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Harmony School

Harmony School District No. 57
This rural Douglas County school located on one acre is one and one half miles east of E. 1800 Rd. on N. 800 Rd. or one-half mile west of E. 2000 Rd. on N. 800 Rd. (1954 N. 800 Road.) The site was established for use as a school on March 29, 1871. The one acre lot was deeded to the school district from Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Karnes, Hannah Hoffman and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hoffman. The first school board consisted of James Potter, Thomas Stout and John Pugh. Under the agreement, the site could only be used as a school. When the district disorganized, it was turned over to Howard Deay.
The materials for this native sandstone building were quarried from the surrounding hills. Originally there were two doors entering into the one room. Lewis Swanson from Minnesota was the stonemason.
The unique name of this school was a result of two youngsters fighting on the grounds on the day the school was to be dedicated. The boys’ fathers became involved and the dispute was eventually resolved. It was from this encounter, that the name “Harmony” was suggested and accepted for School District No. 57.
Early teachers were Alice Reed in 1894-95, George Nichols in 1895-96 and Alvin Crouch, 1896-97.
For the term of 1897-98 A. H. King taught 54 students. The following year he became the county superintendent.
Teachers through the 1909-10 terms included: Leslie Fitz, Helen Gill, A. H. Crouch, Ada Hill, W. H. Harrell, J. W. Phelps, George Nichols, Clara Allison and Leroy Harris. Board members were; J. L. Deay, W. E. Hoskinson and Jake Reusch.
Teaching during the 1920’s: Vera Saile, Cora Eckman, Grace Fordyce, Milldred Day, Wini Stevens, Ellen Owen, Bernice Holmes and Mildred Cook.
Teachers of the 1930’s: Hazel Shirar, Lottie Harrell, Mrs. Cochran and Josephine Staadt. Board members were, Howard Deay, Dale Crady and Ed Hadl.
Faye Hagerman Deay thought 19 students in 1940 and continued teaching here until 1947, when the school disorganized. The last term of school only had an enrollment of six students. On April 28, 1947 Harmony School District No. 57 consolidated with Vinland School District No. 88.
This building still exists today and has been converted to a residence.

Harmony Grade School @ the Vinland Fair 1938
Front row-Max Hagerman, Ted Crady &  Carol Deay Randel - 2nd row
Phyllis Miskimen, Marguerite Boehle ,
Jr Hadl, Mary Miskimen,Nora Jean Miskimen, Arlus Deay, Alta Nichols,
Floyd Murray. 3rd row. ?, Grace Miskimen, Delores Hadl, Dorothy Boehle, Opal Miskimen?, Margaret Cochran (teacher), Millard Murray, Virginia Nichols & Opal Murray.

Harmony School gets a facelift and is a residence now

Harmony Grade School painted by Mary Ann Crady

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