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Rangeline School

Rangeline School District No. 74

Rangeline School District No. 74 was located on the northeast corner of N. 100 Rd. and East 800 Rd. The district was established in 1870. The last building to serve the district was built around 1899.

From the author’s earliest records of the 1897-98 school term indicate Jennie Reid as the teacher. There were 35 children of school age in the district. The following term teaching twenty-nine students was G.E. King, followed by Grace Showalter. For the term ending in 1900 the school board members were L.J. Calvin, J.J. Fairchild and John W. Flory.

Mary Clark taught the first term of the next decade followed by George Neff, Lillie Gwin, U.S. Davidson, B.M. Lynch, Clara Lutz, Grace Showalter and Nina Chambers. Those serving on the school board for the term ending in 1910 were L.A. Flora, U.S. Davidson and William Warner.

Teachers of the next ten years were Norah Geelan, Gladys Sanders, Matttie Jessie, Else Hibner, Iva Simmons, Blanche Platt, Harold Fisher, Ruth Clark and Grace Preston. School board members were Lewis Sellars, Emery Crawford and M.S. Watts.

Emma Sassaman was the first teacher of the 1930’s followed by Rhoda Davis Simmons, Irma Haas, Stella Gibson, Minerva Long, W.H. Lauver, Velma Ward, and Velma Ward again. The enrollment for the term ending in 1930 was nine. The school board was served by Charley Elm, Homer Gibson and J.S. Watts.

The decade of the thirties was taught by Ruth Clark jones, Myrtle Manis, Eunice Hammond, Neoma Neis, Myrtle Reilly, Melvin Byers and Florence Robbins. Homer Gibson, Albert Hornberger and John Watts served on the school board.

Florence Robbins was the first teacher of the next decade. The next term of 1941-42, Rangeline was closed. Clara Nelson was the teacher for the next two terms, Viva Clark taught eight students for the term of 1944-45, which proved to be the last for Rangeline. Children of school age were sent to Excelsior No. 77.

Rangeline School District No. 74 was disorganized on May 21, 1963 and consolidated with others to form Marion Springs School District No. 101.

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