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Prospect School District No. 56-
Prospect School District No. 56 was established on September 20, 1877 when a one acre tract of land, located on the northwest corner of N. 400 Rd and E. 1850 Rd. was deeded to the school district by Eliza and John A. Booth.
The first building constructed here was of wood frame construction, with a door on each front corner of the building. The building also had a belfry to beckon the children to the school. The boys entered through one door, the girls through the other. The school like many others was heated by a wood burning stove located in the rear of the building. In 1917 the school suffered a chimney fire, completely destroying the building.
A new wood frame building was built to replace the former building. This newer building had a separate room containing the stove and coal. This building also had a short life of only ten years. It too was destroyed by fire in 1927. A nearby home served as the school until a third building could be constructed. The third and last building used as a school for the district was of similar design to that of Farmland No. 71. This school building had a basement, where the furnace was located. This last building served the district for nearly twenty years.
Alma Madl was the teacher of record for the 1897-98 term, followed by Margaret Cowgil, and Ida Kershner teaching the term ending in 1900. The next teachers were; E.P. Monahan, Otta Rhoades, Lola Neely, T.S. De Vault. Alta Couch, J.W. Murdock, Maclaren Murdock, Marian Leach with Marion Murdock teaching the last term of the decade. Serving on the school board for the term ending in 1910 were Joseph Madl, George Weiler and Martin Rohe Sr.
Maclaren Murdock taught five terms of the next decade, with the remaining teachers of Ida Steele, Hazel Beard, E.L. Powell, Paul Selzer and Mary Scheher. The school district board was served by George Weiler, J.W. Frye and George Rohe.
The 1920’s were taught by; Ocia Laughlin, Ida Breithaupt, Ferne Cochran, Clara Randel, Verba McCormick, Clarence Craig, Bernice Holmes and Meri Wallace. Twenty-five students were enrolled. George Rohe, O.O. Kretsinger and John Bell were the school board members.
Merle Wallace was the first teacher of the next decade followed by Irene Neis, Elaine Campbell, Moleta Laughlin and Ruth Rohe teaching the last term of the 1930’s. The school board was represented by Martin Rohe Jr., J.F. Madl and Ocia Kretsinger.
Ruth Rohe was the first teacher of the 1940’s followed by Jean Hughes, Marian Madl, Ethel Deay, Jessie Vitt, Mary Prim, Doris Murdock, Jerold Hobson, Frances Maple and Delores Stecher. Serving on the school board for the term ending in 1950 were Alois Madl, Russell Rohe, and Esther Michael.
Teaching the next and last term for Prospect No. 56, was Delores Stecher with thirteen students enrolled.
Prospect School District No. 56 was disorganized on April 29, 1953 and became part of Douglas, Franklin, and Miami Joint District No. 1.

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