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  Troy Kansas
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German Translator & German Researcher
Amy Koppe


  I have degrees in German (4.0 GPA) and International Studies as well as a master’s
  degree in   education.   Our family has lived in the United States and in Germany and
  speaks German and   English at home.  We   have family ties to Thuringia
  (Thueringen), Bavaria (Bayern) and   Schleswig-Holstein, representing a wide variety
  of dialects and cultural experiences.  I am happy to translate historical and modern
  documents in typeset or in script and I offer both synopses and word-for-word
  translations.  Beginning in January 2020,   I will also offer in-country research
    (see my website for more information).

The USGenWeb Project, and its membership, do not guarantee nor endorse the
 contents of any materials nor of this researcher's expertise, nor will it be in
 receipt of any portion of this researcher's fees.