Swanson) Bloom Presb. Parsonage 9-21-1887
Bolin Alice     Edward Barton Oberlin, Kans. 22 Iowa Jacob & Mary (Behel) Bolin Bride's Res. 5-19-1889
Bolin Lizzie   D. G. Shipe Decatur Co., Kans. 26 California Jacob & Mary (Behel) Bolin Bride's Res. 10-13-1891
Bolin May   E. E. Lockhart Summitt Twp., Kans. 22 Iowa Jacob & Unknown (Behee) Bolin Bride's Res. 3-20-1892
Borthwick Elizabeth   Ambrose Slaven Bassettville, Kans. 19 New York Lorenzo & Elizabeth (Hagadon) Borthwick Oberlin, Kans. 1-26-1890
Bovard Irma   Chas. Macy Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 17 Unknown J. O. & Magret (Newall) Bovard Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 11-21-1893
Bradbury Eva Luella   Jno. Macy Decatur Co., Kans. 18 Indiana Thomas & Harriet (Felton) Bradbury Oberlin, Kans. 8-13-1891
Bradford Laura   Elen Bundy Decatur Co., Kans. 23 Iowa C. W. & Nancy (Rockham) Bradford Summit, Kans. 9-25-1889
Brandt Ida   Lawrence Lunkenheimer Decatur Co., Kans. 24 Germany Karl & Unknown (Frederick) Brandt Res. Of Mrs. Mitte 11-4-1888
Branson Minnie Sadie   Marcus Benton Almena, Norton Co., KS 19 Iowa George W. & Mary Eliza (Fuller) Branson Oberlin, Kans. 11-12-1892
Branstool Cornelia E.   James Campbell Oberlin, Kans. 23 Ilinois Geo. & Elizabeth (Riffle ?) Branstool Oberlin, Kans. 10-13-1889
Bressner Unreadable   James Kreese Oberlin, Kans. 24 Livingston Co., IL John & Caroline (Everhart) Bressner Stephen, Decatur Co., KS 11-13-1885
Bridle Carrie Alice   Alfred McLain Oberlin, Kans. 22 Ilinois Robert & Annie (Humphrey) Bridle Oberlin, Kans. 1-16-1890
Brooks Nonnie   Oscar Higginson Clayton Twp., Kans. 16 Pennsylvania J. R. & Cristina (King) Brooks Oberlin, Kans. 11-16-1887
Broquist Lou   Charles Olson Shibboleth, Kans. 20 Sweden Erk & Hannah (Cornelius) Broquist Stephen, Decatur Co., KS 11-19-1886
Brothers Florance A.   Oliver Warner Lyle, Kans. 18 Nebraska John A. & Ella (Johnson) Brothers Lyle, Kans. 8-17-1889
Brothers Ida   Ezra Bell Lyle, Kans. 20 Unknown John A. & Ella (Johnson) Brothers Oberlin, Kans. 4-11-1893
Brown Mary A.   John T. Wilson Sheffield, Kans. 18 Ilinois William A. & Martha A. (Tomison) Brown Bride's Res. 11-11-1886
Brown Mollie   Allen T. Lamb Weeping Water, Nebr. 23 Iowa E. L. L. & Martha (McCready) Brown Res. Of N. G. West 3-22-1887
Brown Maggie M.   Elmer VanEpps Bassettville, Kans. 28 Iowa James & Unknown (Tanner) Brown Res. Of J. D. Baker 8-29-1888
Brown Laura     Wallace Bradley Bassettville, Kans. 22 Pennsylvania Wm. C. & Caroline (Bender) Brown Res. Of Rev. Morrow 4-3-1889
Brown June Etta   Douglas Knapp Traer, Kans. 19 Ohio Wm. H. & Louisa (Daniels) Brown Bride's Res. 6-11-1889
Brown Rozaline   Henry Boyers Lyle, Kans. 22 Missouri Leander & Clara (Pelit) Brown Bride's res. 6-12-1889
Brown Clara A.   John Guenther Decatur Co., Kans. 21 Ilinois William C. & Caroline (Beader) Brown Decatur Co., Kans. 10-5-1890
Buchar Maggie   Walter Williams Oberlin, Kans. 40 Ilinois F. G. & Flora (Gilchrist) Buchar Lyle, Kans. 12-18-1887
Buckman Anna A.   James Payne Oberlin, Kans. 19 Ilinois C. F. & Mary (Mauck) Buckman Oberlin, Kans. 12-22-1886
Buckman Cynthia W.   Wm. H. Gerver Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 25 Ilinois David P. & Ruth (Wentworth) Buckman Oberlin, Kans. 12-27-1888
Bump Dorcas   Levi McBride Unknown 48 Unknown Unknown Oberlin, Kans. 4-24-1887
Bundy Rosa C.   Hiram Winchell Denver, Colo. 38 Ilinois Dewit & Eliza (Hopkins) Bundy Res. Of J. R. Conquest 4-1-1890
Burbank Lucy Belle   Charles Brooks Oberlin, Kans. 19 Missouri James & Sarah (Smith) Burbank Bride's Res. 10-8-1893
Burbridge Anna L.   Wm. J. Stiglebour Decatur Co., Kans. 21 Ilinois Wm. & Josephine (Blizzard) Burbridge Sherman Twp., KS 10-3-1889
Burnett Fannie J.   C. A. Wilbur Oberlin, Kans. 21 Iowa W. A. & Catharine (Buck) Burnett Oberlin, Kans. 9-23-1892
Burnett Vadie   Edson Dean Unknown 18 Unknown Unknown Oberlin, Kans. Unknown
Burns Julia D.   Samuel Allen Decatur Co., Kans. 28 Carrollton, MO Bartholomew & Virginia (Russell) Burrus Res. Of Mrs. V. Burrus 12-30-1886
Burns Amelia     Wm. Stillman Red Willow Co., Nebr. 18 Germany Albert & Louise (Grum??) Burns Traer, KS 11-27-1887
Burns Bridget   Jno. English Norcatur, Kans. 21 Tennessee Unknown & Johanna (Thille) Johanis Dresden, KS 5-17-1892
Burrus Jennie L.   Chas. Page Kanona, Kans. 29 Missouri Bartholomew & Virginia (Russell) Burrus Kanona, Kans. 1-13-1892
Burton Ella M.   Charles Griggs Burlington, Iowa 32 Iowa William & Admiar (Nance) Burton Oberlin, Kans. 2-26-1891
Bush Mary     Alfred Mellin Oberlin, Kans. 18 Landsburg, Germany August & Aruiha (Schlenseuer) Bush Oberlin, Kans. 10-9-1886
Caldwell Sue E.   William H. Laney Oberlin, Kans. 23 Missouri John R. & Sarah D. (Phillips) Caldwell Oberlin, Kans. 11-10-1886
Calhoun Lillie M.   Geo. Fraker Harlan Twp., Kans. 20 Ilinois Jesse & Thebea (Smith) Calhoun Bride's Res. 12-25-1888
Call Stella   George Newcomb Oberlin, Kans. 22 Unknown Elijah & M. (Roberts) Call Oberlin, Kans. 6-3-1893
Carlson Betsy M.   Nils Johnson Oberlin, Kans. 27 Sweden Mangus & Sissie (Nelson) Carlson Res. Of Mrs. McCuan 2-6-1889
Carlson Tillie Sophia   Otto Larson Thornton, Kans. 24 Sweden Carl Gust. & Anna (Unknown) Johnson Oberlin, Kans. 6-15-1892
Carpenter Ilza E.   William Spears Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Unknown Isaac & Emiline (Sizzle) Carpenter Oberlin, Kans. 9-30-1891
Carroll Lillie T. Gleason James Bainbridge Oberlin, Kans. 29 Lancaster, Wisc. Alonzo R. & Betsey A. (Lewis) Gleason Oberlin, Kans. 10-19-1887
Carter Alpha C.   John Henry Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Unknown Ciram &  Lizzie (Adams) Carter Clayton, Kans. 11-29-1893
Cartright Rosa   George Lemon Norcatur, Kans. 17 Michigan Peter & Eliza C. (Unknown) Cartright Oberlin, Kans. 10-10-1892
Casper Rhoda F.   Sherman Beasner Decatur Co., Kans. 18 Iowa Wm. & Rebecca (Tiller) Casper Oberlin, Kans. 10-23-1889
Caster Alice   David Gilbert Oberlin, Kans. 23 Ohio Daniel & M. J. (Turner) Caster Oberlin, Kans. 4-10-1892
Castor Elanora   Henry Morton Oberlin, Kans. 19 Ohio David & M. J. (Turner) Castor Bride's Res. 10-21-1886
Castor Armintha   Moses McKenzie Norcatur, Kans. 22 Ohio Noah & Lucretia (Bobo) Castor Res. Of Lemuel I. Taylor 9-12-1892
Caywood Hiby   C. P. Mines Oberlin, Kans. 15 Ilinois J. W. & Lura (Cook) Caywood Oberlin, Kans. 12-23-1888
Chapin Eliza G.   George McDowell Oberlin, Kans. 19 Missouri Harvey Jacob & Sarah (Jackson) Chapin Oberlin, Kans. 8-24-1892
Chapin Ada L.   S. Miner Jr. Norcatur, Kans. 20 Unknown H. H. & Unknown Chapin Norcatur, Kans. Unknown
Chapman Ida   Thomas Wilson Jackson, Kans. 21 Ohio Martin J. & Sarah (Close) Chapman Jackson, Kans. 12-27-1887
Chapman Adah Alice   Cyrus Taylor Dresden, Kans. 20 Ilinois Martin & Sarah (Close) Chapman Oberlin, Kans. 8-30-1891
Charprot Frances C.   Emory Shafer Oberlin, Kans. 25 Unknown Unknown Res. Of C. Borius 5-3-1887
Chase Annette   Geo. Phillips Decatur Co., Kans. 15 Nebraska A. M. & L. V. (Kenner) Chase Oberlin, Kans. 11-28-1888
Chrichton Nettie   Robert Leake Unknown 18 Unknown Arch & Unknown Crichton Oberlin, Kans. 2-14-1893
Christianson Amelia B.   Theodore H. E. Schultz Oberlin, Kans. 23 Germany Unknown & Christiana (Aplas) Christianson Groom's Res. 4-6-1886
