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Model School

Model School District No. 83
You have probably driven by this rural school many times, not realizing it was at one time known as Model School.
This school is located southwest of Lawrence, on Dg. Co. Rt. 458, about two miles west of Highway 59 on the north side of the road.
A frame structure was built on this site in 1895. The first teacher appears to have been John Akers followed by Ed Shepp. Behind Model School was a large pond, where local residents often gathered to ice skate in the winter.
This building, like most rural schools, served as the social center of the community. Model School according to Goldie Piper Daniels in her book “Rural Schools and Schoolhouses of Douglas County, Kansas”, hosted many events including literary society gatherings, box suppers, school plays and even the “Punch and Judy Show!” This show was performed by a professional ventriloquist and his two puppets for the amazement of the children.
Teaching the 1897-98 term was Ed Shepp, with thirty-five students. Following Mr. Shepp was Lottie Brune then Vera Nelson.
Teachers of the 1900’s were: Alma Nelson, H.L. Kennedy, Lottie Brune, Minnie Kennedy, Lena Jones, Carrie Neal and Myrtle Epley.
Teachers of the next decade were: Eunice Manter, Eda Hinchman, Verna Allis, Marjorie Axe, Tillie Render, Ida Martin, Cassie Taylor and Ethel Kalb.
1920’s teachers were: Kathryn McCattrey, Florence Claxton, Hazel Charles, Edna Eberwein and Alta Murray.
In 1922, a basement was dug under the building to facilitate a furnace. This project came with a final expenditure of $700.00!
The next decade was taught by: Alta Murray, Francis Metcalfe, Mildred Petrie and Mildred Ross.
Teaching the 1940’s were: Mildred Ross, Edith Moses, Emma Petefish and Helen Woodward. The school was closed for the terms of 1947-48 and 1948-49. An agreement was made with Crutchfield No. 6 to temporarily accept the students from Model during this time. Model District No. 83 consolidated with Pleasant Valley District No. 14 in 1948. The Model school building was sold to Harry Richardson Jr. for $1025.00. It has served as a private residence for many years.

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