Douglas County KS Schools

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Douglas County KS Rural and One Room School information provided by Raymond Stone 

There were 84 rural and one room schools in Douglas County. I have provided the location, and a little history from my research, and from "Rural Schools and Schoolhouses of Douglas County" by Goldie Piper Daniels, alphabetically on all of these schools. There are over 40 of these treasures still in existence. I have provided photos of those that I have discovered. Please feel free to comment, share your photos, memories, and invite your friends. Most of all ENJOY!
Douglas County Rural Schools
*indicates still exists and photographed

Adeline No. 65-*

Apple Pie No. 27-*

Baldwin/Lapeer No. 41-*

Barber No. 82-*

Barker No. 20

Belleview No. 50

Belvoir No. 84

Belvoir (old) No. 26*

Big Springs No. 72-*

Bismark No. 79

Black Jack No. 9

Bloomington No. 31

Blue mound No. 29-*

Brackett No. 54-*

Brubaker No. 46

Burnette No. 62-*

Cargy No. 52-*

Centennial No. 85 (jt.)*

Central No. 64-*

Clearfield No. 58-*

Clinton No. 25-*

Coal Creek No. 39

Columbia No. 67*

Colyer No. 42-*

Concord No. 66*

Crowder No. 69-*

Crutchfield No. 6-*

Deer Creek No. 48

Enterprise No. 18

Excelsior No. 77*

Fairview No. 21-*

Farmland No. 71

Franklin No. 16

Glenn No. 33-*

Globe No. 23

Grant* No. 100

Greenwood Valley No. 24-*

Harmony No. 57-*

Hesper No. 5

High Prairie No. 43

Hopewell No. 7

Hopewell (East) No. 68 (Jt.)

Independence No. 76

India No. 55-(Old and New)*

Jones No. 73

Kanwaka No. 15-*

Kaw Valley No. 12 (New)*

Lakeview No. 1


Lone Star No. 47-*

Marion Springs No. 101

Model No. 83-*

Mound No. 35-*

Oak Grove No. 10

Oak Hill No. 75

Oak Ridge No. 63-*

Oberlin No. 80

Peach Grove No. 45

Pleasant Grove No. 38-*

Pleasant Oak No. 45

Pleasant Valley No. 14-*

Prairie City No. 87-*

Prospect No. 56

Rangeline No. 74

Riggs No. 81

Riverside No. 53

Rock Creek No. 13*

Roscoe No. 44

Sigel No. 8

Spring Creek no. 2

Starr No. 19

Stony Point No. 3

Twin Mound No. 32-*

Union No. 34

Vespertine no. 37

Vinland No. 49*

Walnut Grove No. 11 (first one still exists, 1866)

Wakarusa Valley*No. 98

Washington Creek No. 22

Weaver No. 86

Welcome No. 30

West Fairview No. 59-*

Weybright No. 4

White No. 61-*

Willow Springs No. 51*

Winter No. 70-*

Yarnold No. 40*

GRADUATING CLASSES OF DOUGLAS COUNTY KANSAS and a collection of rules for teachers and for students!!

Truancy Report Boys 1919

Truancy Report Girls 1919

School District Census 1939

School Records 1943

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