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Bismark School

About 1910

Bismark School District No. 79
Bismark District No. 79 was established in 1870. One acre of land was deeded by the Kansas Pacific Railway Company to the trustees of the district (N. 1650 Rd and E. 1600 Rd). Those board members were Richard Albery, John Bardell and Thomas Dean.
The first building on this site was a large two story brick structure with a bell tower and a flag pole on top. This building served for thirty-five years. The Bismark community was a very busy place. The Kansas Pacific Railway Shops were nearby, as well as the Bismark Grove area where chautauquas, celebrations, horse races and other activities took place.
The first records of the time (1897-98) indicate Emma Martin as the teacher, with an enrollment of 22. Students for the term of 1897-98 included: Eva Adams, Zoe and Grace Beard, Rose, Willie, Minnie and Henry Brauning, John Campbell, Roy and Henry Davis, Leroy Davenport, Vernie Hoskins, Hilding and Ida Gregory, Lester, Mary and Veldie Phillips, Willie and George Robertson, Rosie, Clara, Charlie, Elmer and Willie Wise and Nellie Simmons.
The next two terms were taught by Ida Dorsey.
The second structure, of brick was built in the early 1900’s by contractor Johnny Constant.
The first decade of the 1900’s were taught by: Nora Lane, May Clark, Etha Wise, Alpha Lane, Alice Hammond, Jennie Wasson, Alice Smith and Emma Dews.
The next ten years were taught by: Alice Dicker, Anna Woodward, Charles Kelsall, Ruth Daniel, Nellie McLean, and Cora Eastman.
Teachers of the 1920’s were: Cora Eastman, Aimee Piper, Edith Buchheim, Carrie Hunsinger, Nan Coleman, Carrie Fultz, Ina Bahnmaier and Agnes Pine.
The 1930’s were taught by Ina Bahnmaier, Mildred Chandler, Elizabeth Dunn and Mildred Wilson.
The next decade was taught by: Mildred Wilson, Mrs V.C. Springer, and Clara Reusch teaching the last 7 terms.
The 1950’s were taught by: Ethel Reeves, Merle Holladay and Myrtle Wiglesworth. Myrtle Wiglesworth taught until Grant School opened for the term of 1960-61.
Bismark School District No. 79, after consolidation with several area schools to form Grant School sold at auction on July 7, 1962 and was converted to a private residence. It finally was demolished November 5, 1999.

Clara Reusch the teacher in this photo, taught seven terms at Bismark No. 79, with the last ending in 1950. Back row left to right: Curtis Robb, Allan Robb, Delores Silvers, Clara Reush, Bobby Walters, and Roger Heck. Front row left to right: Sandra Hicks, Janet Heck, Nancy Vogel, Jerry Vogel, Patty Palmateer and Larry Heck.

From the Lawrence Gazette dated January 10, 1889 regarding Bismarck School. Enjoy!

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