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Belvoir School

New Belvoir District No. 84
My last post about rural schools surrounding Lawrence was that of Old Belvoir School District NO. 26. Of course if there was an “old” Belvoir, there must have been a “new” Belvoir.
The “new” Belvoir was known as Belvoir District No. 84. In the beginning of Dist. 84, class was held in a house and the first teacher was Alice Dension for the term ending in 1874. No school was held for the following term. The 1876 term was taught by Sadie Woodward with the 1877 term taught by Florence Crothers.
In 1877 a bond was approved and a two story frame structure was built, with no stairway to the second story. After about ten years an exterior stairway was built on the backside of the building to the second floor.
The first term in this building was in 1878 and was taught by Anna Woodward, followed by Mary Martin, Sadie Woodward, Mary White, Vienna Chilcote and Mildred Lind.
A deed was awarded to Dist. 84 in 1883 for an acre site in the SE ¼ of Sec. 17, T. 13, R. 18. In 1889 a schoolhouse was constructed. Early teachers were: Margaret Gregory, Emanual Bixler, Sam Carson, DeWitt Fisher and Rachel Fisher Flory. The last teacher of the century was Hattie Roehm.
The early 1900 teachers included: J.C. Fisher, Luella Haskins, Bertha Crowder, Lottie Cummings, Rosa Wise, Mary Tucker, Gladys Sanders and Anna Woodward.
The next decade was taught by: Margaret Cummings, Lila Reese, Mildred Curd, Mary Warnock, Mildred Bowen, J. McCall, Zella Page and Lillian Overbaugh.
A brick structure was built in 1922 replacing the old frame building. The first teachers were: M. Dresser, Nora Clark, Bertha Glenn, Ina Bahnmaier, F. Bernander and George Rukes.
The 1930’s were taught by: George Rukes, Florence Anderson, Fay Brown and Mary Anderson.
The 1940’s teachers were: Alta Sterit, J. Steele, Jennie Sowash, Patricia James, Dora McCreevy, E.F. Ward, Myrtle Wigglesworth and Jennie Vitt.
In 1951, the district consolidated with West Fairview No. 59 to form New Belvoir No. 93 and finally with Wakarusa Valley No. 98.
From the program provided by Doris and Jim Marshall of the May twenty-fourth 1941 Eighth Commencement, held at the Liberty Memorial High School Auditorium, the graduates were, Howard Belles and Lester Tuckel.
This location is now under the waters of Clinton Reservoir.

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