Christopher Mary   Jesse Crouse Traer, Kans. 36 Denmark Colin & Elsie (Nelson) Christopher Oberlin, Kans. 5-8-1888
Cilek Josie   Wm. Stroup Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Kansas Joseph & Barbra (Rohan) Cilek Court House in Oberlin, KS 11-12-1889
Cilek Mary   Hans A. Hanson Altory Twp., Kans. 20 Bohemia Joseph & Barbara (Bohan) Cilek Altory Twp., KS 10-24-1891
Claar Lola C.   George Cullison Hawkeye, Kans. 23 Iowa Henry & Eleda (White) Claar Oberlin, Kans. 2-11-1890
Clark Caroline N.   Zadoc Autrin Nodaway Co., Missouri 26 Kansas W. H. & Julia (North) Clark Oberlin, Kans. 7-4-1887
Clark Ella   L. E. Swope Oberlin, Kans. 22 Iowa Isaac & Unknown (Messer) Clark Oberlin, Kans. 10-3-1888
Coe Laura Grace   Garland Harper Oberlin, Kans. 22 Minnesota Henry & Amanda (Roche) Coe Oberlin, Kans. 9-13-1892
Colvin Ella J.   Lester Parker Oberlin, Kans. 21 Unknown Homer & Frances C. (Pelton) Colvin Oberlin, Kans. 11-30-1893
Conlon Ellen   August Schorder Tulby, Kans. 21 Ilinois Denis & Mary (Creden) Conlon Oberlin, Kans. 2-7-1889
Conn Unreadable Yount Eugene C. McGinley Indiana 29 Ohio Andrew & Susan (Iddings) Yount Oberlin, Kans. 5-19-1886
Connell Sarah Jane Seward Daniel Dowty Decatur Co., Kans. 58 Ilinois Israel & Cinder (Harris) Seward Oberlin, Kans. 3-3-1890
Conner Hattie M.   Arley Macy Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 19 Nebraska John & Martha (Casley) Conner Oberlin, Kans. 10-18-1892
Conwell Fannie L. Smith Frank Richards Celia, Kans. 23 Iowa L. Adams & Mary (Dickerson) Smith Oberlin, Kans. 3-26-1888
Corden Alvina   Emil Karras Oberlin, Kans. 15 Nebraska Lewis & Mary (Frass) Kassir Oberlin, Kans. 11-19-1886
Cother Unreadable   Almon D. Henderson Ohio 25 Lawrence Co., PA Samuel & Sarah A. (Holladay) Cother Oberlin, Kans. 4-13-1886
Coulter Hattie May   James Kidwell Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Crawford Co., IL Henry & Calrinda (Hill) Coulter Res. Of Levi Wilkins 11-15-1887
Cowger Belle   John Atkinson Kans. 31 Dallas Co., IA John & Mary S. (Thomas) Cowger Court House in Oberlin, KS 3-25-1887
Cozad Jennie   Harry Wells Vallonia, Kans. 21 Indiana W. M. & Molley J. ( Summet) Cozad Res. Of Elmore Allen 5-10-1888
Cozade Anne   J. C. Booth Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Ilinois William & Mollie J. (Plummer) Cozade Olive Twp., Kans. 6-4-1890
Craft Lydia R.   G. Adolph Reusch Decatur Co., Kans. 20 Salem, Ohio Albert & Mary (Gibson) Craft M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 3-22-1887
Craig Glora Berry David Barker Danbury, Nebr. 19 Iowa Charles & Caroline (Jaylenie ?) Berry Res. Of R. Green 8-14-1889
Crandell Delia   Charles Hyde Oberlin, Kans. 41 New York Eben & Sarey (Colren) Crandell Res. Of Ela D. Wonderly 5-26-1890
Crist Samantha   Orvis Simpson Jennings, Kans. 18 Kansas Geo. & Hester (Asher) Crist Jennings Twp., KS 4-6-1892
Crooks Hannah M.   Wm. C. Reed Decatur Co., Kans. 18 Indiana Rev. J. M. & Sarah E. (Thompson) Crooks Bride's Res. 12-23-1888
Cross Anna   William Brogan Decatur Co., Kans. 27 Missouri Ethan & Mary (Harrison) Cross Bride's Res. 7-1-1888
Davie Clara Maud   Fred Wells New York 21 New York James T. & Susan M. (Gordon) Davie Res. Of Mrs. DeHoney 1-13-1889
Dawson Mary B.   Josiah French Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Doniphan Co., KS Aaron J. & Nancy Ellen (Sweeney) Dawson Decatur Co., Kans. 12-23-1886
Decker Minnie A.   Charles Barnes Kanona, Kans. 19 Iowa James J. & Unknown (Everett) Decker Decatur Co., Kans. 11-20-1892
DeHoney M. E. Curtis Ely Hand Oberlin, Kans. 37 Indiana Joseph & Malinda (Biggs) Curtis Oberlin, Kans. 5-20-1890
Dennis Celia A. Hall Levi Cromwell Atwood, Kans. 38 Ohio Alfred & Sarah (Farmington) Hall Oberlin, Kans. 6-18-1888
Dibble Florence E.   Jonathan Parker Oberlin, Kans. 16 New York D. K. & Rosa (Belle) Dibble Decatur Co., Kans. 1-29-1893
Donoy Cora M.   John Bryant Oberlin, Kans. 19 Isdall, IL Jesse & Elizabeth (Goff) Donoy Oberlin, Kans. 10-5-1887
Dufford Clare Belle   Samuel Hermon Decatur Co., Kans. 20 Ilinois Henry C. & Elizabeth (Bridel) Dufford Bride's Res. 11-15-1887
Dunbald Eva M.   Andrew Smalberger Danbury, Nebr. 19 Ohio S. O. & Martha J. (Bryan) Dumbald Bride's Res. 1-23-1890
Duncan Katie Ann   Adelburt Pickell Sheridan Co., Kans. 17 Ilinois Elias & Nancy Jane (Woodside) Duncan  McBride & March Ofc. 4-19-1888
Dunn Grace   Henry Hulsker Oberlin, Kans. 18 Unknown Jno. & Melinda (Hyatt) Dunn Oberlin, Kans. 10-1-1891
Dupree Minnie Richardson Frank Walace Iowa 20 Ilinois Albert & Martha (Hare) Richardson Oberlin, Kans. 9-16-1890
Eckhart Maggie   Louis Rinkenburger Norcatur, Kans. 20 Ilinois John & Caroline (Stahl) Eckhart Norcatur, Kans. 2-2-1888
Eddy Sarah A.   Chas. McCurdy Olive Twp., Kans. 17 Indiana James & Sarah A. (Goosman) Eddy Res. Of Geo. McCurdy 7-25-1888
Edward Lydia E. Sharp Presley Neal Decatur Co., Kans. 47 Indiana Edward & elizabeth (Leanon) Sharp Bride's Res. 12-11-1889
Erickson Emma   Leonard Holmdahl Rawlins Co., Kans. 30 Sweden Erick & Agnes (Johnson) Anderson Oberlin, Kans. 12-11-1891
Erickson Clara   C. Emil Anderson Lund, KS 29 Unknown Elias & Christianna (Johnson) Erickson Lund, KS 5-18-1893
Ernst Regina   Frank Katzer Kans. 17 Wieseu, Kries Fulda, Germany Basilius & Isabella (Handwerk) Ernst Res. Of A. Handwerk 10-25-1886
Ernst Susan F.   Edward Gillespie Oberlin, Kans. 20 Germany Basilius & Isabella (Handwerk) Ernst Oberlin, Kans. 12-9-1886
Espey Ada Anna Zimmerman Isaiah E. Larrick Oberlin, Kans. 33 Iowa Michael & Christine (Wolyemath) Zimmerman Presbyterian Church in Oberlin, KS 10-2-1889
Essig Viola T.   Granville Fair Oberlin, Kans. 22 Mercer Co., Missouri John & Eliza (Burch) Essig M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 7-25-1887
Evans Katy M.   Wm. H. Orme Rawlins Co., Kans. 16 Ilinois J. T. & Carrie (Collins) Evans M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 12-22-1886
Ewing Jessie   Cornelius Rowley Olive Twp., Kans. 22 McDonough Co., IL James M. & Emmaline (Hatch) Ewing Bride's Res. 9-8-1887
Farlow Rosa C.   Joseph Clelland Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Nebraska George & Rebecca (Witham) Farlow Res. Of Wilson ??? 10-25-1888
Farmer Allaran   Jerry Conwell Sheridan Co., Kans. 25 Guernsey Co., OH G. W. & Mary (Tipton) Farmer Prairie Dog Twp., KS 5-2-1887
Farrow Susie E.   Chas. R. Stephenson Washington, Kans. 19 Virginia William H. & Elizabeth (Wolfe) Farrow Oberlin, Kans. 3-20-1887
Farrow Mollie   Benjamin Osborn Oberlin, Kans. 19 Kentucky Wm. & Elizabeth (Wolf) Farrow Oberlin, Kans. 10-4-1891
Fell Nellie Henton Ed. Slittson Grand Rapids, Mich. 24 Canada James & Jennitt (McFarland) Henton Oberlin, Kans. 9-6-1889
Fenkenagee Christina   Henry Hony Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 28 Germany Conrad & Christina (Lamp) Fenkenagee Oberlin, Kans. 9-21-1891
Fisher Samantha Karns Thos. Spear Decatur Co., Kans. 40 Tennessee Enos & Luhena (Brumet) Karns Bride's Res. 3-18-1889
Fleck Maggie   Isaac Barry Decatur Co., Kans. 24 Iowa L. & Hannah (House) Fleck Oberlin, Kans. 1-26-1888
Folick Johanna M.   Frank Jensen Rawlins Co., Kans. 23 Germany Mave & Johan (Berator ?) Folick Oberlin, Kans. 10-26-1887
Ford Lucy L.   Wm. Story Decatur Co., Kans. 23 Ohio Elijah & Sarah E. (Moon) Ford Decatur Co., Kans. 10-2-1892
Foster Dora A.   Joseph Renken Allison Twp., Kans. 23 Iowa John & Jennie (Cochran) Foster Jennings Twp., KS 3-31-1889
