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Starr District No. 19
Two acres were purchased in the northwest part of our county by District No. 19 one quarter mile south of N 1875 Rd. on west side of E. 500 Rd.
Here in around 1870 a small frame school was built. The frame building was replaced in 1905 with a native stone structure. In the early years of the stone building, it supported a large bell. Due to it’s tremendous weight, the bell had to be removed because of deteriorating support timbers.
This district included residents of both German and Irish descent. To some the school was called “Starr” and to others “Young.” After years of being known by two names the name of “Starr” was officially accepted.
Starr District No. 19 always had small enrollments. This building for a while also held a Sunday School which met every Sunday afternoon and was taught by John Godfrey.
A yearly special event for the students was that of a hayrack ride to Lawrence. A local farmer would provide a wagon full of hay and team of horses for the two and one-half hour one way trek to Lawrence. After reaching Lawrence, they would see the sights for a couple of hours, before the ten mile journey back home.
Lottie Brune taught six students during the school term of 1897-98..
Teaching the 1898-99 term was Vera Nelson, followed by Maggie McCullem.
The early 1900’s were taught by: Vera Smith, Katherine Migliario, Minnie Williams, Viva McKenzie, Golden Starr, Clara Martin, F.C. Migliario and Mildred LaHue.
The next decade of teachers included: Mildred LaHue, Sophia Brecheisen, Mary Scherer, Margueritte Gibson, John Godfrey, Alice Ferris and Mildred Mahoney. Board Members were T. J. Sulzen, Herb Reynolds and F. J. Fitzpatrick.
The 1920’s teachers were: Ula Smith, Vesta Slavens, Ella Godfrey, Myrtle Suiter, Clara Brune and Mary Miller.
Teachers of the 1930’s were: Mary Miller, Gertrude Henry, Jessie Norwood, Mrs. Fred Stubbs, Dorothy Sanford and Mary Stubbs. Board Members were George Miller, William Reynolds and Pete Bahnmaier.
The 1940-41 school term was taught by Mrs. W. B. Stauffer. Because of declining enrollment, the next few terms of school were closed. School was opened for the 1944-45 term and was taught by Sarah Walter, followed by Jessie Jones, Anna Bieber, Vesta Bahnmaier and Dorothy Weichman.
Starr No. 19 was closed and disorganized on June 29, 1949. District 19 was divided between the school districts of 36, 40 and 72. The property was sold at auction on August 31, 1949 and the proceeds split between those three districts.
A private residence now occupies this property.

The outhouse is the only building left as of 2013.

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