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Excelsoir School

Excelsior School District No. 77
This school was located on the north side of N.100 Rd., ½ mile east of E. 1000 Rd. This one acre tract of land was deeded to School District No. 77 on December 6, 1869 by Jessie and Robert Steel.
It is believed that a small log cabin was used as the first school, until 1888, when the last building was constructed. Drinking water was supplied by a well near a tributary of Tauy Creek. Sunday school was also held in the Excelsior School building.
Libby Artis Metsker served as the first recorded teacher of the 1897-98 term. She taught 31 students for $28 monthly. These early records show the school board consisting of J.W. Dyer, Henry Kirchner and T.L. Gilliland.
Teaching the next term of 34 students was Eva Emmett, followed by William Hammond.
Kate McNeese, Hildred Crater, Daisy Hansen, Emma Pine, Daisy Mohler, Myrtle Stevenson, Bonnie Bailey and Ethel Duff, taught the first decade of the 1900’s. J.W. Warner, J.E. Dyer, Charles Disque and J.W. Warner were the school board members for the term ending in 1910.
Teaching the next decade were: C.A. Martin, Dorothy Pohl, Mary Oshel, Gertie Black, Grace Defenbaugh, Margie Allen, and Mary Spears. Those serving on the school board were J.H. Gale, C.A. Stevenin and D.C. Sutton.
Teachers of the 1920’s were: Louise Koehler, Ester Anderson, Louise Hoehler, Florence Williams, Elizabeth Tuttle, and Clarence Craig. The enrollment had now dropped to 25 students. Those serving on the school board were C.B. Kirchner, C. Gastrock, Jr. and Henry Pohl.
The 1930’s teachers were: E.W. Shaffer, Vera Pohl, Maude Maranville, Letha Hase, Cordelia Penn, Buena Vista Morgan, Elizabeth Nusbaum and Nadine Carpenter. Serving on the school board during the 1930’s were, Glenn Flora, Milton Craig and Mr. Walter Pohl.
Teaching the next decade was: Nadine Carpenter, Louise Pohl, Mabel Turner (teaching 5 terms).
R.V. Browning, Harry Strong and J.M. Kring served on the board.
When Marion Springs was formed, Exceline No. 91 became part of District No. 101. The old Excelsior building was torn down and removed.

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