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Brackett School

Brackett School District No. 54
The one acre tract of land in which Brackett No. 54 sits was deeded to school District No. 54 on April 26, 1865. This tract of land was deeded from Henry T. and Elisa D. Davis, and is located at the northeast corner of 6th Street and Monterey Way.
Sixth Street was then known as the California Road/Oregon Trail. Near the water tower is the final resting place of Henry T. Davis and family. George Burt a friend of the family killed in the raid on Lawrence by William Clarke Quantril, is also buried here along with an infant Harlow Ross, and a few others whose graves are not marked.
George Brackett was elected to first director of the school board. The school was named after him. He operated an 80 acre nursery north of the school.
The first building was built of soft bricks. This building was heated by a wood burning stove, from the front of the room. The heat never really radiated far from that location.
Among the early settlers in this area were: Folks, Brackett, Wiggins, Bigsby, Davis, Hill, Pease, Randolph, Vorhees, Smith, Anderson, Piper, Swanson, Wilson, Douglas, Banta and Beal.
May McCoin taught the term of 1898 with an enrollment of 42 students.
Cora Ahlstrom taught from 1899 to 1901. She was followed by Lalia Walling. The next two terms were taught by O.J. Lane. Mr. Lane later served the county as superintendent of schools for sixteen years. The next teachers were: Eda Pryor, Lucy Woodhead, Ada Barnes, and Lena Jones. Board members for the end of 1910 were: E.F. Kieffer, Levi Martin, and Charles Manwarring.
The last teacher in the original building was Eda Pryor. She was also the first to teach in the new building in the summer of 1904.
The second building was built of wood frame and brick. It saw a short life, as it burned in 1916. It then was replaced with an all brick building, which remains today.
The next decade was taught by: Bernice Eastman, Estel Lybarger, Gertrude Ott, Orvilla Badsky, Mae McCelland, Frances Young and P.L. Bigsby. Board members ending the decade were, Dan Kirby, E.S. Eastman and Paul Rudiger.
Teaching the 1920’s: Susie Lowman, Erma Rumsey, Lillian Hill, Ada Davis teaching five terms. Enrollment ending the decade was 14. The decade ending board members were William Martin, P.T. Rudiger, and Warren Ridley.
The next decade was taught by: Ada Davis teaching four terms, followed by Mildred Brown, Virginia Sanderson, Laura Smith and Clara Weideman. The last board members for the decade were Wilbur Jeffries, Mrs. Daniels, and C.C. Winsler.
The 1940’s were taught by: Clara Weideman, Mrs. Paul Lovett, Belle Welter, Josephine Drake teaching four terms, and Myrtle Wiglesworth. Board members at the end of this decade were Alan Kirby, Gaylord Schenk and Clarence Douglas.
Teaching the next decade were: Patricia Helman, Agnes Shockley, Betty Boose, Agnes Shockley, Mabel Hesser, Mae Stephenson and Ann Rogan. Decade ending board members were Don Shultz, Roy Kitt and Billy Rose.
The school only had three more terms, and they were taught by Wilma De Laughder.
Brackett School District No. 54 was disorganized on March 7, 1963 when they consolidated with Riverside School District No. 53.

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