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Obituaries and death notices, especially those written years ago, are not just a valuable source of names, dates and places for a genealogist. Grouped together as they are here they become an intimate social history of a community, written by journalists who usually knew the deceased and their families.
Some are tributes to pioneers, patriarchs, pastors and parents whose life stories are the history of Decatur County. Others are tender remembrances of children, women who died in childbirth or those struck down by disease, unfortunate accidents or natural disasters. There are stories honoring the supreme acts of sacrifice of local young men and women who died overseas in distant wars as well as reports of sensational crimes that live on in story for generations.
As a Decatur County researcher this is your chance to contribute to the history of Decatur County online. Please consider contributing your own family stories from obituaries and death notices you have of Decatur County residents. 

If you'd like to contribute an obituary or death notice to this page check out the GUIDELINES at the bottom of this page.

Margaret Brown Joseph John Brown Lawrence Lunkenheimer
D. C. Moser Belle Moser John A. Wilson
Mrs. John (Irene) Wilson Frank Wilson Charley Wilson
Lee Wilson Robert Jacob Wilson Mrs. Robert (Nancy) Wilson
Robert D. Wilson William Vernon Mrs. Will (Clarissa) Vernon
Mrs. Minerva Hooper Jayne A. Payne Flora Rhoad
Dewey Relph Flora Relph James Relph
William Relph Susan Chilson McGonigal Sheldon McClaury
William Charles McGonigal Vivian de la Gardie Walter (Harry) McClaury
David Gibson Bell Edna Cramer McClaury Andreas Wurm
Anna Rumpeltes Wurm John (Johann) Herzog Maria Wolfram Herzog
Herman Berndt Peter Henry Wesch Eva Allen Wennihan
James Vernon Mary Haddow Vernon George Edmund Holben
C. A. McCarty Roscoe Dell Vernon   Daniel W. Morton
William Morton Lovina Morton Warner Henry Smith Morton
Mrs. H. S.(Elnora)Morton George Ropert Grace Emily Morton
Hazel Morton Westfall Marguerite J. Morton Nola Ellen Morton
Howard John Morton Abbott Miles Morton Anna Johnston Hill
Josephine Johnston Bosler Levi Zimmer Marvin Johnston
Ada Johnston Jennie Johnston Oren Johnston
Millard E. Johnston Orpha Johnston Bosler Florence Chilson
Henry Ray Askins Margaret L. Morton George Walter Moler
John Ivan Moler Lela Mae Moler Albert Earl Moler
Joseph Edgar Moler Robert Moses Johnston Victor J. Morton
Lester E. Morton Viva Harmon Dale Townsend
Densel Townsend Nelle Townsend Earl Townsend
Mirl Townsend Henrietta Ebert Effie Hale
Charles Townsend Ilona Casstevans Martha Townsend
Augusta Bark Thomas Bark Townsend Aneta Hageman
Lowell Hale E. W. Morton Ruth Morton
Wayne M. Schmahl Choral D. Unger Beverly Morton
Roy Askins Robert Lowell Johnston Runette Johnston
Howard E. Johnston Iva Lea Johnston Lois L. (Johnston) Seifert
Clarence Morton Daniel Caster Viola Caster
Mertie E. Askins Hervie Monroe Hill Dewey C. Hill
Clara Askins Roberts Steven Earl Townsend Joseph Meilt
Eve Meitl Adam Heim Mary Heim
Sattie Krack Daniel Stimbert Anna (Haas) Stimbert
Paul Haas Willis Glen Miller Quinton Wescott (Wescoat)
William N. Johnson Mary Bullock HULDAH MUNGER FORSDICK
Sarah Ann Chapin JAMES CHILSON Harvey Chapin
William S. Jackson Elizabeth Hudson Chilson Phillip Park Moler
Samantha Fletchall Moler    

Guidelines for submitting a Decatur County, Kansas
obituary or death notice

Do you have an old obituary or short death notice of a Decatur County resident tucked away in a scrapbook, trunk or file. Take it out and share it with the rest of us! Type up your obituary and email it to us and we'll post it here. Just observe the following guidelines...
To enter your Decatur County obituaries:

1- Email them to me at Put Decatur CO OBITUARY in your subject line.
2- On first line put name of deceased. Use the name in the obit. If you want to rename the individual to clarify who they are add that name in parenthesis after the obit name.   Do this to include maiden names or full names for individuals given initials only in the obit.
3-On the second line put the name of the newspaper, newspaper's town, date of issue where obituary is found, page, column, if known. PLEASE.... Decatur County residents only... A resident is defined here as an individual who lived in Decatur County for part of his/her life.
4-Type out the obituary.  
5-Put "submitted by [your name and email address]" at the end. If you want to, include your postal address as well.
6- It's ok to edit the obits you submit. If you want to add maiden names, correct/add dates or other information do so. Just put any added information in [brackets]. That lets the reader know that this is something not in the original obituary. 

The obituary page was designed by Bill & Diana Sowers.  We appreciate them giving us permission to use their outline.  Thanks Bill and Diana for sharing your wonderful set up.

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