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Concord School

Concord School District NO. 66

School District No. 66 received a deed from Mary and Francis Jenkins, for a one acre tract of land on March 24, 1869. The land was to be used to construct a school building that was to become Concord School. This one acre tract is located near the intersection of N 600 Rd. and Dg. Rt. 1023/460.

The building was built of native stone by William Owens and Davey Robinson in 1869.

According to Goldie Piper Daniels book “Rural Schools and Schools of Douglas County, Kansas” for many years the school was known as “Spunky Point.” This name was derived from the stories of the two stone masons often fighting during the construction of the building. After several days of fighting, they finally decided to “bury the hatchet.” The story remembered is that there was no hatchet, so they decided to bury their gloves in the walls of the building. This legend is believed to have been the origin of the nickname of “Spunky Point.”

Some early teachers were: Patrick Geelan, Mamie Fisher, L. G. French, Sarah Lind, Alma Griffith, Nettie Patterson, J.A. Van Landingham, Rebecca Herming and Evelyn Emmett.

Maud Cartwright taught the term of 1897-98. She taught ten students for $32.50 per month. The records show only two school board members for the year. They were M.B. Sinclair and L.S. Cooper.

Teaching the term of 1899-1900 was Eunice Chapman, followed by Edith Wiley.

The term of 1901-1902 was taught by Harry fisher, followed by Jennie Herrington, Camiliia Nelson, Blanche Cook, Winifred Williams, Mamie Cann(Coffman), Rella Evans and Nina Schlink. William Sullivan, J.G. Michael and Albert Hase served on the board for the term ending in 1910.

The teachers of the next decade were: Nina Schlink, Jessie Moore, Dollie Moore, Mamie Haas, Flo McConnell, G.W. Branson, G. Vincent, Blacnhe Collins, H.S. Jenkins and L.S. Cooper.

The first two terms of the 1920’s were taught by Velma Day. With enrollment decreasing, the students were sent to Enterprise School District No. 18 for the term of 1922-23. The next few years the children of school age continued to decline. The children were sent to other schools and no teachers were hired for Concord School. The school district was disorganized on April 15, 1926. The district was split between Twin Mound District No. 32 and Enterprise District NO. 18.

The building and land were sold at public auction. Today all that remains of Concord School No. 66 (Spunky Point) are the memories and the history!

1925 Enrollment

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