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Pleasant Oak School

Pleasant Oak School District No. 45
This school district of Douglas County was established in 1907 and was the last organized in the county. Pleasant Oak No. 45 was located about a mile east of Clearfield No. 58 on the north side of N. 600 Rd.
Most school districts were established so the students did not need to walk more than two miles to school. Pleasant Oak was established, because some of the children in Clearfield No. 58 had to walk over two miles to attend school. Thus No. 58 was divided and No. 45 was established. Peach Grove School was once known as No. 45, but changed in 1903 to consolidate with old Prairie City No. 78 to form New High Prairie No. 87.
Pleasant Oak was named for the beautiful oak trees on the two-thirds of an acre site. The school building was a wood frame structure with a belfry.
The records of 1897-98 indicate the first recorded school board members were George Brecheisen, George Meeder and Martin Breithaupt. Twenty-eight students were taught by Carrie Blakeman. The next term was also taught by Carrie Blakeman
Teaching the early 1900’s were: Ida Steele followed by Stella Brazil, Ellen Melville, Mabel Russell, Paul Selzer and Edna Smith.
Pleasant Oak No. 45, was made joint with Johnson County in 1920. The school board members involved with approving this decision were George Meeder, Martin Breithaupt and Mrs. Lewis Schendel.
The teachers of the decade of the 1920’s were: Lydia Koehler, Clara Randel, Agnes Stevens, Dorothy Liston and Edna Holmes teaching the term of 1927-28. The school sat idle until the term of 1932. The few students during that period of time were sent to Baldwin City, with transportation expenses paid by District No. 45.
Mrs. Glenn Peer taught the terms of 1932 and 1933, followed by Marcyle Burnett, Margaret Lytle and Gladys Bond teaching the term ending the decade. Phillip Brecheisen, Florin Meeder and Ted Brecheisen were the board members for the term ending in 1940.
Jean Williamson was the first teacher of the 1940’s followed by Helen Murdock, and Evelyn Wade. Students after 1948 were transported to Baldwin City Schools at the expense of District No. 45.
Pleasant Oak No. 45 was disorganized on January 5. 1950 and became part of Baldwin School District No. 92. The school building no longer remains, as it was destroyed by fire.

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