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Brubaker School

Brubaker School District No. 46

On September 9, 1869, on acre of land was deeded the school Board of District No. 46. The owners of the land were John and Louis Welty. The school board members were T.L. Marshall, Louis Chartland and Anthony Kelly. This plat of land was located ½ mile east of Dg. Co. Rte. 1029 on N. 100 Rd.

It is believed the school’s name was derived from a local preacher named Brubaker. In the 1898 census of school age children, a Harry Brubaker was enrolled as a student at this school. He was possibly a descendant of the school’s namesake.

From the same records, it appears there were only two board members, H.H. Fishburn and W.S. Powell. Teaching that year was L.F. Burton, with 43 students for $30.00 per month. The census records of that year indicate there were 57 children of school age (5-21).

Teaching the 1898-99 term was L.F. Burton, and 37 enrolled. Bertha Kimble taught the 1899-90 term.

Teaching the first decade of the 1900’s were: Katie Clark, Florence Dixon, Lizzie Williams, Harry Fissher, Lena Crumb, and F Sherfy. The decade ending board members were H.H. Fishburn, J.F. Jones and John Baker.

Teachers of the next decade were: Ada Preston, Earl Powell, Sadie Kidd, Mary reed, Leona Jardon, Ruth Clark, Grace Read, and H.A. Volver. Enrollment by this time was recorded at 25 students. The board members were W.H. Smith, J.M. Garrett and Orval Baker.

Teaching the 1920’s were: Grace Preston (Baker), Helen Breithaupt, Ferne Cochran, Minnie Breithaupt, Florence Smith, Orville Smith, Harold Fisher, Gladys Preston and Kathleen Stoffer. Twenty-one students were enrolled.

The 1930’s were taught by: Faye Wintermantel, Mae Cox, Wayne McMasters, Beatrice Fishburn, Daisy Lytle and Thelma Graves. Serving on the board were Pete Fishburn, O.N. Baker and Cecil Fishburn.

Teachers of the 1940’s were: Harold Allen, Ruth Jones (for 5 terms), Reba Jarboe, Olive Myers and Mary Lewis. Members of the board were Alvin Stabel, Wayne Owens and Mrs. Cecil Brecheisen. Only 15 students were enrolled at the term ending 1950.

Viva Clark taught 7 terms in the decade of the 1950’s and Mabel Gilliland taught the last year of Brubaker, that of 1957-58. April 8, 1958 saw the disorganizing of Brubaker School District No. 46. Centennial District No. 85 disorganized at the same time, forming a new District No. 96, still using the name of “Brubaker.” This was only a short term to the declining enrollment, the new district soon consolidated with Overbrook School District No. 112 in Osage County.

The school building of Brubaker District No. 46/96 was sold, and moved about a half mile southwest and used as a garage and office for a rock quarry. It is unknown by the author, if it still exists.

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