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Spring Creek School

Spring Creek School District No. 2

Spring Creek School District No. 2 was established on a one acre tract on the northwest corner of N. 100 Rd and E. 1800 Rd., when Zerelda Lindsey and W.H. Lindsey issued a quit claim deed to the school board members, H.S. Short, D. Kerns and S.H. Tuttle on March 16, 1868.

The school’s name was derived from the nearby creek with the name of Spring Creek. According to Goldie Piper Daniels in her book “Rural Schools and Schoolhouses of Douglas County, Kansas” some early teachers were; W.O. Stilwell, E.E. Gaddis Julia Hill, Flora Lippe, Emma Hyde, Ella Hosford, P.C. Young, Lucetta Oberholtz, Emma Hester, Minnie Vaughn, Alice Havermole, Irene, Ashel, and May Cotton.

Some sort of structure served the district as a school building, but not much is known. It is known that a small wood frame school building was constructed in 1886.

Nettie Broeck taught the next term followed by H. Sleeper, M.E. Rarick, M.S. Dudgeon and Alice Akers. No school was held at Spring Creek No. 2, the next term.

Anna Newby taught the 1893-94 term, followed by Cora Showalter, Jessie Stewart and Clyde Kuhn. W.D. Kerns, L. Dershem and Mrs. V.S. Jardon served on the school board for the term ending in 1898.

Maud McQueen taught the next term followed by Bessie Ryan, Grace Hillman, Annabel Sowrs, Minnie Lyons, N.A. Skinner, Tillie Renner, Minnie Wise and Margaret Kalb teaching the term ending in 1910.

Those serving on the school board were Dick Stone, J.M. Wilson and Louis Cayot.

The students were sent to Baldwin School District No. 17 for the school term of 1902-03. Spring Creek School District No. 2 paid the tuition.

Homer King was the first teacher of the next ten years, with Hallie Morgan, Edith Pearson, Emma Weldon, Hallie Schwalm, and Grace Preston completing the decade ending in 1920. The school board members were Frank Jardon, Fred Muckey and Louis Cayot.

Mattie Cook was the first teacher of the 1920’s with Helen Breithaupt, Opla Steen, Dale Meridth, Daryl Meridth, and Hilda Pearson following. The school board was served by Mrs. Frank Jardon, A.E. Jardon and Frank Kerns, with an enrollment of fourteen students.

Teaching the 1930’s were; Mildred Black, Anna Marquardt teaching six terms, Mildred Ross, Buena Vista Morgan and Wilma Rhoades. School board members were Clinton Arnold, A.E. Preston and Robert Jardon.

Betty Kersley was the first teacher of the 1940’s followed by Mary Ann Sullivant. Students were sent to other schools for the next four school terms.

Spring Creek School was re-opened for the 1946-47 term with Phyllis O’Neal teaching. Mary Martin taught the next year, with Druecella Cook teaching the next two school terms.

Spring Creek School District No. 2 consolidated with Baldwin School District No. 17 on May 16, 1950. The building was sold and removed from the site.

Artist’s rendering by Goldie Piper Daniels.

Jean and Dean DeGarmo ride to school.  Their teacher was Miss Dorothy Coltrane

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