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Artist rendering from Goldie Piper Daniels book "Rural Schools and Schoolhouses of Douglas County, Kansas"

Belleview School District No. 50

A one and one half acre tract of land was deeded to District No. 50 from Max Sommer on November 24, 1874. The school board members were G. Joy, C.M. Sears and T. Conner. This tract of land located in Eudora Township, at the intersection of East 2000, and N. 1100 Rd.

C. M. Sears was Captain to a group protecting the area of Hesper, Kansas during the Civil War. Five of this group met with none other than Larkin Skaggs on the morning of August 21, 1863. Skaggs was a Baptist preacher riding with William Clarke Quantrill on the dreadful day of August 21, 1863. After the raid, about 9AM, Skaggs was too drunk to notice his comrades had withdrawn form Lawrence. This group was credited with having dispatched this border ruffian. Larkin Skaggs was the only raider to have been killed. His nude, mutilated body was dragged over the streets of Lawrence, thrown in a ditch and left to the scavengers and hot August, Kansas weather!

Belleview School was named for the beautiful view to the east. The only known teacher prior to 1897 was Gertrude Wells. Through personal letters, it is thought that she taught an enrollment of 70 students during the years 1886-1890.

For a time in the late 1800’s, Belleview had the largest enrollment of any school in the county. In 1898, 82 students were crowded into the one room school.

For the term of 1898, Lizzie Tuttle taught 82 students for the salary of $41.00 per month. The next term was taught by Cora Weller, followed by J. O. Lane.

The school’s overcrowding forced the board to approve an additional room to the building and to utilize two teachers, per term.

The teachers of 1901-02 and 1902-03 were: Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Robertson. Teaching the next term were; A.C. Sanborn and Alpha Lane; followed by Blanche Pilcher, Bertha Allison, Edith Walganount, Lena Jones, and Estella Lybarger. B.F. Allison was the only teacher for the term of 1907-08, due to declining enrollment. Clyde Butler taught the last term of 1909-10.

The next decade was taught by: Clyde Butler, Edith Hass, Nellie Lewis, Nellie Hyland, Maltre Sheppard and Bernice Gilfee. Because of increasing enrollment, two teachers were again required. Teachers were: Alda Davis and Bernice Gilfee; followed by Alda Davis alone for the next two terms.

Teaching the 1920’s; Alda Davis for five terms; followed by Lola Wilbur and Ethel Pfleger. The next teachers were; Kathleen Kellselly, Mildred Wheeler, and Alda Davis. The term of 1925-26 was taught by Ethel KindredMabel Hevener, Violet Wilson, Louise Freese, J.B. Birchead, and Edna Musick. The term ending in 1930 shows an enrollment of 43

Teachers of the 1930’s: Marian Grist, Edna May Musick, Milton Junice, Buena Vista Morgan and Murian Madl.

There were only three teachers in the 1940’s, Alma Votaw, Alma Knott, and Lena Milburn, who taught five years. The school was closed the next two years. Belleview School District No. 50 was disorganized on February 26, 1948. The District consolidated with Weaver School District No. 86 and Eudora District No. 28, to form the new District of Eudora No. 89.The building was sold at auction and dismantled. A new home was built on the site.

A video tour of Belleview school honoring our fallen soldiers

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