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Oak Hill School

Oak Hill School District No. 75

Oak Hill School District No. 75 was established on August 7, 1870 when Susan and James P. Corel deeded a one and one-half acre tract of land near the north side of the intersection of E. 1600 Rd./O’Connell Rd. and Kansas Highway 10.

A brick building was constructed here to be used as a school. During the early days of the district, this school was known as “McGee.” After 1878 it was known as “Oak Hill.”

The annual county records of 1906 indicate that children of school age could be sent to Lawrence High School, Oread High School or Lawrence Business College, with the tuition paid by School District No. 75.

During the 1906 meeting, it was considered to dispose of the brick building, while sending all children of school to Lawrence Schools. No records are available for the next several years. Sometime around 1910-11 the building was destroyed by fire.

From the records of the 1906 meeting; “All old papers and registers of no value were examined and destroyed as voted on at the last annual meeting.” So Oak Hill No. 75 had a very short history, perhaps the close proximity to Lawrence schools contributed to this.

Photo for attention only, although it is the site of a a former school.

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