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Cargy School

Cargy School District No. 52
Cargy School was located on the Douglas and Franklin County line, and only one mile east of the Osage County line. This one acre tract of land is located at the intersection of N.1 Road and E. 100 Road. This school district in southwest Douglas County, due to it’s location, has always been a joint district with the counties of Osage, and Franklin.
The building pictured here is believed to be the only building ever to serve the district.
The earliest records from the 1897-98 censuses indicates this term was taught by J.C. Wright. Fifty-two students were enrolled, only 16 from Douglas County. E.L. Spigle, F.W. Vincent and J.W. Fishburn served on the school board. Family names with school age children in the district were: Benjamin, Carlson, English, Ingle, King, Michael, Wiscomb, Miller Rea, Shoemaker, Steele, Tutcher, Vincent and Wise.
Teaching the terms of 1898-1900 was W.S. Martin. Those serving on the school board were B.A. Tutcher, E.L. Steele and J.W. Fishburn.
Teaching the 1900’s were: D.F. Smith, Alma Nelson, Harry Fisher, Lylian Williams, John Kaff, Arthur Simmons, Stella Vincent and Estelle Vincent. Serving on the decade ending school board were B.A. Tutcher, F.M. Harmon and John Fishburn.
The next decade was taught by: Cora Strong, N. E. Scoville, Earl Weimer, Lucy See, Earl Weimer (again), Earl Powell, Randle Tutcher and Grace reed. Serving on the board were David Michael, F.M. Hartman and J.W. Fishburn.
The decade of the 1920’s was taught by: Margaret Hupp. Randle Tutcher, Alta Tutcher, Alta Baldwin, O.M. Michael, Helen McCracken, Florence Shoemaker for two terms, Alice McCain and Lois Black. The enrollment at the end of this decade was 27. Board members were R.E. Tutcher and C.W. Ingle.
Teaching the 1930’s were: Elsie Dodder, Elizabeth Warner, Everett Simmons, Ruth Davis, Letha Haas, Everett Simmons again, and Jean Danecke. Serving as board members were Ruth Morgan, Marian Dodder and Snyder. (You will notice that district residents often served on the board and taught school with their own family members in attendance.)
The 1940’s were taught by: Jean Daneks, Elsie Dodder (for four terms), Jessie Engle, Marcelene Clark, Bessie Gruver, Helen Ingle, Elsie Rukes and Bessie Gruver again. Robert Steele, W.W. Lauver and C.W. Ingle served on the board.
Teaching four non-consecutive terms in the 1950’s was Bessie Gruver along with Flo Gamet and Esther McCarty teaching the term of 1954.
During the entire life of District No. 52, it had always been associated with Osage and Franklin Counties. On August 17, 1955 the district was divided and split into two other districts: district 112 in Osage County and district 101 in Franklin County.
For many years the school building was used as a community center, and voting precinct. The building is now a private residence.

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