Fostin Rosa   Jno. Hasten Dresden, Kans. 16 Unknown Unknown Dresden, KS 8-14-1893
Fox Mina A.   I. M. Griffin Decatur Co., Kans. 30 Unknown Geo. W. & Catherine (Unreadable) Fox Oberlin, Kans. 8-9-1893
Frazier Minnie   Lorenzo White Jackson, Kans. 30 Henry Co., IA Joseph & Narcissa (Swain) Frazier Bride's Res. 7-18-1887
Fredrickson Minnie   Newel Crouse Kans. 21 Denmark Geo. & Sophia (Christopher) Fredrickson Res. Of J. W. Crouse 2-18-1887
Frizelle Carrie   Daniel Strong Jennings, Kans. 21 Iowa E. B. & Maggie L. (Teller) Frizelle Kanona, Kans. 2-16-1890
Fry Mary C.   E. Coldren Decatur Co., Kans. 33 Iowa Solomon & Anna (Guthrie) Fry Res. Of A. Claunson 5-6-1888
Gallentine Ida   Moses Hare Norcatur, Kans. 21 Pennsylvania Thomas & Avia (Nunas) Gallentine Norcatur, Kans. 10-10-1888
Geiger Kate Kuhus Edwin W. Wilcox Lyle, Kans. 33 Westmoreland Co., PA Phillip & Catharine (Hartzell) Kuhus Res. Of Temperance Wilcox 3-5-1886
Gill Ida B.   Willard Venrick Norcatur, Kans. 19 Unknown Unknown Res. Of Mr. Ranand 2-19-1890
Gilmon Lydia M.   H. J. Bell Norcatur, Kans. 19 Unknown Edward & Mary E. (Unknown) gilmon Oberlin, Kans. 5-18-1887
Goodrich Pearl B.   Oliver Hoskins Dakota 19 Iowa Jos. & Elizabeth (Backen) Goodrich Norcatur, Kans. 6-20-1889
Gore Mary J. Remington William F. Miller Red Willow Co., Nebr. 32 Unknown Wm. & Levina (Carneson) Remington Oberlin, Kans. 8-11-1891
Goucher Ella Vanwey Francis Cullison Hawkeye, Kans. 21 Ohio Robert & Mary (Rogers) Vanwey Oberlin, Kans. 5-30-1887
Gould Effie   J. N. Spencer Long Island, Kans. 23 Iowa W. B. & E. J. (Wood) Gould Oberlin, Kans. 7-4-1890
Graham Ida   Clark Bell Lyle, Kans. 19 Unknown G. W. & Unknown  (McFarlan) Graham Oberlin, Kans. 2-15-1893
Grass Helen McLain Emel Tegerstraud Cheyenne Co., Kans. 30 Boon Co., IL William & Theoda (Bissell) McLain Oberlin, Kans. 9-26-1886
Graves F.Evaline   Wm. Bradley Decatur Co., Kans. 20 Ilinois Christian & Rachel (Brody) Graves Bride's Res. 8-25-1889
Graves Mary E.   John Payne Oberlin, Kans. 19 Ilinois Christian & Rachel (Brody) Graves Oberlin, Kans. Unknown
Gregg Lydia S.   Chas. R. Smith Sheridan Co., Kans. 24 Iowa U. & Sarah (Bunda) Gregg Oberlin, Kans. 4-9-1888
Gregg Senne   James N. Dunn Sheridan Co., Kans. 28 Iowa U. & Sarah (Bunda) Gregg Oberlin, Kans. 4-9-1888
Greggs Lenna L.   Adolph Anderson Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Ilinois M. M. & Samantha (Little) Greggs Decatur Co., Kans. 7-27-1892
Gregory Jennie E.   W. S. Minnich Red Willow Co., Nebr. 32 Pennsylvania Noble & Martha E. (Milton) Gregory Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 10-22-1890
Guest Jem. E.   Byron Gillett Oberlin, Kans. 16 Unknown James W. & Eliza (Errickson) Guest Oberlin, Kans. 4-25-1893
Gustafson Unreadable   John P. Anderson Rawlins Co., Kans. 20 Sweden C. J. & Hattie (Lorsen) Gustafson Oberlin, Kans. 7-10-1886
Guy Eva Orilla   Edwin Strong Oberlin, Kans. 25 Ohio Hezekiah & Ellen (Johnson) Guy Oberlin, Kans. 6-24-1891
Hanley Flora Graves   Dodge Hemming Atwood, Kans. 27 Civil Bend, Iowa R. R. & Mary E. (Beardsley) Hanley Oberlin, Kans. 6-11-1887
Hardendorf Carrie    Nathan Wyatt Rome, Indiana 25 New York Myron & Rosetta (Dui???) Hardendorf M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 12-16-1886
Harpst Matie R.   Thomas Wilcox Selden, KS 19 Ilinois John & Frankie (Wright) Harpst Decatur Co., Kans. 9-3-1891
Harris Unreadable   George W. Smith Decatur Co., Kans. 18 Richardson Co., NE W. J. & Susan J. (Parks) Harris Bride's Res. , Decatur Co., KS 12-20-1885
Harris Etta   Nathaniel Temple Norcatur, Kans. 18 Nebraska Wm. J. & Susan (Parks) Harris Bride's Res. 2-24-1889
Harris Perbra   Jno. Kump Unknown 21 Unknown Unknown Jennings Twp., KS 12-29-1892
Hart Etta   John J. Ingram Allison Twp., Kans. 23 Kentucky Charles & Fannie (Sloan) Hart Oberlin, Kans. 12-18-1888
Hartmann Annie Cath.   John Kaehler Grundy Center, Iowa 25 Kries, Rirchfair, Germany William & Elizabeth (Opper) Hartmann Bassettville, KS 10-31-1887
Haskins Georgia M.   A. M. McLain Center Twp., Kans. 18 Ilinois Thomas & Jane (Heston) Haskins Bride's Res. 2-19-1889
Hawkins Vernora   John Cummings Republic Co., Kans. 21 Ohio White & Sarah (Nichodemus) Hawkins Oberlin, Kans. 5-12-1889
Hayword Unreadable   John E. Love Vallonia, Kans. 20 Michigan John & Susan (Sherman) Hayword Bride's Res., Vallonia, KS 12-6-1885
Headly Mary F.   Chas. Bullock Decatur Co., Kans. 21 Ilinois Sam'l & S. E. (Wheeler) Headly Oberlin, Kans. 1-1-1889
Healey Florence   Freeman Yarnall Oberlin, Kans. 22 Missouri Joseph & Elizabeth (Unknown) Healey M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 6-2-1887
Heaton Emma Howard Wilson Turner Oberlin, Kans. 37 Ilinois John & Elizabeth (Vinson) Howard Bride's Res. 2-2-1887
Heckman Tillie H.   Chalres Saylor Norcatur, Kans. 17 Ilinois Keylon & Hannah (Teeter) Heckman Decatur Co., Kans. 9-29-1892
Hellison Botildia   Henry Asbahr Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Germany Roy & Botildia (Unknown) Hellison Oberlin, Kans. 4-22-1889
Hendricks Mary   Frank Beers Unknown 19 Unknown Unknown Unknown 12-22-1892
Herren Estelle M.   Ambrose Ernst Shullsburg, Wisc. 25 Wisconsin Charles & Mary (Sibert) Herren Oberlin, Kans. 12-9-1886
Hewitt Nettie   Orvin Still Oberlin, Kans. 18 Unknown Isaac & Elizabeth (Segel) Hewitt Oberlin, Kans. 3-12-1893
Hickey Anna M.   James M. Kennedy Crete, Nebr. 22 Ireland Thomas & Maggie (Brown) Hickey Illinois House in Oberlin, KS 3-22-1888
Higgins Gertrude   Homer Norton Decatur Co., Kans. 23 Ohio Erasmus & Frances (Miles) Higgins Summit, Kans. 2-23-1891
Hix (?) Mareitta   James Aggson Norcatur, Kans. 22 Iowa R. M. & Emily J. (Mathias) Hix Birde's Res. 12-22-1890
Hoas Katharina   Phillip Woellhart Richland Twp., Kans. 24 Germany Michael & Elizabeth (Mixner) Hoas German Cong. Church 1-19-1890
Hoff Catherine A. Matson Gerard Way Oberlin, Kans. 27 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Daniel & Emmaline (Updike) Matson Oberlin, Kans. 6-19-1887
Holliday Jessie   Jno. Arehart Oberlin, Kans. 19 Unknown Thomas & Kate (Ostrander) Holliday Oberlin, Kans. 9-29-1891
Hollister Inez May   Frank Whitnah Oberlin, Kans. 19 Ilinois Alfred N. & Almira S. (Griffin) Hollister Oberlin, Kans. 8-30-1892
Hollister Edna A.   George McRoberts Norcatur, Kans. 18 Unknown Unknown Norcatur, Kans. 10-12-1893
Holmquist Emma Christina   Hans Anderson Summitt Twp., Kans. 22 Sweden Anderson & Uhannah (Johnson) Holmquist Groom's Res. 10-16-1887
Holringe Barbara   John Standfast Jennings, Kans. 26 Obenfst, Prussia Unknown & Katherine (Kretsen) Holringe Decatur Co., Kans. 6-26-1891
Hopkins Jennie     John Dowdigan Lyle, Kans. 28 Iowa Walter & Phebe (Remington) Hopkins Oberlin, Kans. 10-1-1887
Hopper May M.   William Wright Dresden, Kans. 18 Unknown Napoleon & Virginia (McOmeen ?) Hopper Dresden, KS 4-5-1893
Hopps Francesca Pauline   A. C. T. Geiger Oberlin, Kans. 25 Carthage, IL Adam & Louisa C. (Burger) Hopps Oberlin, Kans. 11-2-1887
Houry Jessie M.   Roscoe Gaston Norcatur, Kans. 22 Ilinois Douglas & Nettie M. (Mandost) Houry Bride's Res. 9-26-1889
Houser Allice   William Lindler Liberty Twp., Kans. 22 Ilinois John J. & Anna (Werner) Houser Oberlin, Kans. 2-17-1890
Houston Mary A.   Clark St. Clair Oberlin, Kans. 18 Morgantown, W. Virginia James & Mary (Hawkins) Houston Oberlin, Kans. 7-6-1887
