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Oak Grove School

Teacher Leona Jardon

Oak Grove School No. 10
The first building to serve District No. 10 was a log cabin in Section 11, T. 15, R. 19. Not much is known about the log cabin, but it is believed to have been built around 1865 and served the district until the second and last building was built in 1870.
The second building was located on one acre of land at the southwest corner of N. 100 Rd. and E. 1300 Rd. This one acre tract was donated to the school district by Mary and George W. Hanes on November 23, 1870.
This second building was of standard design, having three windows on each side an on door in the front (east end). In 1906, the building was extended and now four windows per side. A porch and belfry were added to the east end. At a later date the porch was enclosed to provide for a kitchen and cloak rooms.
Early teachers were L.S. Moore, P. Chappell, Lizzie Douglas, Ella Moore, Flora Beckwith, Emma Black, Miss Mitchell, Miss Gilluli, S.J. LaRue, Lucy Miller, Sarah Pleasaito, Mollie Ashby, Gerturde Wells C.H. Puckett and Allice Griffis.
Katie Dyer, Grace Dixon, Effie Seaman, Jimmie Hair, T.Y. Seaman, Marjie Stump, Florence Dixon, and Olive Stevens were all teachers of the 1890’s. Miss Stevens taught the term ending in 1898 with 28 students. A.T. Sheppard and Emanuel Bixler were the only two recorded school board members.
Teaching the 1899 and 1900 terms was Isiah Eberhart, followed by B.A. Hammond Carrie Harbison, J.E Perry, C.R. Hawley, Gussie Reece, James Hemphill, Fred Barrel, and Ruth Mann. Thomas Dyer, J.T. Turner and H.S. Barkley were the school board members for the term ending in 1910.
The next ten years were taught by Howard Mann, Maude Gordon, Gertrude Black, Leona Jardon, Ruth Pearson, Clara Powell and Gladys Waterson. W.H. Davis, Emile Henon and H.S. Barlkey were those serving on the board.
The 1920’s were taught by Ruhama Tucker, Josephine Burgtorf, Rea Clark, Jean Mahaffy, Margaret Coffman, Leone Campbell, and Thelma Crook, teaching fifteen students for the term ending in 1930. Asa Turner, Jerold Hobson and Lem Barton were the school board members.
The next decade was taught by Leroy Stoneking, Ethel Deay teaching four terms, Julia Bennett, Wilma Walsh and Agnes Stevens. The school board serving the term ending in 1940 were C.W. Detwiler, Millard Jackson and Jerold Detwiler.
Agnes Stevens taught the first term of the 1940’s followed by Marzella Dwyer teaching seven terms and Lois Ruble teaching two terms. The school board members serving for the term ending in 1950 were Richard Butell, Oscar Turner and Milo Embry.
Lois Ruble was the first teacher of the next decade, followed by Frances Zorn, and Mabel Turner teaching six terms ending in 1959. Those serving on the board were B.A. Coates, Oscar Turner and Cecil Stecher.
Mabel Turner taught only fourteen students for t term ending in 1959. The next year there were only twelve students and they were sent the Baldwin School District. Oak Grove School District No. 10 was disorganized on June 3, 1960 and taken into Baldwin School District No. 92.

1915 Students

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