20th Kansas Volunteers Co. H

Addresses circa 1936-1937

Courtesy of William M. Guthrie
Grandson of James M. Painter

P.I. = Philippines
Co. Plot is in Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, KS
Street addresses are available for some individuals.

Aimsworth, Harry  Kansas City, KS
Alford, Lieut. Alfred C. Killed near Coloocan, P.I. Feb. 7,1899,
Allen, Arthur F.  San Bernardino, CA
Allen, Frank   Sacramento, CA
Alstrom, F.B.    Died Oct. 17, 1906, Lawrence, KS, Buried in Co. Plot
Ames, Clarence  San Jose, CA
Anderson, Clay  San Antonio, TX
Bale, Alvin   Died Dec. 7, 1934 at Sandiago, CA
Bale, Denver   Died  July 26, 1937 at Riverside, CA
Behson, Elmer T.  Died Dec. 5, 1931 at Leavenworth, KS
Brown, Claud D.  Pico, CA
Brownlee, Oscar C.  Lawrence, KS
Buried at Lawrence, KS
Chapman, Frank C.   Died Aug. 31, 1938, Lajunta, CO
Church, Robert M.   Fort Scott, KS
Clark, Capt. Adna G.  Honolulu, Hawaii
Clarke, Robert T.  Oakland, CA
Cole, Clarence T.   Died San Antonio, TX
Conkey, George A.  Atlanta, GA
Cook, Charles C.  Fort dodge, KS
Cornell, Robert G.  Berkley, CA
Courtney, Francis L.  Lawrence, KS
Criss, Ernest   Custom Inspection Service Manila, P.I.
Davidson, Tom J.  Fort Dodge, KS
Davis, Harry g.  Muskogee, OK
Dicker, Claud R.  Lawrence, KS
Drysdale, Walter S.  Fort Hayes, OH
Emmett, Alfert s.  London, Eng.
Fearing, William B.  Died Aug. 24, 1926, Lawrence, KS
Flimming, Peter F.  Faxton, OK
Fox, Fred E.   No address.
Gibson, Arthur H.  Topeka, KS
Gilley, Bert   Died July 6, 1933, Lawrence, KS
Good, Tilton C.  Died July 6, 1933, buried Co. Plot, Lawrence
Gourley, Evert A.  No address.
Hargis, Arthur   No address.
Hargis, Lorne   Died July 20, 1933, Hiawatha, KS
Haynes, Roy S.  Los Angeles, CA
Hazen, Rofe A.   No address,
Hertrick, Charles  Died Aufard, Saise ae, Aude, France
Heydt, William S.  Wichita, KS
Hook, Edward R.  Died Sept. 12, 1899, San Francisco, CA
Hook, Eliot t.   Randlett, OK
Hook, William M.  Died Sept. 12, 1898
Horkman, Dave M.  Lawrence, KS
Hubner, Frank A.  Topeka, KS
Huntsman, John  Died Manila,  P.I. 1905
Iliff, Joseph   Hollywood, CA
Krause, Capt. Albert H.  Topeka, KS
Simpson, Lieut. Ernest G.  Died June 13, 1907 Omaha, NE, Buried  at Auburn
Ireland, Thomas F.  Bronson, KS
Kendall, Joseph B.  Kiowa, KS
King, Charles A.  Died May 1, 1900, buried Co. plot
Kuhn, Bert W.   Lawrence, KS
Leis, William E.  Sioux City, IA
Lipsey, Harry L.  Died June 1, 1935, Covington, OK
Martin, Frank   Died Jan. 5, 1900, Lawrence, KS
Martin, Clarence  Harnill, South Dakota
Messer, Geo. A.  Fort Dodge, KS
Moore, Arthur K.   Died July 18, 1916, Toledo, OH
Morrow, John  W.  Muskogee, OK
Mills, Austin R.  Died July 28, 1901, buried Co. plot
Maffey, William F.  No address
McKittrick, John A.  Died March 2, 1922, Lawrence, KS
Northup, James E.  Died July 6, 1923, Pasadena, CA
Owens, Orry W.  Lawrence, KS
Ozias, Joseph   Died July 24, 1934, Died Wadsworth , KS
    Buried Co, plot Lawrence
Ozias, Ernest L.  St. Joseph, MO
Oliver, Albert O.  Died March 15, 1915, Ft. Bayard, NM
    Buried Bethel, KS
Oliver, Ben F.   Kansas City, MO
Osburn, William F.  Cornallis, OR
Page, Lawrence  Berkley, CA
Parrett, Eugene  No address
Painter, James M.  Drummond, ID
Pearce, Frank W.  Died Nov, 1934, Osage City, KS
Pippin, Robert E.  Died Nov, 17, 1908, Santa Rose, CA
Quakenbush, Derwood E. Eureka Springs, AR
Raybourn, Thaomas B. Lawrence, KS
Reno, Edward M.  Brandywine, MD
Rethorst, Otto w.  Piedmont, CA
Rice, Charles F.   Long Beach, CA
Selig, Harry   San Francisco, CA
Shaffer, William M.  No address
Simpson, Charlie H.  Lawrence, KS
Snyder, Albert J.  Died Nov, 19, 1907, Eudora, KS
Spillman, Joseph M.  Knoxville, KY
Scott, Camble H.  Died June 9, 1903, Lawrence, KS
Shirar, George   Vallejo, CA
Steele, John M.  Died 1920, Denver, CO
Steele, William M.  San Francisco, CA
Street, Howard S.  Died Nov. 17, 1932, Manhattan, KS
Siler, Frank W.  Los Angeles, CA
Wakefield, John A.  No address
Welch, James   Died Oct. 16, 1919, Jampa, KS
Willey, Silas C.  Died March 28, 1936, Eureka, KS
White, Fletcher  No address
Wilcox, Martin A.  Killed in action May 4, 1899,
  Santo Jomas, P.I. buried Olatha, KS
Wahl, Joseph A.  Died March 31, 1899, Manilla, P.I. buried Co. Plot
Watkins, Harry R.  Oklahoma City, OK
Zwick, Northem H.  Fox City, KS

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