Howard Maria M.   William Bender Norcatur, Kans. 18 Ilinois Lewis & Mary (Williamson) Howard Oberlin, Kans. 9-281892
Huffman Sarah J. Anderson James Whelpley Oberlin, Kans. 32 Ilinois James L. & Bettey (Cooley) Anderson Res. Of Frank M. Anderson 6-15-1890
Hulbert Jennie M.   John Taylor Jennings, Kans. 20 Ilinois Charles & Eliza (Clink) Hulbert Groom's Res. 11-1-1891
Hunt Luella S.   Benj. Morton Achilles, Kans. 23 Nebraska Joseph & Unknown (Bront) Hunt Achilles, Kans. 12-2-1888
Hunt  Nettie A.   Geo. W. Jackson Oberlin, Kans. 18 Iowa J. H. & Noami (Adams) Hunt Oberlin, Kans. 12-29-1886
Hunter Unreadable   William H. Stage Indiana 25 Warren Co., IN H. A. & Amanda (Hackett) Hunter Oberlin, Kans. 4-22-1886
Hunter Ellen   Charles Overstreet Riverton 23 Dacotah James & Mary (McOrley ?) Hunter Oberlin, Kans. 2-25-1887
Hutchinson Minnie Jane   Peter J. Clemons Sheridan Co., Kans. 25 Ilinois Geo. Lewis & Mary Ann (Gardener) Hutchinson Court House in Oberlin, KS 4-17-1888
Hutchison Eva May   Frank H. Allison Colby, Kans. 23 Wisconsin O. M. & Mrs. (Maynard) Hutchison Oberlin, Kans. 11-1-1886
Hyend Nancy   Alphelmt (?) John Karls Dresden, Kans. 41 Unknown Unknown Oberlin, Kans. 5-1-1892
Jackson Edith M.   Jno. Marks Oberlin, Kans. 23 Wisconsin William & Susan (Holsinger) Jackson Oberlin, Kans. 9-13-1891
Jackson Carrie   Charles Woodward Oberlin, Kans. 20 Ilinois James & Mary Ann (Spencer) Jackson Oberlin, Kans. 2-16-1893
Jackson Mary   Wm. Shaw Oberlin, Kans. 23 Unknown James & Mary A. (Sherman) Jackson Oberlin, Kans. 6-11-1893
James Ella     Asa McVey Sheridan Co., Kans. 19 Unknown C. F. & Libby (Manly) James Oberlin, Kans. 11-2-1893
Jellison Nettie   Curtis Baker Harlan Twp., Kans. 20 Kansas James & Martha (Weiscof) Jellison Res. Of Elmore Allen 10-21-1888
Jinks Emma Pratt John Haynes Rawlins Co., Kans. 25 Indiana Richard & Anna (Shelton) Pratt Oberlin, Kans. 3-25-1889
Johansen Matilda   Frank Woerpel Rawlins Co., Kans. 30 Sweden Jans & Helena (Erickson) Johansen Oberlin, Kans. 3-28-1887
Johnson Matilda Shultz William Miller Oberlin, Kans. 37 Prussia, Germany William & Caroline (Heller) Shultz Oberlin, Kans. 2-6-1886
Johnson Julia   Gust Hemming Rawlins Co., Kans. 25 Sweden Peter & Caroline (Miller) Johnson Res. Of John Wilson 11-26-1886
Johnson Margaret   Geo. T. Moon Kans. 21 Owen Sound, Conn. John & Ann (Force) Johnson Bride's Res. 2-15-1887
Johnson Flora S.   Charles Townsend Harlan Twp., Kans. 16 Iowa Henry & Unknown (Sparlan) Johnson Bride's Res. 10-25-1888
Johnson Emma M.   Gustavus E. Johnson Oberlin, Kans. 24 Sweden Peter & Caroline (Benson) Johnson Oberlin, Kans. 3-25-1889
Johnson Dora A.   Thomas Relph Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 18 Unknown Wm. M. & Catherine C. (Richard) Johnson Oberlin, Kans. 5-18-1893
Johnston Unreadable   Clarence A. Allen Oberlin, Kans. 23 Kalamazoo, MI Ransome & Sarah (Lamberton) Johnston Oberlin, Kans. 6-10-1886
Jolley Anna P.   Kersey Vickers Oberlin, Kans. 20 Iowa Beadant & Luella (Simpkins) Jolley Oberlin, Kans. 11-24-1890
Jolley Maggie L.   William Langmade Oberlin, Kans. 20 Unknown B. B. & Lucetta (Simpkins) Jolley Oberlin, Kans. 10-29-1893
Jolly Martha   Geo. K. Yengling Decatur Co., Kans. 20 Wisconsin John Milton & Sarah Ann (West) Jolly Lyle, Kans. 4-23-1888
Kanack Ettie   Alfred Landberg Decatur Co., Kans. 22 Denmark Henry & Mary (Peterson) Kanack Logan Twp., KS 3-27-1890
Keeren A. R.   Wm. H. Emahizer Shibboleth, Kans. 19 Perry Co., OH Unknown & Elizabeth (Rogers) Keeren Res. Of Judge Strong 2-7-1886
Kelley Edna Alice   Greener Smith Jr. Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Kansas Thomas G. & Mary E. (Tippet) Kelley Jennings Twp., KS 3-9-1890
Kelly Emma L.   Thomas Smith Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Kansas Thomas & Mary Ellen (Tibbet) Kelly Res. Of Elmon Albin 2-22-1888
Kelsky Mary   James Petraske Kanona, Kans. 18 Bohemia George & Barbary (Unknown) Kelsky Kanona, Kans. 9-4-1893
Kennedy Amy Harris   Chas. G. Bosworth Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 21 Kentucky Wm. & Jane (Moxon) Kennedy Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 8-4-1887
Kennedy Jennie B.   Leander Nidigh Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 21 Kentucky Wm. & Jane (Moxon) Kennedy Oberlin, Kans. 4-3-1891
Kiefer Jennie   Joseph Knitz Windel Twp., Thomas Co., KS 23 Germany Criss & Unknown Kiefer Groom's Res. 3-19-1892
Kimbace Olive Nell   Henry Varner Traer, Kans. 18 Kansas F. & Racheal (Hotte) Kimbace Traer, KS 12-22-1891
King Unreadable   Augustus W. Bebb Vallonia, Kans. 19 Wapello Co., IA Francis & Rebecca (Achus) King Res. Of D. O. Banta 8-22-1886
Kirkwood Jessie   Albert Hayes Gattatin, MO 23 New York James & Jene (Gordon) Kirkwood Oberlin, Kans. 5-23-1888
Klayhauer Augusta Theodora   William Renken Traer, Kans. 35 Germany Herman & Etta (Johnson) Klayhauer Court House in Oberlin, KS 12-11-1888
Knowlton Olive Sarah   William Mefford Jennings, Kans. 15 Iowa Nelson & Julia (Garrett) Knowlton Illinois House in Oberlin, KS 4-30-1890
Kocher Elvira   Hiram Keener Jennings, Kans. 21 Unknown Charles & Mary (Myers) Kocher Jennings Twp., KS 5-14-1893
Kodlet Barbara   Anthony Tacha Jackson, Kans. 19 Missouri Anthony & Kate (Skoor) Kodlet Groom's Res. 11-30-1886
Kohler Molley   Addison Bates Oberlin, Kans. 20 Unknown Ludwig & Maggie (Unknown) Kohler Oberlin, Kans. 7-22-1889
Kump Annie   W. J. Farris Unknown 20 Unknown Unknown Unknown 12-7-1892
La Plant Salina   William Ayers Oberlin, Kans. 19 New Hampshire Unreadable Oberlin, Kans. 4-1-1888
Langmade Eugenia Maud   Egbert Biglow Oberlin, Kans. 26 Pennsylvania Lawrence D. & Julis S. (Strong) Langmade Oberlin, Kans. 1-13-1889
Langmade Edith E.   Herman Cooper Oberlin, Kans. 24 Unknown L. D. & Julia S. (Strong) Langmade Bride's Res. 9-17-1893
Lanty Marnie   Jno. J. Birky Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Ohio Isaac & Unknown Lanty Oberlin, Kans. 12-22-1891
Lauer Charlotte R.   Orville Hall Kans. 19 St. Louis, Missouri W. N. & Nancy (Hansen) Lauer Oberlin, Kans. 8-27-1887
Law Phebe Annie   Willis Cressler Sheridan Co., Kans. 22 Ilinois Thomas & Sarah (Courtright) Law Oberlin, Kans. 9-21-1892
Lay Flora M.   Henry Machnike Norcatur, Kans. 18 Ilinois John C. & Mariah G. (Middleton ?) Lay Bride's Res. 5-10-1890
Lchmaker (?) M.   Karl Zurmerli Switzerland 24 Switzerland Christ & Margrett (Unreadable) Lchmaker Res. Of H. H. Underwood 4-20-1888
Leatherman Dolla D.   Wm. J. Handy Sheridan Co., Kans. 25 Unknown Jackson & S. M. (Shacklett) Leatherman Bride's Res. 5-28-1893
Leichliter Martha A.   Robert Vessey Clayton Twp., Kans. 21 Connellville, Penn. J. W. C. & Mary J. (Brooks) Leichliter Bride's Res. 9-8-1887
Lesue Josie   Walter Daniels Norcatur, Kans. 18 Indiana William & Amanda (Gilson) Lesue Oberlin, Kans. 6-10-1890
Letherman Julia C.   W. H. Hurst Unknown 21 Unknown Unknown Unknown 11-19-1892
Lightner Annie A. Beachem Isaac Morford Dresden, Kans. 45 Maryland William & Eliza (Mariner) Beachem Res. Of Mr. Letterman 12-15-1890
Lincoln Sarah A. Haines John Roberson Decatur Co., Kans. 59 Ohio Nathanial & Unknown (Engle) Haines Harlan Twp., Kans. 2-19-1888
Lockhart Rosetta     John Oliver Lyle, Kans. 29 Michigan Samuel & Louisa (Reynolds) Haskins Lyle, Kans. 2-21-1889
