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Crowder School

Crowder School District No. 69
One acre of land at the intersection of N. 1950 Rd. and E. 950 Rd., was sold to School District No. 69 on April 23, 1870 by Anna and G.B. Johnson. A log cabin structure was the first building to be constructed on this site was the first to be used as a school. This school became known as “Stony Lonesome.” It was a fitting name because of its location on a lonely rocky slope of a hill. The closest neighbor was over a quarter mile away.
The earliest records show Jessie Lathrope and Vandal Masterson as the teachers for the 1897-98 term. Jessie Lathrope only taught for three weeks of the term and Vandal Masterson finishing the term. Serving on the school board at that time were Henry Collins, J.A. Shields and Jacob Henrick. There were 22 students enrolled.
Teaching the next two terms were Nora Rose and Minnie Day.
Teaching the first decade of the twentieth century were: Lizzie Hope, A.C. Hope, H.E. Roller, Kathyrn Migliario, Ruth Jackson, Belle Howard, Jessie Ady, Maud Judy, Bonnie Bailey and Ida Martin. Serving on the board at the end of the 1910 term were J.M. Crowder, W.H. Lee and William Collins.
The small log cabin structure became inadequate in the middle of this decade, and a larger brick building was constructed to the east of the original location.
The Crowder family home was the closest neighbors to “Stony Lonesome.” They wanted to change the official name of the school to “Crowder”, but many apposed this choice. Many heated arguments and discussions ensued, before finally the “Crowder” name was approved. For many years some still referred to the school as “Stony Lonesome!”
Teachers of the next decade were: Ida Martin for four terms, Mary Samson, George Moss, Gertrude McCall, H.W. Faringer, Lilian Stove, Emma Calkins for 16 weeks and Lilian Stover again. W.O. Collins, O.J. Hodson and A.B. Cole were the school board members for the term ending in 1910.
The decade of the 1920’s were taught by: Allie Elder, Margaret Norris, K. S. Burgin, Ida Hodson, Mabel Shaw, Agnes Stevens and J.M. Griffs. J.M. Crowder, Jack Grimes and C.N. Hodson served on the board for the term ending in 1930.
Teachers of the 1930’s were: Johanna Griffs, Mrs. Howard Hicks for five terms, and Irma Kahle taught the last term of the 1930’s.J.M. Crowder, L.H. Rogers and Jack Grimes served on the board.
Rosemary Scheier was the first teacher of the next decade, followed by Mrs. W.B. Stauffer, Ibba Stauffer, Rebecca Banks, Lela Wilcox, and Erma Banks. Louis Hodson, L.H. Rogers and Henry Beuerman were the members of the board for the term ending in 1950.
There were only four teachers in the 1950’s, they were: Elaine Banks, Lilian Hill, Keylo Lippe and Vera Dixon. The last term of school taught in Crowder No. 69 was that 1955-56. Only five students were enrolled that last term, they were: Bill Hampton, Bruce Wilson, Corliss Hodson, Elaine Kasson and Patricia Maness. School board members were: L.D. Hodson serving 26 years; L.D. Hodson serving 14 years and Henry Beuerman serving 11 years.
On June 19, 1956 Crowder School District No. 69 was disorganized and absorbed into the Lecompton School District. W.O. Kasson bought the property and converted it into a home for his family.

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