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Riggs School

Riggs School District No. 81 was established in 1871 when Anna and P.A. Hanscom deeded one acre to District No. 81 at the southeast corner of what is now 15th and Maryland Streets, (Parnell Park.) The origin of the school’s name comes from the near by land owner, (S. A. Riggs.)
Two school board members of record for the term of 1898-99 were Nathan Henshaw and S.W. Gowans. The teacher of record was E.F. Stanley, with 16 students enrolled.
The next school term was closed and students were sent to Lawrence schools. It is believed that the children of school age prior to the 1910 term were all sent to Lawrence public schools. The Riggs School District No. 81 annual records indicate 27 students for the 1910 term. No teacher was recorded for this term.
From the annual school records the school board members for the term of 1920 were J.A. West, Lizzie Maffett and H.M. Shaw. From those same records, the board members for the term of 1930 were Belle West, Lizzie Maffett and C.A. Bliesner. Those 1930 records indicate, by a hand written note, “No school-pupils attend Lawrence schools with District No. 81 paying tuition.” This tuition was provided for 70 children. (This makes the author question why a rural school district was ever established here?)
Since the late 1890’s this school building had been rented for storage, and used as a residential dwelling. Finally on June 29, 1915 fire claimed the building.
All these years leading up to 1931 the school district was still active, but students attended the Lawrence school system. Finally on November 2, 1931 the school property, and treasury was relinquished to the Lawrence school system and Riggs School District No. 81 became a faded memory of the Douglas County rural and one room schools.

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