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East Hopewell School

East Hopewell School District No. 68 (Jt.)

There is not much known about this school. Early maps indicate the existence of a school on N. 600 Rd. near the Johnson County line. It is believed it was a Douglas County school until about 1900, when became joint with Johnson County School District No. 70. In 1950 it became part of Baldwin School District No. 92.

W.R. Parks was the teacher, according to the census records of 1897-98, with two recorded board members A.C. Kendall and H.S. Crumrine. The enrollment is shown as 27 students.

The next two school terms were by Jennie Armstrong and Ida Katherman.

Cora Elliot, A.C. Couch, Alma Watson, Bertha Green, Lena Brecheisen and Mamie Dauberman were the teachers for the first decade of the twentieth century. The school board members were Phil Gabriel, Clark Kendall and Jacob Kanzig.

Sophia Brecheisen taught the first four school terms, followed by Mae Knabe, Lydia Kanzig, Anna Hammig and Inez Westerhouse. Anna Westerhouse, Gus Gabriel and Mrs. Roger Stanley served on the school board.

Ethel Kindred, Alverna Kanzig, Georgianna Stanley, Nellie Hyland, Esther Brecheisen and Esther Miller were the teachers through the term of 1924-25. The school was disorganized in 1950, and became part of the Baldwin school district.
Located on the East side of the line, the 1873 Atlas shows the school as Joint District 70. The original school house was still operating in the 1940s due to influx of students from Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant. Believe it closed in 1946 The structure was moved from the property in the early 1950s (photo).

East Hopewell School Class Picture about 1907

This is from the Baldwin Ledger dated December 15, 1922 regarding Hopewell School and High Prairie School. The second attachment was also in the same paper which lists the honor student at the high school

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