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Roscoe School

Roscoe School District No. 44

Roscoe School District No. 44 was established on February 25, 1864 just a short three years after Kansas became a state. Sarah and John McKnight deeded a one acre tract of land to the school board members of William Dinsmore, George Deay and Thomas Warren. This one acre tract was located at the northwest corner of present day N. 800 Rd. and Dg. Co. Rt. 1061, or about five miles south of Eudora.

Here on this site, a small native stone building was the first to serve as a schoolhouse. The second and last building was of the standard wood frame construction with two front corner entrances and a belfry centered between. Each side had four equally spaced windows, with a wood stove centered in the rear of the building.

Early records indicate Olive Reed teaching the term ending in 1898.Those serving on the school board for that term were E.C. Warren, E.W. Melville and Fred Gerstenberger.

Estella Cowgill taught the following year and Alice Jay the next term ending in 1900. The school board consisted of John Cox, Fred Gerstenberger and E.W. Melville.

Alice Jay taught again the next term, followed by Gertrude Bell, Jennie Armstrong, Ida Reed, Leonard Root, Anna Miller, Mabel Sawhill and George Nichols teaching the last two terms of the decade. For the term ending in 1910 the school board members were Fred Gerstenberger, Mrs. Arbel Brazil and W.J. Deay. George Nichols taught the term ending in 1911, followed by Anna Brecheisen, Stella Brazil, Hallie Ripley, Frank Chaney and Vera Breithaupt. The school board members were Harry Werts, Stephen Schehrer and M.B. Starr, for the term ending in 1920.

Vera Breithaupt was the first teacher of the 1920’s, followed by Helen Sommer, Jessie Dover, Martha Schehrer, and Thelma Deay/Haverty teaching the last three terms of the decade. The decade ending enrollment was eight. Homer Gerstenberger, Ernest Milburn and Fred Laughlin were the school board members.

Belle Rohe was the first teacher of the 1930’s followed by Nora VItt teaching six terms. Because of small enrollment, no school was held for the next two terms.

Peggy Clayton taught two weeks of the term ending in 1940, with Olive Randel completing the term. Only four students were enrolled for this term. The schools board was served by Homer Gerstenberger, Harry Wertz and Ellen Melville.

Olive Randel taught again the first term of the 1940’s, followed by Lois Williamson and Jessie Vitt teaching two terms. Only five students were enrolled.

During World War II, enrollment increased slightly, but by the end of the 1945 term the school closed.

The date of June 10, 1947 saw the end of Roscoe School District No. 44, when it became part of Eudora School District No. 89.

Artist's rendering by Goldie Piper Daniels, from her book Rural Schools and Schoolhouses of Douglas County, Kansas.

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