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Peach Grove School

Peach Grove School District No. 45

Peach Grove School District No. 45 was established in 1865. One acre was deeded to the district by Norcissor and James Ashbby, near the intersection of N. 150 Rd. and E. 1550 Rd.

This school district had a very short life. Most of its existence was in the late 1800’s. Only three terms were held at Peach Grove after 1899.

From the records of 1897-98, there were eleven children of school age (5-21) listed in the district and eight of them were enrolled in school. Tuition was paid for these students to be sent to an un-named school district. The same was done for the term of 1898-99.

No school was held here for the next term of 1899-1900. Records indicate that O.E. Kuhn taught a seven month term in 1900-01 with sixteen children of school age in the district. E.J. Butell, V.W. Barkley and A.D. Butell served as the school board.

Daisy Hansen taught the next school term with eleven children of school age in the district.

The last school term for Peach Grove District No. 45 was that of 1902-03. The last term was taught by Margie North. There were fifteen children of school age in the district. Peach Grove District No. 45 was disorganized be County Superintendent C.O. Bowman on August 31, 1903. District NO. 45 then became part of the new Prairie City District No. 87.

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