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Lakeview School

Lakeview School District No. 1

Located near the intersection E. 1200 Rd. and N. 2000 Rd, The first school to serve District No. 1 was about 16’ square and was of wood frame construction. This first building was built somewhere around 1860, and served the community for approximately seventeen years. This one acre tract was deeded to the district by Elmira Hornsby. The school board accepting this transaction consisted of A.S. Stehwein, Eben Baldwin and F. Brune in 1877.

The small 16’ building was replaced with a larger building of native stone. The smaller building was relocated one half mile north and became part of a home.

From the records of 1897-98, two school board members were Frank Brune and J.C. Patton. The seven month term was taught by Alma Caldwell.

In the spring of 1899 the building was damaged beyond repair by fire. A new brick building with a cellar was approved and constructed. This was the last building to serve the district.

Adah Deering and Simon White taught the next two terms, with Nellie Olsen, Cosia Fry, Katheryn Migiario, Erna Rudolph, Alta Roe, and Esther Swanson completing the first decade of the new century.

The next decade saw a six month term for 1917, while the rest were of seven months. Teaching the decade were: Edith Pollock, Jessie Borg, Elizabeth Cox, Hazel Wilson, Mary Stephens, Gladys Harding, Pearl Stewart, Esther Knop and Dora Wilson. With 13 students, the school board members were J.C. Beurman, D.H. McCreath and Albert Brune.

The 1920’s were taught by: Dora Wilson, Lucille McCreath for six terms, Gladys Hemphill and Telitha Newton. The school board members were now Owen Mitchell, Albert Brune and David Perkins. The enrollment now was 25 students.

Telitha Newton, Thelma Haverty, Josephine Key, Hilda Hunter, Laura Miller and Crystle Ganbhart, were the teachers of the 1930’s. The enrollment had dropped to only nine students. Serving on the school board for the term ending in 1940 were Earl Skinner, Owen Mitchell and Albert Brune.

Starting the 1940-41 term, Crystle Ganbhart was the teacher for half of the term. She then resigned and Orva Hoffman completed the term. The school enrollment had now declined to five students. Teaching the next two years was again Orva Hoffman. Lakeview School District No. 1 was closed for the next two years due to declining enrollment.

In 1947 Lakeview No. 1 consolidated with Riverside to form the new District No. 1. The new school district elected Elmer Husted, Owen Mitchell and W.J. Brink to the board.

All the property of Lakeview No. 1 was sold at auction. For many years the building served as a rental property and served many purposes. The building was eventually dismantled.

Photo is from 1908.

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