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Jones School

Jones School District No. 73

Jones School District No. 73 was established sometime around 1870. It was located on the west side of Dg. Co. Rt. 1039, about two and one-half miles south of Dg. Co. Rt. 458.

It is likely the school’s name was derived from the first known clerk for the school, Mr. J.L. Jones. The other members of the school board at that time were William Brass and Peter Nuffer. The first teacher was A.M. Gaston.

The early years of this school’s existence saw many financial difficulties, thus the school terms ranged from three to seven months.

A well with a pump was added in 1877. The board decided at that time it was cheaper to purchase coal in lieu of wood to heat the school, so the change was made.

Finally in 1879 a seven month term was established. This length of term did not last for long. In 1880 the district found themselves again in debt. The school terms was then shortened to six months. The six month term lasted until 1894. When the school returned to a seven month term, Ella Stone was hired as teacher.

Florence Hartup was hired to teach the 1897 term, by school board members D.H. Anderson, Harry Barber and W.F. Brass. She taught 21 students.

Teachers serving the district until 1910 were: Rose Barker, Maggie McCollum Beth Kanga, Delia Mulville, Rose Burnette, Bessie Taylor, Viva McKenzie, Blanche Gaines and Grace Klein. Serving the district on the school board were Arthur Walter, F.H. Bucheim and G.A. Anderson.

Ida Steele taught the next school term, followed by Jessie Moore, Marie Supple, Ernest Harrington, Phebe Bigsby, Ruth Glenn, Lillian Overbaugh and Lenora Schroyer. The school board was served by John Gress, G.A. Anderson and W.E. Fitzpatrick.

The original building burned to the ground in 1908. It is believed that for the next two years school was held in a private home. During this time a new school building was being constructed.

The decade of the 1920’s were taught by: Ida Steele, Ruth Miller, Elizabeth McClannahan, Grace Bleske, Lois Wells, Mabel Shaw, Ellen Lackey, Theresa Anderson, Theresa Guenther and Mary Anderson. The enrollment was now 9 students. Samuel Bucheim, J.F. Brass and G.A. Anderson served on the school board.

1930’s teachers were: Loretta Trendle, Helen Norwood, Eunice Brass, Irene Mahoney, Dorothy Williams and Freida Rothchild. By the end of the term ending in 1938, the enrollment had severely declined, so no school was held here until the term beginning in 1940.

An eight month term had now been established and Viola Glenn taught that term with 3 students. This term proved to be the last for the district. Jones School District No. 73 disorganized on December 31, 1947 with the district being divided between Starr No. 19, Yarnold No. 40 and Deer Creek No. 48.

A public auction was held on October 11, 1947. All equipment including the coal shed, pony barn, building and foundation were sold. The building sold for $810.00.

Photo from display at the Wakarusa River Valley Heritage Museum, Clinton Lake.

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