Logan Pheme Melissa   Ernest Bariteau Oberlin, Kans. 25 Ilinois Daniel & Pebe (VanPelt) Logan Oberlin, Kans. 10-1-1892
Love Mattie E.   Richard Andrews Oberlin, Kans. 22 Ilinois William & Amanda (Jackson) Love Bride's Res. 4-25-1889
Loveall Ruth M.   John S. Bailey Custer Twp., Kans. 17 Indiana James G. & Kizzie (Pope) Loveall Bride's Res. 12-29-1886
Lund Caroline R.   Joseph Birkley Decatur Co., Kans. 18 Ilinois August E. & Barbra (King) Lund School House in Dist. 24 2-4-1888
Lund Josephine A.   Jacob Whittig Decatur Co., Kans. 30 Ilinois August & Barbra (King) Lund ??? Church 4-13-1889
Maggard Anna   John Dean Harlan Twp., Kans. 19 Missouri Jesse M. & Mary B. (Kenoyer) Maggard Res. Of D. H. Sherrard 7-31-1892
Mangansson Matilda     Daniel Baughman Shibboleth, Kans. 24 Sweden Otto & Hanna (Stolpe) Mangansson Bride's Res. 2-24-1892
Manso Phoebe   Chas. E. Winger Bird City, Kans. 20 Missouri James J. & Sarah C. (Main) Manso Bird City, KS 4-28-1892
Mapes Carrie   Franklin Phipps Allison Twp., Kans. 19 Unknown Elono & Sarah (Unknown) Mapes Allison Twp., Kans. 3-1-1893
Marks Lottie G.   George Vawter Oberlin, Kans. 23 Canada T. Y. & Emma (Campbell) Marks Presbyterian Church 2-19-1890
Marquart Sarah   Geo. Wilcoxson Oberlin, Kans. 20 Ilinois Philip & Annie (Ribult ?) Marquart Jennings Twp., KS 11-27-1887
Martin Katie J.   Christian Stoltzfer Shibboleth, Kans. 21 Ilinois Nocholas & Katherine (Unreadable) Martin Decatur Co., Kans. 11-13-1890
Mavity Lucy Emma   Robt. H. Vernon Decatur Co., Kans. 22 Missouri Joseph & Evaline (York) Mavity Oberlin, Kans. 4-14-1892
Mawer Clara P.   Joseph Yarnell Lyle, Kans. 17 Ilinois Joseph & Elizabeth (Miller) Mawer Oberlin, Kans. 11-8-1890
McAvvy Mary A.   William Jones Decatur Co., Kans. 37 New Jersey Martin & Katharine (Unknown) Goffey Oberlin, Kans. 11-22-1892
McClaury Louisa A.   James H. Rice Decatur Co., Kans. 21 Ilinois Sheldon C. McClaury & Mrs. Payne Bride's Father's Res. 11-14-1886
McClaury Bertha A.   Fred Pratt Oberlin, Kans. 22 Unknown Sheldon & Unknown McClaury Oberlin, Kans. 6-14-1893
McClelen Emma Jane   W. H. McMullen Trumbel, Ohio 26 Wisconsin James & Emily (Peingston) McClelen Jackson, Kans. 11-18-1891
McCuan Fannie Norman George Wyatt Oberlin, Kans. 31 Ohio Thomas & Almira (Infield) Norman Oberlin, Kans. 10-9-1892
McCune Ida Belle   Frank Johnson Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Iowa Edward R. & Unknown (Morlott) McCune Bride's Res. 2-28-1887
McCune Sallie   Lewis Krack Prairie Dog Twp., Kans. 18 Unknown Edward & Unknown (Marlane) McCune Decatur Co., Kans. 2-22-1893
McGinnis Salista E. Hardesty Wm. Roberts Unknown 29 Indiana Joseph & Matilda (Nichol) Hardesty Res. Of John Nettleton 5-11-1889
McKinzie Unreadable   John W. Brown Oberlin, Kans. 18 Wayne Co., IA Moses & Melissa (Strode) McKinzie M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 12-30-1885
Meek Nellie E.   Glenn Vinson Pleasant Valley, Kans. 16 Unknown Henry H. & Mary E. (Muma) Meek Pleasant Valley Twp., KS 4-24-1893
Mefford Emma Sophia   William Rush Jennings, Kans. 17 Iowa Abraham & Dorcas (Dowars) Mefford Illinois House in Oberlin, KS 2-26-1889
Melvin Catherine C. Marke Milton Platt Jennings, Kans. 30 Iowa Frank & Unknown Marke Office of Jus. Of the Peace Allen 5-1-1890
Mendenhall Allie M.   Charles Keller Jr. Norcatur, Kans. 19 Iowa Chas. C. & Jennie (Golding) Mendenhall Norcatur, Kans. 9-3-1890
Merrill Hattie E.   Albert Pierce Oberlin, Kans. 20 Unknown Jesse & Harriett (Henderson) Merrill Oberlin, Kans. 10-24-1893
Meyer Ida B.   Carcy Barrett Lyle, Kans. 33 Iowa Jonas & Mary (Unknown) Meyer Oberlin, Kans. 5-7-1890
Michael Sarah   John B. Fleming Sherman Co., Kans. 24 Virginia Samuel & Mary (Steymeyer) Michael M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 3-22-1887
Milan Annie O.   Francis Fletcher Norcatur, Kans. 17 Unknown Geo. & Mary (Campbell) Milan Norcatur, Kans. 6-18-1893
Miller Louray   J. D. Troutman Decatur Co., Kans. 25 La Salle Co., IL James B. & Lucy A. (Davidson) Miller Bride's Res. 3-21-1886
Miller Cappy C.   G. E. Cody Kans. 20 Henry Co., IN J. B. & L. A. (Davidson) Miller Bride's Res. 2-3-1887
Miller Nellie   Charles Carpenter Decatur Co., Kans. 18 Missouri John & Unknown (Brown) Miller Res. E. B. Denune 3-30-1887
Miller Allie   W. E. Keisner Kanona, Kans. 24 Indiana J. B. & L. A. (Davidson) Miller Res. Of Rev. Banta 12-1-1889
Miller Amanda M.   Geo. W. Rushton Norcatur, Kans. 18 Unknown Henry F. & Emeline (Long) Miller Oberlin, Kans. 9-2-1891
Miller Della S.   Ellsworth Taylor Oberlin, Kans. 30 Indiana David L. & Mary A. (Spalding) Miller Oberlin, Kans. 12-28-1891
Miller Leora D.   Curtis Borin Oberlin, Kans. 23 Unknown Nelson E. & Mary (Dyon) Miller Oberlin, Kans. 6-8-1893
Millin Emma V.   Ralph Huddle Hawkeye, Kans. 22 Iowa John J. & Sarah M. (Taylor) Millin Bride's Res. 3-27-1890
Mitshell Jennie B.   Wm. Woodruff Nebr. 19 Not Given George & Anna (Nance) Mitshell M. E. Parsonage, Oberlin, KS 1-5-1887
Montgomery Letticia A.   H. E. Counter Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Decatur Co., IA Thomas & Elizabeth (Riddle) Montgomery Oberlin, Kans. 10-2-1887
Monti Mertie Elvena   Arthur Steele Oberlin, Kans. 20 Nebraska John & Sarah Jane (Sbernll ?) Monti Oberlin, Kans. 10-18-1892
Morgan Unreadable   Duncan Matheson Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 26 Allon, Scotland Robert & Jennie (Donaldson) Morgan Stephen, Decatur Co., KS 11-11-1885
Morley Fannie A.   Gilbert Fulcomer Jennings, Kans. 19 Ilinois William & Orpha A. (Hibbard) Morley Bride's Res. 9-1-1887
Morris Mollie D.   Rufus Kent Tobias, Nebr. 27 Mahaska Co., Iowa Humphrey & Unknown (Bonsall) Morris Res. Of L. L. McBride 6-10-1887
Morris Elnora   George W. Willard Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Nebraska Asa & Emma (Castle) Morris Court House in Oberlin, KS 10-3-1887
Morrow Unreadable   S. D. Decker Oberlin, Kans. 28 Iowa W. W. & Martha (Kirkpatrick) Morrow Bride's Res., Decatur Co., KS 11-29-1885
Morrow Melissa   C. R. Green Decatur Co., Kans. 25 Iowa W. W. & Martha (Kirkpatrick) Morrow Bride's Res., Decatur Co., KS 11-29-1885
Morton Nettie     Willard Crannell Kans. 18 Meigs Co., OH William & Mary (Morris) Morton Bride's Res. 2-21-1887
Morton Eva V.   Geo. W. Field Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Ohio William & Mary (Unknown) Morton Oberlin, Kans. 2-21-1888
Moser Catharine Hahn John Pease Jennings, Kans. 37 Dade Co., WI Peter & Elizabeth (Merter) Hahn Stephen, Decatur Co., KS 1-26-1886
Mott Jane   Hugh Dowdall Oberlin, Kans. Unknown Unknown James & Unknown Mott Oberlin, Kans. 2-23-1893
Moulton Unreadable Richards John H. Fulk Rawlins Co., Kans. 23 Iowa John & Elizabeth (Cottrell) Richards Oberlin, Kans. 6-14-1886
Murphy Mary Ella   Hugh Gillespie Walworth Co., Wisc. 23 Lake Genoa, Wisc. John & Ella (Welch) Murphy New Almelo, Kans. 6-23-1887
Nauer Emma   Henry Hickert Allison Twp., Kans. 24 Canada Thomas & Katherina (Unknown) Nauer Cath. Church in New Almelo 10-20-1890
Naylor Martha   Aaron West Banksville, Nebr. 19 Ilinois Isaac & Eliza (Begerly) Naylor Res. Of James Miller 1-26-1888
Nelson Augusta   Theodore Marcuson Shibboleth, Kans. 19 Sweden Charles & Mary (Unknown) Nelson Stephen, Decatur Co., KS 3-15-1886
Nettleton Jennie   Chas. Orr Kanona, Kans. 28 Iowa John & Mary S. (Parker) Nettleton Kanona, Kans. 2-14-1889
