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Baldwin/Lapeer No 41

A little south and east of the Lapeer St. Francis of Assisi Church built in 1888, (E. 300 Road and N. 450 Road in Douglas County), stands one of the oldest one room school buildings in the county. This tiny native stone structure was built in 1864. Church services were also held here, officiated by Rev. A.C. Still. Prior to this small building, according to Andreas’ “History of Kansas” (1883) a log cabin served as school for at least the term of 1862, taught by Anna Harper.

This tiny rock building sported one door on the east side and a single window on the south side. According to stories passed down through my family, my great grandfather Samuel Franklin Grammer, while attending this school, sat near that window and watched for passing Indians. The building has eighteen inch thick walls to protect against attacks and the ever changing elements of the Kansas weather.

Another view of the 1864 building!

The original name of the school was named for the nearby settlement of Lapeer, which was established on Rock Creek about 1856. This small village had a post office and general store. The two story native stone home which served as the post office, still stand. It is located northwest of the school.

In 1873 a wood frame building was constructed immediately west of the stone building and was re-named Baldwin District No. 41. This frame structure still exists today (although covered with corrugated metal), and serves as a barn. The newer building served the district through the school term of 1956-57. The rock building was used as a coal shed. The new school was not named after the city of Baldwin City. It was named after Billy Baldwin, who donated one acre of his land to be used for school purposes only.

The earliest teacher on record was Gracie Locie, who taught around the year of 1891.

The term of 1897-98 shows Josie Roelofsz teaching 31 students for $30 per month. Records indicate the board consisted of John L. Mannix and T. J. Saile, students were: Bessie and Grace Badsky; Minnie, James and Clara Baker; Cora Beard, Nora, Mary and Christina Flory; Neal Fisher,; Daisy Knisley; Walter Roy, Annie, Caroline, Maggie and Peter Shriener; Roy, Katie, Caroline, and August Simmons; Murtel, Robert, and Charlie Simmons; Emil Shelbar; Edna and Lena Smith; Catherine Saile; Nicky Thome; Martin and Bertha Steward; and Maggie Ward.

Teaching the next decade: J.E. Nottingham, Josie Roelofsz, Rella Evans, Pearl Metsker, Emma Burke, Clara Butterfield, C.H. Carlton, and Maggie Engle. The term of 1910 ended with an enrollment of 44 students. C.F. Fawl, D.E. Bond and J.H. Baldwin were school board members.

In 1909 the board approved the expenditure of $35 for the construction of two outhouses! In addition, it was approved to purchase 150 bushels of coal. C.J. Fawl was to haul the coal for 11 1/ cents per bushel, from the Scranton, Kansas mines.
Teachers for the next ten year period were: Homer King, Carrie Vincent, Ruth Clark, Hallie Morgan, Edna Fawl, Ida Steel, Dorothy Ernst, and Nettie Coffman. Serving on the board were C.J. Fawl, C.M. Hoover and F.J. Eno.

1920’s teachers were: Edna Fawl, Theresa Guenther, Charles Bye, Mabel Reed, Mary Miller, Myrtle Simmons, and Elizabeth Hoffman. The term ending in 1930 shows an enrollment of 14. Board members serving for the term of 1930 were: G.T. Fawl, A. Bond. and W.A. Simon.

The decade of the 1920’s showed the following improvements: new blackboards were added in 1924, as was a new oil stove, to be used in the preparation of hot lunches. No mention is made of who would be preparing those hot lunches. In 1930, a piano was purchased.

Teaching the 1930’s: Marie Price, Ernst Prim, Gordon Melgren, Glenn Colburn, Agnes Prim, and Paula Woodworth. Only 9 students were enrolled for the term ending in 1940, and serving on the board were; H.F. Fawl, Maudie Butler and Art Rodehamel.

The 1940’s were taught by: Paula Woodworth, Marjorie Badger, Edna Coepfert, Betty Warren, Jessie Salmond, Reba Jarboe and Floyd Jarboe, for the ending term of 1949-50. Those board members ending the year of 1949-50 were Charles Hubbard, G.F. Fawl and J. Prim.

Due to declining enrollment, there were only four teachers in the 1950’s: Ralph Hodgen, Gertrude Churchbaugh, Ruby Storrer, and Mabel Gillilland. Ms. Gillilland taught the 1956-57 term, which proved to be the last, before consolidation with Globe School District No. 23. This last term had only six students enrolled, in four grades.
The term of 1956-57 had only six students in four grades. The district was disorganized in in 1959 and consolidated with Globe District No. 23 to form District No. 97.

Baldwin High School Freshman 1932

Baldwin High School Sophomores 1933

Baldwin/Lapeer No. 41-Photo by Delma Hepner-La Peer School 1948 {notice how many relatives were there}
Back row: Jonia Mohler ,Dennis Longfellow, Dale Currant ,Shirley Christian Patterson,
Teacher :Floyd Jarboe
Middle row : Elvin Currant ,Danny Longfellow ,Alvin Currant ,Jim Christian ,Elden Bailey ,Harold Currant , Delma Currant ,Joan Jarboe , Arlene Fawl ,Vernon Christian ,Front Row : Christian Straub Jr. ,Bud Bailey , Joanne Prim ,Norma Findley.

Baldwin School 1952

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