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Globe School

Globe School District No. 23
The first school of record for this community was of June 18, 1867. A deed for a one acre tract of land, which is now under the waters of Lone Star Lake, from Margaret and John F. Brown was accepted by J.H. Kelly, Nathan Bond and George S. Stone, the District NO. 23 board members.
This school was named “Kelly” for the state Congressman James Kelly. The first teacher in this building was Harvey Livermore, followed by Harve Laughlin, Ella Friend, Charlie Robinson, Millie Linn, Emma Lee, Elva Harding, Emma Hyde and J.T. See teaching the term of 1879.
It was decided that the district had outgrown the first school and needed something larger. A new school building was built and re-named “Globe”, on the northwest corner of N. 400 Rd., E. 600 Rd., often referred to as “Talley’s Corner.” Finally, on June 30, 1890 the new owner of this parcel deeded one and one-half acres to the school district.
Viola Fogerty was the first teacher of record to teach in this new building, followed by Jim Baldwin, Anna Morgan, J.A. Kesler, Sadie Akers, Josie Dyer and William Anthony. The term of 1895 had the largest enrollment for the school, and it was taught by J.C. Wright, followed by Bertha Wolfe.
J.H. Lyons, and M.H. Ulrich were the school board members of record for the term of 1897-98. Teaching that term with 32 students was Delia Sawin.
A.H. King taught the next two terms of 1898-99, and 1899-1900. The teachers following Mr. King were Clara Kirby, Ida Lyons, Anna Benson, Ida Lyons again, I.T. Richardson, Sonora Metsker, Glenn Raymond and Lenora Preston. Joseph Hefner, August Hoc and C.M. Albright were the board members ending that decade.
Lena Terrrell, Fred Roy, Anna Hyland, Esther Foiles, Minnie Hibner, Earl Weimer, L.G. French Mabel Weimer and Mabel Casebier taught the next decade. Serving on the school board were H.A. Rappard, L.H. Featherston, and William Swarz.
The decade of the 1920’s was taught by: Ruth Pearson, Mary Gill, Wilma Hase, Leora Myers, Vera Moon, and Olive Brown. By this time the enrollment had declined to 16 students. Those serving on the school board were J.G. Stahel, J.H. Lyon and Walter Oehrle.
Teaching the 1930’s were Ethyl Trendle, E.W. Kingery, Vera Wismer, Katherine Brass, Hugh Allen, and Lucille Kardazke, Walter Oehrle, Mrs. L.H. Featherston and E.W. Kingery were the school board members.
The 1940’s were taught by Bernice Baker, Bernice Tregemba, Everett Simmons and Estella Tiejens. Serving on the school board for the term ending in 1950 were Mrs. Harley Lyons, Walter Schwarz and Arlie Heffner.
Agnes Prim, Bertha Hornbuckle, Daryl Jehle and Ruth Kingery were the teachers of the 1950’s.
The sad day of April 9, 1959 was when the district disorganized and joined with Baldwin/Lapeer District No. 41 to form No. 97. Classes for this district were still held in the Globe school.
District NO. 97 then joined with others to form Marion Springs School District NO. 101.

Water Pump is all that is left of the Globe school site

Photo courtesy of Gary Rappard

Photo courtesy of Marsha Wendell Pohl

1960 ... Globe School, Douglas County
Back Row... Judy Pearce, Richard Pearce, Jenny Stumbo, Mrs. Ruth Kingery, Marie Neibrugge, Earl Hulce,.
Middle Row... John Pearce, Allene Pearce, Bobby Wilkerson, John Hulce, Brenda Lyons.
Front Row: Deanna Wilkerson, Marsha Pearce, Ginny Hutchison, Rosie Rappard, _______ Hutchison.



1957 School Census Records

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