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Rock Creek School

Rock Creek School District No. 13
On April 30, 1866, the District No. 13 school board members consisting of Samuel Lockhart, A.J. Haskin and J.T. Bachelor received a deed from John Hogan for an irregular shaped one acre tract of land, located about one-half mile east of E. 300 Rd. on N. 750 Rd.
On the aforementioned one acre tract a native stone building approximately 15’x17’ was built, with a center door on the west end and two windows on both the north and south sides. A rock chimney was located in the center of the building.
The first recorded teacher from the 1897-98 records indicates Lizzie Posthma teaching 25 students during a nine month school term. Ms. Posthma also taught the next two terms ending in 1900. She was followed by Jenny Herrington, Clara Lutz, Nellie De Hek, and Lizzie Posthma teaching four non-consecutive terms, Mary Tucker, Bessie Richardson, Lena Terrell, Leah Butterfield and Ida Martin. The district school board was represented by William Atchison, Lizzie Watts and H.A. McKinzie.
Ellen Melville was the first teacher of the next ten years followed by Laura Wells, Vivian Cox, Gladys Waters, Ollie Ryan, Anna Ingle, Gretchen McCall, and Maud Faul. The district board members for the term ending in 1920 were Charles Bachelor, George Simmons and H.A. McKenzie.
The first teacher of the 1920’s was Lillian Overbaugh followed by Blanche Skinner, Hilda Mathews, Hilda Vernson, Olive Brown, and Marian Grist. August Schebar and Robert Pardee were the two school board members of record. Twenty three students were enrolled.
The decade of the 1930’s were taught by Mary Ross, Lorraine Roper, Elizabeth Hoffman, Letha Dillon, Catherine Jardon and Ruth Bertschinger. School board members were Mrs. Ira Moore, Robert Pardee and Herman Schelhorn. The enrollment was fifteen students.
Evelyn Latas taught the first term of the next decade followed by W.L. Woolhouse, Ruth Jones, Maud Gall, Mrs. Charles Woodward and Betty Warren teaching the term ending in 1945. Representing the school board were Homer Ross, Robert Pardee and Joe Crane. Only six students were enrolled with only three children of school age in the district for the following year.
The school was closed after the term ending in 1945, never to re-open. District No. 13 was disorganized in 1949 and became part of Weybright No. 4, Twin Mound No. 32, and Baldwin Lapeer No. 41.
This little native stone building still exists, but is hardly recognizable, as it has been covered with modern siding, and converted into a private residence.

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