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Pleasant Grove School District No. 38

Pleasant Grove School District No. 38 had three schools serve the district through its 93 year history. John Ulrich, A.M. Flory and J.C. Weybright the school board of district No. 38 in 1866, received three quarters of an acre from Roberts Powers for the purpose of building a school. This tract was not recorded until September of 1877. It is believed that it was recorded at this later date, because the district was in need of a larger school and property. Levy Flory, Robert Sutters and Thomas Evans the school board for District NO. 38 received a deed from Samuel Hook for one acre of land. The ¾ acre tract then returned back to Robert Powers.
The second site had a frame building constructed, which was demolished after the construction of a third building was built on yet another site. This third and last site was on the east side of old Highway 59 and contained one and one-half acres.
The first teacher of record was in the census records of 1897-98 shows Linnie Kennedy as teacher. The three school board members were Ira Rothrock, A.H. Wilson and Levi Flory. The next teacher was Louise Leonard, followed by Clara Brewster for the term ending in 1900.
Teaching the next decade: Frances Albert, Lillian Williams, Linnie Kennedy, Lucille Dearth, Eunice Clapman, Byron Talheim, Emma Pine and R.L. Allen. Those serving on the board were E.J. Deay, W.D. Lyons and Charles Wells.
The next ten years were taught by: Lena Jones, Anna Miller, Faye Rothrock, Nellie Hyland, George Nichols, Clide Butler and Faye Rothrock teaching again, teaching 32 students. Board members were Ed Deay, T.G. Hiatt and I.S. Flory.
Teaching the 1920’s were: Howard Deay, Madge McCall, Mary Norris, Dora Eberwein, Hattie McTaggart, Ina Bahnmaier, and Gertrude Brazil teaching three terms. There were twenty students enrolled at the term ending in 1930. Serving on the school board were I.S. Flory, C.A. Peterson and Felix Tuckel.
The 1930’s were taught by Bessie Brown, followed by Gertrude Brazil, Thelma Waggoner, Mabel Shaw, C.H. Pontius, Lois Pontius, Gladys Griffith teaching four terms. Chester Desque, Jack Dillon and I.S. Flory were serving on the school board at the end of the 1940 term.
Teaching in the 1940’s were Alvena Knabe, Mary Sanford, Louise Stumbo Nora Vitt and Rose Marie Newland. C.L. Desque, C.C. Poole and H.H. Titford, served on the board.
The next decade saw Marian Madl teaching for the first eight years and Dorothy Kirk teaching the term ending in 1959.
Pleasant Valley School District No. 38 was disorganized on June 4, 1959 and consolidated with Wakarusa Valley District NO. 98.
The photos you see here are of the last building to serve District No. 38.

Sept. 30th, 1946 the entire school in front of Parson Bowlin's home. Nadine Bowlin, teacher, Miss Newland, Terry Teigen, Jerry Teigen, Nellie Bowlin, Charlotte ?, Yvonne Markley, Jimmy Disque, Adelee Poole, and Mildred Bowlin

Miss Marian Madl, teacher at Pleasant Grove class of 1948-1949

The Three Bears, Pleasant Grove school play. Danny McMillen in the middle

Miss Marian Madl, Teacher. 1949-1950 Pleasant Grove School

Miss Marian Madl, teacher 1952-1953

Miss Marian Madl, teacher 1953-1954

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