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Mound School

Mound School District NO. 35
Mound School District No. 35 was established in 1869, when the first building of native stone was built. This original location was at the southeast corner of E. 300 Rd and N. 1400 Rd. on one acre of land deeded by Amelia and Charles Smith to the school board members of District No. 35, then known as “Scouten”, or “Mound” or “Mount View.’
According to Goldie Piper Daniels in “Rural Schools and Schoolhouses of Douglas County, Kansas” some early teachers to my records were Miss Connole, Effie Taylor, Mr. Green, Mr. Telmas, and X.J. Kennedy. A new wood framed building was built in 1894.
For the term of 1897-98 two school board members were of record; H.E. Swadley and Michael Roller. Teaching 52 students was Edna Pryor, followed by D.C. Fisher teaching 42 students the following term. For the 1898-99 term the school was known as “Mount View.” The teacher for the next term was T.J. Fisher with William Shaw, Michael Roller and M.L. Kennedy serving on the school board. The name of the school was still listed as “Mount View” on the annual report.
Teaching the early years of the 1900’s were Vera Nelson, Minnie Tracy, Vera Nelson again, for two terms. The school name had then become “Mound.” Delia Mulvhill, Grace Creel, Mary Tucker, Bessie Taylor, and Mary Samson and Maude Butler completed teaching the decade.
Faye Woodward was the first teacher for the next ten years, followed by W.H. Bertz, Louise Loesch, Waneta Smith, Roa Fry, Emma Hartley, Ruby Chilcote, Sena Sutton and Bertha Glenn. Serving on the school board for the term ending in 1920 were J.E. Koehler, William Ice and Add Scheer.
Teachers of the 1920’s were: Denca Curd, Sena Sutton, Bertha Weidman, Clara Pine, Hazel Noe, Theresa Guenther, Nila White and Kathryn McCaffrey. Enrollment for the term ending in 1930 was now 24 students. Those serving on the school board for the ending term of the 1920’s were George Anderson Jr., C.B. Slusser and Thomas Connole.
Margaret Winsler was the first teacher of the 1930’s, with Tersa Anders, then Sara Slavens for five terms, followed by Mary Sparks and Jacquelean Steele. August Walter, W.H. Anderson an d H.P. Houk were the board members for the end of the 1930’s.
Jacquelean Steel was the first teacher of the 1940’s followed by Phyllis Sanford and then Emma Ward. The following two school terms the school was closed. In 1947 the school was again opened and Theda Mae was the teacher. There were only six students enrolled. C.F. Kennedy, J.M. Clough and Harvey Houk were the school board members.
County School Superintendent Emma Berg disorganized the school on June 24, 1949. The wood frame building was sold and relocated to the west side of Dg. Rt. 1023, two miles south of Dg. Co. Rt. 442 (Stull Road.)
Artist's rendering by Goldie Piper Daniels.
Although this building does exist (I have seen it), I have been unable to get anyone to answer the door, for permission to photograph it. I will add, it is in reasonably good shape.

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