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Farmland School

Farmland School District No. 71
Farmland No. 71 was located on the northeast corner of E. 2000 and E. 1500 Rd. This property was established as the school location on May 16, 1870.
The first building to be used as a school at this location was of soft brick construction and approximately 30’x40 feet in size. It was of the standard design, with two front doors, each leading into separate cloak rooms, on for the girls and one for the boys. A school bell tower rose from the roof peak between the cloak rooms.
This structure served the district until 1926, when the school was destroyed by fire. It is believed that the floor of the building had been oiled the previous night to protect the floor, as was often done, and the hot wood burning stove, had started the freshly oiled floor on fire, thus destroying the building. Students completed the school year by attending the nearby schools of Kaw Valley, and Eudora.
A building built by J.L. Constant Construction served the district for the next 29 years.
The earliest records available of 1897-98 indicate R.E. Emmett as teaching that school term. J. Schlegel, James Charles and E. Perkins served on the school board for that school term.
The next two school terms were taught by Sadie Dorsey. James Charles, J. Schlegel and W.E. Perkins comprised the school board.
Eva Barrett, Otta Rhodes, Frances Albert, Ella Hase, Kathryn Leonhard, Mayme Brune, Alta Roe and Alice Hyatt, were the teachers of the first decade of the 1900’s. The school board members were James Charles, Don Westheffer and J.B. Perkins.
Douglas Harris, Nettie Phillips, Mary Henley Howard Mann and Mary Scheher taught next. During the term of 1915-16, no classes were held at Farmland. The next school year of 1916-17 was taught by Anna Hammig and Louise Knopp. C.A. Moody, W.E. Perkins and John Ott made up the school board for the term ending the 1920 year.
Teaching the next decade: Phebe Bigsby, Stella Brazil, Martha Scheher, Telitha Newton, Vera Hibbard and teaching the last term of the 1920’s Gladys Peterson. William Ott, Ralph Davis and R.G. Ogden served on the school board ending the decade of the 1920’s.
The 1930’s were taught by: Nellie Perkins (5 years), Bessie Brown, Annabel Rasmussen, and Lorene Deckwa. Don Westheffer, Ralph Davis and C.C. Perkins served as the school board.
Teaching the 1940’s were, Lorene Deckwa, Ruth Bartz, Alvena Knabe, teaching 7 years Ethel March and teaching the last term of the 1940’s Clara Waner. School board members were Albert Wichman, P.M. Saunders and Howard Whaley.
Grace Waner taught the first 5 years of the 1950’s. Farmland No. 71 was disorganized in September of 1955, and consolidated with Kaw Valley No. 12 to form the new Kaw Valley District No. 95.
I remember attending the auction of this school with my Dad, in the fall of 1955 when it sold for $3300. Dad thought the price was too high!
The artist's rendering from "Rural Schools and Schoolhouses of Douglas County" by Goldie Piper Daniels was the second and last Farmland School. This is the building. That I went with my Dad to the auction.

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