Norman Emma   E. Warman Jennings, Kans. 24 Indiana Joseph & Sarah (Burket) Norman Oberlin, Kans. 9-29-1889
Norman Rosa May   Charley Meeks Liberty Twp., Kans. 18 Iowa Thomas & Elmyra (Insfield) Norman Res. Of J. W. Smith 3-30-1890
Norman Abbie M.   James Carper Jennings, Kans. 22 Indiana Joseph & Sarah (Burket) Norman Jennings Twp., KS 12-21-1890
Norris Thursy   John Leichliter Clayton Twp., Kans. 19 Iowa C. P. & Sadie (Skiles) Norris Oberlin, Kans. 3-27-1888
Nyland Hannah   Aaron Johnson Oberlin, Kans. 24 Sweden Alexander & Maria (Olson) Nyland Groom's Res. 4-15-1888
Olberg Torisa   Ole Olson Oberlin, Kans. 23 Sweden John & Elizabeth (Tondfon ?) Olberg Groom's Res. 4-13-1889
Oliver Unreadable   Isaac Gatlin Kans. 20 Ilinois William & Jane (Elifret) Oliver Oberlin, Kans. 7-16-1886
Olson Augusta   John Sall Sweet Home 21 Sweden Olof & Kate (Johnson) Olson Oberlin, Kans. 8-28-1888
Omora Julia Ellen   James Lynd Owaga, Kans. 21 Kansas Thomas & Elizabeth (O'Brien) Omora Owaga, KS 6-6-1888
Otis Unreadable   Joshua A. Aurlin Shibboleth, Kans. 26 Henderson Co., IA Leander V. & Clarissa (Bull) Otis Bride's Res., Shibboleth, KS 12-9-1885
Ott Flora Belle   George Boyles Selden, KS 19 Missouri George & Lurinda (Besky) Ott Res. Of Walter Boyles 11-5-1890
Padgette Blanche E.   Jacob Foster Unknown 17 Unknown Unknown Jennings Twp., KS 12-25-1892
Painter Maggie   Joseph White Lyle, Kans. 19 Iowa John & Cornelia (Wright) Painter Groom's Res. 8-28-1887
Palmer Unreadable   Ed. E. Witham Washington Co., Ohio 30 Washington Co., OH Elza & Lois (Park ) Palmer Res. Of B. B. Harvey 9-13-1886
Palmer Unreadable   Louis Rasmussen Decatur Co., Kans. 20 Wisconsin Robert & Ashana (Hulon) Palmer Res. Of Judge Strong 4-9-1886
Panhaskie Anna   Casper Muhldrexler Prairie Dog Twp., Kans. 17 Missouri Stanislaus & Francesca (Kinsky) Panhaskie New Almelo, Kans. 1-23-1888
Park Amanda E.   William R. Love Vallonia, Kans. 19 Iowa James M. & Eliza (Boylan) Park Bride's Res.  2-7-1886
Parker Dadon Ottian Sherman William Nettleton Hill City, Kans. 44 Pennsylvania Daniel & Lorena (Leorabee) Sherman Pleasant Valley Twp., KS 5-4-1892
Parshall Lulu   John O'Connor Traer, Kans. Unknown Unknown Unknown Presb. Parsonage 7-24-1887
Patchin Carrie B.   Charles E. Boyes Oberlin, Kans. 22 Martin Co., MN Alonzo & Julia (Philes) Patchin Oberlin, Kans. 11-11-1886
Patten Carrie Isabell   Frank Shaw Kans. 16 Delaware Co., NY Henry & Alice Jane (Bishop) Patten Bride's Res. 12-24-1887
Patten Alice J. Bishop Wm. L. Penn Decatur Co., Kans. 43 New York Andrew & Susan (Huyek) Bishop Prairie Temple, Decatur Co., KS 11-15-1891
Pearson Willa   William Barrett Oberlin, Kans. 19 Iowa Tolbert W. & Mary (Cooper) Pearson Decatur Co., Kans. 4-13-1890
Pelton Melissa Jones James Porter Lebanon, Nebr. 35 Unknown George & Jane B. (Unknown) Jones Oberlin, Kans. 5-4-1893
Penny Tillie   William Upson Oberlin, Kans. 27 New York Chas. W. & Marietta (Reynolds) Penny Near Oberlin, Kans. 12-30-1891
Peters Anna M.   Solomon Boughman Sheridan Co., Kans. 25 Ohio Charles & Mary (Henry) Peters Oberlin, Kans. 4-11-1887
Peterson Matilda Peterson Geo. W. Wylder Oberlin, Kans. 31 Sweden Swan & Elizabeth (Cricoon) Peterson Oberlin, Kans. 8-5-1886
Pierce Margret A.   Herbert Strong Decatur Co., Kans. 43 Ohio Andrew & Anna (Shelden) Pierce Res. Of J. R. Conquest 7-10-1889
Pierce Margrett A.   Herbet Strong Custer Twp., Kans. 43 Ohio Andrew & Anna (Shelden) Pierce Res. Of J. R. Conquest 7-10-1890
Pine Laura   Benham Munson Unknown 23 Unknown Samuel & Elanor (Alcorn) Pine Jennings Twp., KS 4-4-1893
Pine Letha J.   Thaddeus Windsor Jennings, Kans. 28 Unknown Samuel & Elanor (Alcorn) Pine Jennings Twp., KS 8-2-1893
Platt Ida Belle   John Barnett Jennings, Kans. 17 Iowa Milton & Anna (Wetherby) Platt Jackson, Kans. 10-16-1890
Pollnow Alvina   Frank Soderlund Oberlin, Kans. 23 Germany August & Augusta (Schultz) Pollnow Oberlin, Kans. 9-16-1890
Pollnow Edith M.   Herman Miller Oberlin, Kans. 23 Unknown August & Augusta (Schultz) Pollnow Oberlin, Kans. 6-4-1893
Post Hattie May   Isaac Hensley Lyle, Kans. 20 Ilinois Ovid & Grace (Smith) Post Oberlin, Kans. 7-24-1888
Powell Maggie E.   William Huff Decatur Co., Kans. 18 Iowa Samuel H. & Mary (Mariette) Powell Bride's Res. 12-28-1890
Prachejl Mary   Theodore Tacha Jennings, Kans. 20 Germany Wenzel & Rosa (Shalack) Prachejl Groom's Res. 12-4-1890
Prachejl Lizzie   Joseph Petrasek Decatur Co., Kans. 22 Nebraska Wentzel & Rosa (Unknown) Prachejl Kanona, Kans. 11-28-1892
Pressler Nellie E.   Benjamin F. Empie Oberlin, Kans. 19 Springfield, IL John & Rebeccah (Mangus) Pressler Presb. Parsonage 3-27-1887
Prewett Flora   Edward McNamara Decatur Co., Kans. 24 Indiana James & Hannah (Hills) Prewett Res. Of Elmore Allen 8-26-1888
Randall Kittie E.   Levi Davis Jr. Oberlin, Kans. 24 Iowa James & Adelia (Marquis) Randall Res.. Of J. W. Allen 9-8-1888
Randell Senne   James Montgomery Kans. 23 Missouri William & (Not Given) Randell Oberlin, Kans. 2-10-1887
Reager Sarah E.   Edwin Elliott Norton Co., Kans. 43 Iowa Joseph & Unknown Reager Oberlin, Kans. 11-23-1887
Redd Flora   Chas. M. Epler Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Ilinois William & Clara (Barnett) Bride's Res. 10-8-1888
Redmon Maria Elizabeth   Duane McCarty Harlan Twp., Kans. 19 Jones Co., IA Wm. & Martha A. (Clapp) Redmon Bride's Res. 1-1-1887
Reeder Elizabeth   William James Decatur Co., Kans. Unknown Ilinois Daniel W. & Catharine (Taylor) Reeder Res. Of Wm. Reeder 2-3-1890
Reichert Johanna   Michael Nitler Shibboleth, Kans. 20 Prussia, Germany John & Maggie (Weich) Reichert Oberlin, Kans. 5-16-1887
Rice Gladys   John Campbell Oberlin, Kans. 20 Iowa Luther & Roxa (Bennett) Rice Presb. Parsonage 8-2-1887
Richardson Mary Etta   John E. Fawcett Kanona, Kans. 24 Hackleman, IN Hogan & Mary (Brewer) Richardson Kanona, Kans. 6-30-1887
Richardson Fannie J.   Sylvester Kennedy McCook, Nebr. 23 Ohio James E. & Lacey F. (Creager) Richardson Res. Of Rev. L. Barr 5-4-1890
Richardson Martha   Alphius Davis Kanona, Kans. 21 Indiana Hogan & Mary Ann (Unknown) Richardson Kanona, Kans. 9-25-1892
Riddick Ella   Albert Butler Kans. 22 Ohio John & Liddie (Ledune ?) Riddick Res. Of Rev. J. Wilson 3-19-1887
Rider Ida Bell   Preston Green Decatur Co., Kans. 23 Chenongo Co., New York Lewis & Dorcas (Beckwith) Rider Oberlin, Kans. 7-27-1887
Rider Hattie M.   Edward Maynes Bassettville, Kans. 18 Iowa Lewis & Dorcas E. (Beckwith) Rider Bassettville, KS 6-12-1892
Rions Laura Olive   Henry Miller Norcatur, Kans. 18 Iowa Harvey & Racheal (Conrad) Rions Decatur Co., Kans. 2-22-1891
Robinson Jennie   Albert Frost Oberlin, Kans. 19 Pennsylvania George & Orsavilla (Owen) Robinson Oberlin, Kans. 11-16-1890
Robinson Lola B.   K. L. Lawhead Oberlin, Kans. 17 Unknown Geo. & Louisa Jane (Brown) Robinson Oberlin, Kans. 12-11-1893
Rockwell Ethel   Jay Olney Norcatur, Kans. 18 Unknown Dr. Wm. & Unknown Rockwell Norcatur, Kans. 6-21-1893
Rohan Ellanora   Wiliam Heilman Kanona, Kans. 21 Germany Joseph & Anna (Augefdecky ?) Rohan Res. Of Wnzel Rohan 6-7-1887
Rohan Caroline   Joseph Henry Decatur Co., Kans. 22 Iowa Wensel & Unknown (Caty) Rohan Oberlin, Kans. 5-24-1892
Rotterman Mary Ella   James Caws Oberlin, Kans. 34 Ilinois John & Catherine (Sipel) Rotterman Oberlin, Kans. No Date
