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Adeline School

Adeline School District No. 65

This rural Douglas County school was originally known as “Kretsinger School.” The builder of the first school building was believed to have been George Elvin Kretsinger, Sr. The Kretsinger family came from Wisconsin to Kansas in 1857. The pioneer family consisted of Mrs. Kretsinger and a three year old son. The second and current building on the same site was built in 1911. The cost of erecting this second building was raised through $1300 in bonds.

This treasure is located in the S ½ of the S.E. ¼ of Sec. 28, T. 14, R. 21, or about a mile west of the Johnson/Douglas County line at the intersection of East 2300 Road and N 400 Road. The original design indicated two front doors leading into separate cloakrooms. The boy’s cloakroom was on the right and the girl’s on the left. It originally had three windows on each side with a belfry centered at the front.

Early records show Leslie Fitz teaching 24 students in the term of 1897-98. These records also indicate the approval of expenses to build a porch across the front of the building, measuring 6’x18’. This porch of course was added to the original building.

The district attempted to approve the building of a new school in 1908, but the action was voted down. Finally in 1911 the school board approved the expenditure for a new building. The first teacher in the new facility was Edith Pearson, followed by Marguerite Melville, Bernice Eckerson, Frankie Hughes and Harrdie Murdock. There were 14 students for the term ending 1917-20.

Teaching the 1920’s were Ethel Miller, Helen Hey, LaVern Brecheisen, Sarah O’Brien and Mildred Batdorf. The enrollment by this time had declined to only 10!

The 1930’s were taught by: Irene Neis, Adeline Hogan, Marguerite Nunemaker, and Herbert Nunemaker. The ever declining enrollment shows only 3 pupils. Due to this situation, it was decided to close the school for 1936. The board decided to re-open in 1937 and hired Margeret Everly to teach the term. Marzella Dwyer taught the next two terms ending with an enrollment of five.

The school struggled to remain open in the 1940’s. Adeline was opened again for the 1942-43 term and was taught by Ruth Anderson, then Ruth Durkee, and Audrey. The school closed for the nest two terms and re-opened in 1947. The term of 1947-48 was taught by Dorothy Denny. Adeline School District No. 65, disorganized June 4, 1949.

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