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Lone Star School

Lone Star School District No. 47
The first school of this district was built near Chicken Creek, about one and one half miles southeast of the town of Lone Star and was called “Chicken Creek School.”
The earliest records found are from a meeting held in 1870. A five month term was taught by Emma Kenaston, with fifteen students enrolled.
Meeting records from 1879 indicate the approval to “daub” the walls of the building, among other repairs. These repairs included, using mortar to fill cracks between the logs. At the time Chicken Creek School was being used the nearby community that as known as “Bond, Kansas.”
Around 1880, Peter Dolbee deeded one acre of land to be used for the building of a new school. The site, was located in “Bond”. A new school was constructed in the fall/winter of 1881-82 by Tom Breeze and Cyrus Flory. Finishing their work late one afternoon as the sun was setting; they discussed a name for the school. Since it now sat on Washington Creek, the name of “Chicken Creek” was no longer appropriate. Tom Breeze was gazing at the evening sky when he noticed one “Lone Star” appear. The school and the community thus became known as “Lone Star. Another school of thought on the naming of the school and the community may have been from the presence of the Palmetto Guards South Carolina flag which was blood red with a “lone star” on each side, and written on one side “South Carolina” and the other side “Southern Rights.” Bond” was officially changed to “Lone Star” in 1899. The Lone Star Post Office served the small community until May 15, 1953.
This frame structure built by Tom Breeze and Cyrus Flory was about 25 feet by 35 feet, had three windows on each side and a single door in the front. There was no well, so drinking water was carried from a half mile away. Heat was provided by a wood burning stove. Six kerosene lamps provided the light. The first teacher in this building was Elva Harding.
The term of 1895 showed an increased enrollment of seventy-six students. It was now obvious the building was not large enough for the expanding enrollment. The fall/winter term of 1895-96 saw the construction of a new building on the same site. The old building was sold and moved across the road and used by the Fraternal Aid Association.
In 1925, John Hoover bought this building, dismantled it and moved it to Lawrence where the lumber was used to build a small store on west 23rd street.
Early teachers at the new school were: Flora Kennedy, C. F. Arthur, Julia Harmon, Vienna Chilcote, Viola Fogerty, Minnie Montgomery, Elva Metsker and Mayme Fisher.
The term of 1898 had an enrollment of 58 students taught by J.W. Gowans. The next term had 68 students and again was taught by J.W. Gowans. Ida Lyons taught the next term, with 60 students.
Teachers of 1900-1910 were: Emma Ulrich (Petefish), D.F. Smith and Byron Talhem. Board members for 1910 were C.W. Flory (builder of the previous building), W.A. Flory and E.E. Whitman.
Teachers of the next decade were: D.F. Smith, Earl Weiner, Ona Wimmer, Richard Koff, Wilson Coffman, Lloyd Perryman, C.R. Hawley, Josephine DeVoe and Harold Fisher.
Teaching the 1920’s were: Harold Fisher, Gladys Waterson, Lester Fisher, Mabel Longanecker, Elnora Anderson, Mary Sanders, Winifred Stevens and Clarence Craig.
Teachers of the 1930’s were: Harold Fisher, Milton Janicke, Mabel Shaw McNees and Lucille Hird.
Teaching the next ten years were: Lucille Hird, June Davidson, Ralph Hodgen, Millard Brammel, Maurice Tate and Graham Upham. Enrollment numbers by this time had been declining for many years. The term ending in 1950 only had 16 students.
This building served the district for over fifty years. During this time it saw many physical changes. The front porch had added a roof, a belfry added, a basement constructed beneath the building with an exterior entrance, new double door entrance on the front, new north entrance to the basement and much new playground equipment was added. A well was drilled in 1932.
Students from Colyer Dist. No. 42 were added in 1944 and from Apple Pie Dist. No. 27 in 1946.
The 1950’s saw only four teachers: Helen Kesler, Mary Koontz, Doris Pratt and Grace Warner. The Last term for Lone Star was 1958-59. Lone Star was consolidated with several other Douglas County rural schools to form Wakarusa Valley District No. 98. The school was disorganized in 1959. The building was sold at auction nearly two years later and transformed into a private residence.

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