Rowley Alice E.   David Traer Edgely, Dacotah 26 Ghent, New York Nathan & Mary A (Unreadable) Rowley Oberlin, Kans. 7-25-1887
Rundle Sarah   Frank M. Simpson Unknown 27 Unknown Richard & Salina (Green) Rundle Oberlin, Kans. 4-101893
Saverll Elizabeth E. Taylor Daniel Jenkins Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 35 Indiana J. R. & Ellen (Lymmons) Taylor Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 1-3-1888
Schreiner Anna   Emory Walker Oberlin, Kans. 23 Rochester, New York Joseph & Mary (King) Schreiner Presb. Parsonage 5-2-1887
Sellenbury Matilda C.   Andrew Anderson Oberlin, Kans. 24 Sweden John & Mary (Hanson) Sellenbury Res. Of Judge Conquest 2-16-1888
Seymour Mollie   Henry Simpson Norcatur, Kans. 21 Missouri Leander & Elizabeth ( Beck) Seymour Bride's Res. 12-25-1888
Shafer Fannie   Robert Henry Jackson, Kans. 17 Iowa James J. & Unknown (Barton) Shafer Jackson, Kans. 12-23-1891
Shear Sarah L.   Elmer E. Greer Thomas Co., Kans. 21 Monroe Co., New York Jacob D. & Mary A. (Spickerman) Shear Oberlin, Kans. 10-1-1886
Shepherdson Nellie M.   Edwin Smith Jennings, Kans. 19 Michigan A. P. & N. J. (Weaver) Shepherdson Oberlin, Kans. 4-22-1889
Shipman Lura   Geo. K. Brown Oberlin, Kans. 19 Ohio James & Fanny (Hereford) Shipman Bride's Res. 3-9-1887
Shipps Minnie D.   Carson Strong Shibboleth, Kans. 25 Ohio James W. & Margaret W. (Laminers) Shipps Shibboleth, Kans. 6-3-1890
Shunn Ida   Emerson Donly Allison Twp., Kans. 20 Iowa Thomas & Unknown (Wheeler) Shunn Allison Twp., Kans. 1-3-1888
Shymauck Unreadable   Frank Hon Oberlin, Kans. 21 Bohemia John & Mary (Fetrek) Shymauck Oberlin, Kans. 11-10-1885
Sieloff Augusta   Wm. Liebeknecht Allison Twp., Kans. 18 Germany Unreadable Allison Twp., Kans. 4-1-1888
Simmons Annie   Alfred Davidson Oberlin, Kans. 24 Unknown George & Loannie (Allen) Simmons Decatur Co., Kans. 11-30-1893
Simpson Sarah A.   Geo. W. Calahan Olive Twp., Kans. 17 Tennessee James W. & Mary E. (Mitchell) Simpson Bride's Res. 12-22-1886
Simpson Hariet   Emery C. Anderson Lebanon, Kans. 19 Iowa George & Jane (Martin) Simpson Oberlin, Kans. 6-18-1890
Simpson Laura   Alfred Lake Kanona, Kans. 27 Pennsylvania James & Jane (McMillen) Simpson Kanona, Kans. 7-15-1890
Small  Bell J.   Wm. Calhoun Decatur Co., Kans. 29 Indiana James & Mary Ann (Langston) Small Bride's Mother's Res. 11-28-1886
Smallwood Rebeccah A.   Franklin Winslow Oberlin, Kans. 24 Indiana Alexander & Rosalind (Zike) Smallwood Oberlin, Kans. 11-23-1886
Smith Mariah   Alexander Roane Altory Twp., Kans. 41 Vermont Albert & Julia (Buckley) Smith Altory Twp., KS 1-6-1887
Smith Elizabeth   Alexander Hughes Kans. 29 England Greener & Elizabeth (Peel) Smith Res. Of Wilson W. Wolfe 2-23-1887
Smith Charlotte B.   Oscar Frazier Dresden, Kans. 20 Wisconsin James A. & Nancie (Swain) Smith Bride's Res. 12-5-1888
Smith Josie   Lewis Heston Decatur Co., Kans. 36 Ohio Thomas & Mavia (Lamb) Smith Res. Of E. A. Goodrich 1-20-1889
Smith Gloretta   Edward Palatine East Lynne, Missouri 23 East Lynne, Missouri William A. &Harriett (Lincoln) Smith Oberlin, Kans. 1-1-1890
Smith Unknown   Thos. Hayward Decatur Co., Kans. 23 Iowa Martin D. & Mary S. (Dibble) Smith Bride's Res. 11-26-1891
Smith Carrie D.   William Shoemaker Shibboleth, Kans. 18 Indiana Philip & Ellen (Smnee ?) Smith Bride's Res. 1-1-1892
Snider Emma   A. E. Matheson Concordia, Nebr. 21 Missouri A. & Lydia (McLaughlin) Snider Oberlin, Kans. 8-7-1888
Snyder Ida M.   W. E. Palmatier Oberlin, Kans. 24 Iowa Lawrence & Mary (Carr) Snyder Res. Of J. E. Tinder 2-2-1887
Speaks Carrie J.   Richard Williams Lyle, Kans. 21 Iowa B. G. & L. (Gates) Speaks Res. Of John Speaks 11-30-1890
Spear Martha Harriett   William Reily Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Nebr. City, Nebr. Silas & Mary (Draper) Spear Decatur Co., Kans. 7-27-1887
Sporks Nellie   James Mintier Kans. 19 Ilinois A. J. & (Not Given) Sporks Res. Of J. C. Wilson 2-16-1887
Squires Nonnie   Geo. Pierce Jennings, Kans. 18 Livingston Co., MO John & Sarah J. (Hensley) Squires Bride's Res. 3-30-1887
Squires Sallie   Thomas Griffith Jennings, Kans. 24 Missouri John & Sarah Jane (Hensley) Squires Jennings Twp., KS 1-7-1890
Squires Minnie E.   Milo Stapp Jennings, Kans. 18 Missouri John & Sarah Jane (Hensley) Squires Jennings Twp., KS 2-11-1890
Squires Jessie May   Lumner Glenn Jennings, Kans. 16 Missouri John & Sarah J. (Hensley) Squires Jennings Twp., KS 10-1-1890
St. German Emma   William Cooper Traer, Kans. 17 Unknown Daniel & Alice (Cutser) St. German Traer, KS 11-29-1893
Stanton Emma   Alphus Beck Hastings, Nebr. 20 Iowa H. E. & Elizabeth (Looney) Stanton Res. Of Wm. Waters 2-6-1889
Staples Katie   Nevada Marshall Allison Twp., Kans. 37 Monroe Co., Penn. John N. & Regina (Edinger) Staples Oberlin, Kans. 5-21-1887
Stapleton Mary E.   Edmund Trusler Thomas Co., Kans. 21 Ilinois Franklin & Adaline (Rodgers) Stapleton Res. Of W. W. Morrow (?) 9-26-1888
Stevens Annie B.   Detson Chessmore Ludell, KS 18 Unknown Owen & Eliza (Unknown) Stevens Oberlin, Kans. 9-14-1893
Stiner Lorette Belle   Frank Livingston Decatur Co., Kans. 20 Iowa Jno. K. & Sarah Ellen (Riley) Stiner Bride's Res. 12-20-1891
Stinson Carrie Bell   Ralph Milliard Washington Co., MO 27 Missouri Peter & Mary (McGtungha ?) Stinson Res. Of James Stinson 4-7-1889
Sutliff Elsie G. Post Charles Faybunky Sheridan Co., Kans. 30 Ohio Jacob & Anna (Bradshaw) Post Oberlin, Kans. 6-10-1890
Swander Rosetta Alice   Gideon Cobbs Indiana 19 Allen Co., IN John J. & Mary Ann (Wyatt) Swander Res. Of S. Borr 12-26-1886
Tacha Julia   Frank Petracek Jackson, Kans. 20 Minnesota Frank & Kate (Tusfer) Tacha Res. Of Judge Strong 3-15-1886
Tatum Mary Catharine   Lewis Patmore Prairie Dog Twp., Kans. 18 Indiana Lewis & Eliza A. (Carter) Tatum Oberlin, Kans. 4-2-1888
Tatum Lillie Frances   Albert Harold Jackson, Kans. 19 Indiana Lewis & Eliza A. (Carter) Tatum Oberlin, Kans. 5-24-1888
Tatum Anna   Fred Taylor Allison Twp., Kans. 17 Indiana John & Phillmon (Serill) Tatum Oberlin, Kans. 10-1-1888
Taylor Unreadable   Frank C. Bundy Jackson, Kans. 23 Iowa William H. & Henrietta M. (Sylvester) Taylor Bride's Res., Jackson, KS 12-1-1885
Taylor Flora May   Levi Kindig Jackson, Kans. 24 Iowa Wm. H. & Henrietta (Sylvester) Taylor Res. Of Frank Bundy 6-20-1888
Taylor Mary S.   James Selby Decatur Co., Kans. 36 Ohio Henry & Janes (Agnu) Taylor Oberlin, Kans. 12-23-1888
Taylor L. J. Letterman John Taylor Dresden, Kans. 44 Maryland William & Eliza (Mariner) Beachem M. E. Parsonage, Jackson, KS 1-10-1891
Teeter Clara E.   Wesley Kahlor Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Unknown Wm. H. & Sarah (Colman) Teeter Logan Twp., KS 3-1-1893
Thomas Jennie E.   John Humphreys Oberlin, Kans. 23 New York John & Mary J. (Booth) Thomas Oberlin, Kans. 6-21-1891
Thomas Minnie   Yepp Mines Oberlin, Kans. 20 Nebraska John & Mary J. (Booth) Thomas Oberlin, Kans. 9-27-1891
Thomas Grace Emily   George VanCleave Bassettville, Kans. 20 Iowa Charles E. & Bell (Harris) Thomas Decatur Co., Kans. 2-5-1893
Thompson Ella   William Goodman Furnas Co., Nebr. 20 Ilinois Lyneau & Mary (Unknown) Thompson Oberlin, Kans. 3-29-1887
Thompson Cora M.   Chas. E. Smith Oberlin, Kans. 18 Iowa Robert & Sarah (Brown) Thompson Res. Of Henry E. Thompson 3-15-1888
