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Oberlin School

Oberlin School District No. 80

Oberlin School District No. 80 was established in 1873 when Maria and Daniel Phoencie donated a one acre tract to district No. 80 for the sole purpose of being used as a school. This site, located on the southwest corner of N. 1420 Rd. and E. 2300 Rd. is not known by most as a school location.

The school built here was part of Johnson County School District NO. 74, located to the northwest of Captain’s Creek. This Douglas County School District was known as Oberlin School District Joint No. 80.

Records before the school year of 1897-98 are scarce. According to this authors records the first teacher for that school term was Louise Leonhard, teaching twenty-two students. Fred Neis, Mary Bernitz and William Lotholz were the board members.

Florence Alberts taught the next term, followed by Nellie Robertson, Gertrude Sellards, D.P. Merrion, Alice Reed and Rosa Smith. School was not held for the term of 1908-09, due to low enrollment.

The next term of 1909-10 was taught by Charlotte Luckan with Joseph Oder, Will Eisle and Fred Neis serving on the school board.

The term of 1909-10 proved to be the last for Oberlin No. 80. Finally on August 14, 1929 the district became part of the Eudora school system.

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