Thornbrew (?) Ella   Olin Hull Allison Twp., Kans. 17 Iowa John & Matilda (Gaston) Thornbrew Oberlin, Kans. 7-10-1888
Thornbrue Annie M.   George Young Allison Twp., Kans. 17 Iowa Jno. A. & Matilda (Garst) Thornbrue Bride's Res. 3-6-1892
Thornell Lydia   M. Katzemeyer Oberlin, Kans. 20 Nebraska M. B. & Mary E. (Simpson) Thornell Oberlin, Kans. 9-19-1889
Thummer Mary   Frank Pummer Rawlins Co., Kans. 17 Hungaria Joseph & Mary (Mass) Thummer Herndon, Kans. 4-21-1890
Tilden Anna   Frank Maulsby Oberlin, Kans. 19 Nebraska Chas. H. & Rosella E. (Potsom ?) Tilden Oberlin, Kans. 3-5-1890
Tole Eliza   Alexander McCoy Decatur Co., Kans. 27 Missouri Jno. & Sarah J. (Parker) Tole Bride's Res. 2-4-1892
Tolle Nancy J.   John K. Jones Lyle, Kans. 22 Missouri John & Sarah E. (Baker) Brown Bride's Res. 4-7-1889
Tompkins Emma F.   James Leonard Allison Twp., Kans. 27 Iowa Aaron & Emma (Mitchell) Tompkins Commercial Hotel in Oberlin, KS 9-7-1887
Tompkins Lucille May   John L. Divine Allison Twp., Kans. 20 Ilinois William & Alvira Jane (Everett) Tompkins Oberlin, Kans. 12-16-1888
Tubbs Clara May   John P. Norman Oberlin, Kans. 15 Iowa George A. & Ella (Hollinger) Tubbs Oberlin, Kans. 1-1-1889
Tubbs Louise C.   James Mott Oberlin, Kans. 29 Missouri Henry & Bedora (Leely) Tubbs Oberlin, Kans. 8-25-1889
Tucksen Lizzie   Solomon Bullock Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 21 Denmark Ness & Cathern (Smith) Tucksen Decatur Co., Kans. 12-4-1888
Tyrill Catharina   Arthur Wheelock Allison Twp., Kans. 16 Nebraska Richard & Nancy (Lodge) Tyrill Parsonage in Jackson 5-21-1890
Underwood Susan   Alexander Bishop Allison Twp., Kans. 19 Iowa Rollin C. & Tama A. (Armstrong) Underwood Allison Twp., Kans. 1-4-1891
Underwood Alice   Asa Marcellus Allison Twp., Kans. 23 Iowa Rollin Chas. & Tamar A. (Armstrong) Underwood Oberlin, Kans. 4-24-1891
VanBuren Carrie M.   John Elam Oberlin, Kans. 20 New York J. W. & Susan (Odekirk) VanBuren Oberlin, Kans. 12-24-1887
Vannice Ettie   Benjamin Murphy Sherman Co., Kans. 21 Iowa Jacob & Esabelle (McGuin) Vannice Court House in Oberlin, KS 1-23-1890
VanPelt Mattie A.   Archie Furman Decatur Co., Kans. 28 Iowa Thos. J. & Allie (Winslow) VanPelt Bride's Res. 9-17-1892
VanPelt Kittie A.   Albert Hayward Decatur Co., Kans. 16 Unknown Newton M. & Isabelle J. (Shinkle) VanPelt Sherman Twp., KS 4-30-1893
Vansickle Jessie B.   Geo. O. Johnson Oberlin, Kans. 23 Michigan S. S. & Lucinda (Russell) Vansickle Oberlin, Kans. 2-10-1892
Vernon Laura Evelena   Wolfred Haden Harlan Twp., Kans. 19 Washington Co., OH William & Clarissa (Dew) Vernon Court House in Oberlin, KS 8-10-1887
Vernon Hattie Jane   Grant McNeal Norcatur, Kans. 24 Athens Co., OH David & Mary (Haddow) Vernon Mt. Vernon School House, KS 9-11-1887
Vernon Martha Alice   Zachariah T. Ireland Norcatur, Kans. 18 Missouri James & Sarah S. (Lambert) Vernon Oberlin, Kans. 3-17-1892
Vinsen Alma C.   Samuel Covey Jennings, Kans. 17 Iowa Isaac & Alma (Mefford) Vinsen Jennings Twp., KS 8-8-1892
Walker Elizabeth   James Marshall Lincoln Twp., Kans. 54 Indiana Robert & Mary (Everet) Miller Res. Of G. W. New 11-10-1887
Wall Martha Jane   Isaac Cozad Prairie Dog Twp., Kans. 23 Indiana Geo. & Lutecia (Jackson) Wall Bride's Res. 6-18-1888
Walson Lauri Louise   Deville Fitch Scio, Kans. 22 Ilinois Jonas R. & Barbra (Sider) Walson Res. Of L. Ed. Dupree 10-9-1889
Walters Esther   Fred Taylor Colby, Kans. 19 Unknown Unknown Oberlin, Kans. 5-18-1887
Ward Minnie   Sigel Karns Decatur Co., Kans. 21 Kansas Ira & Hattie (Warner) Ward Groom's Res. 4-29-1891
Waringer Unreadable Best Jacolf P. Tree Decatur Co., Kans. 36 Germany James & Elizabeth (Stoner) Best Oberlin, Kans. 6-7-1886
Warner Cynthia J.   Samuel Stiner Oberlin, Kans. 17 West Virginia J. B. & Margaret (Bahle) Warner Bride's Res. Decatur Co., KS 8-7-1887
Welch Ida   Otis Pratt Decatur Co., Kans. 22 Nebraska Lewis & Anna (Clark) Welch Bassettville, KS 10-2-1892
Wentz Paulina   Wenzel Nietick Kanona, Kans. 21 Germany Frederick & Phillippina (Pfeil) Wentz Res. Of Frank Wentz 12-26-1890
Westman Annie   Albert Faleman Decatur Co., Kans. 18 Sweden John & Martha (Erickson) Westman Lund, KS 1-22-1893
Wharman Minnie Peters Robert Littrell Allison Twp., Kans. 29 Ohio Ferdinand & Charlotte (Unknown) Peters Oberlin, Kans. 10-27-1887
Whiletrell (?) Anna M. Huberson William Cook Oberlin, Kans. 30 Norway John & Maria (Anderson) Huberson Court House in Oberlin, KS 8-7-1888
Whipple Mary E.   Osia Ferrell Oberlin, Kans. 20 Maine Edward & Ellen (McKinley Whipple Res. Of J. C. Sellers 4-18-1887
White Cora M.   Chas. Curten Oberlin, Kans. 19 Unknown Unknown Oberlin, Kans. 5-17-1887
Wiggins Mary Lucy   Leander Seymour Jr. Decatur Co., Kans. 19 Iowa Van B. & Frances (Burger) Wiggins Bride's Res. 4-7-1889
Wikland Eliza   Lars Johanson Shibboleth, Kans. 21 Sweden Nels & Unreadable (Olsen) Wikland Oberlin, Kans. 2-14-1888
Wilbur Evalyn   H. R. Marietta Oberlin, Kans. 22 Iowa Aaron A. & Carrie L. (Chilson) Wilbur Oberlin, Kans. 1-8-1890
Wilcoxson Unreadable   Charles N. Hopkins Kans. 22 McDonald Co., IL Samuel & Sarah (Swaringen) Wilcoxson Stephen, Decatur Co., KS 8-15-1886
Wilcoxson Eva R.   Hamilton Riley Oberlin, Kans. 20 Ilinois Samuel & Sarah (Swaringen) Wilcoxson Bride's Res. 12-25-1890
Willcoxon Ella Gertrude   Jordon Stohr Oberlin, Kans. 26 McDonough Co., IL Samuel & Sarah (Swaringen) Wilcoxson Bride's Res. 12-28-1887
Williams Louisa   Burns Cyremus Watson Jennings, Kans. 40 Ohio Jonas & Mary (Caselott) Burns Jennings Twp., KS 6-13-1889
Willson M. E.   David Muirhead Dresden, Kans. 24 Unknown John W. & Lina (Hadsell) Willson Jackson, Kans. 2-26-1893
Wilson Parmelia O.   Samuel Marshall Allison Twp., Kans. 28 Indiana James H. & Permelia (Sall?) Wilson Allison Twp., Kans. 2-2-1888
Wilson Mary F.   Jno. Hoff Jennings, Kans. 25 Indiana James N. & Permelia (Salyer) Wilson Jennings Twp., KS 3-15-1892
Wilson Lucy V.   John L. McCoy Decatur Co., Kans. 17 Indiana John &Mary (Ford) Wilson Decatur Co., Kans. 10-2-1892
Wineberg Carrie   Nils Erikson Summitt Twp., Kans. 28 Sweden Eric & Carrie (Olson) Wineberg Court House in Oberlin, KS 1-10-1890
Wolbach Edna   Henry Swander Cedar Bluffs, Kans. 19 Ilinois David & Lizzie (McMahan) Wolbach Bride's Res. 9-1-1886
Wood Mary E.   J. N. Wyatt Decatur Co., Kans. 22 Meigs Co., OH Elias & Angeline (Harmon) Park Res. Of Eli Vale 2-25-1886
Wood Mattie Dell   Alfred Cressler Aleyone, Kans. 30 Whiteside, MO Benjamin & Unknown (Cummins) Wood Oberlin, Kans. 3-16-1886
Wood Sadie E.   John Shinn Kanona, Kans. 19 Washington Co., OH Elijah & Mary (Vernon) Wood Kanona, Kans. 9-20-1887
Wood Della   Thos. Ulmer Kanona, Kans. 19 Ohio Elijah & Mary (Vernon) Wood Bride's Res. 6-20-1888
Woodruff Mae   Will Bebb Oberlin, Kans. 20 Unknown Willard & Elizabeth (Unknown) Woodruff Oberlin, Kans. 2-28-1893
Worley Ella   John Sines Oberlin, Kans. 18 Missouri J. L. B. & Lucindia E. (Lane) Worley Bride's Res. 12-30-1888
Worthington Alice M.   Otto Wilkinson Jennings, Kans. 16 Unknown Jno. L. & D. A. (McGrew) Worthington Jennings Twp., KS 8-5-1893
Wyatt Eva Louisa   Addison Cat Decatur Co., Kans. 25 Ohio John F. & Allice F. (Keapers) Vail Oberlin, Kans. 9-4-1892
Zimmerman Manda   Wm. P. Anderson Norcatur, Kans. 27 Iowa Michael & Christina (Hooker) Zimmerman Oberlin, Kans. 4-15-1890


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